Selected Comments:

  1. (Ties) Sorry - loved them both!

  2. As I listened to these extraordinary pieces (all!) I could not help but imagine 2 teenage boys expressing all their young love and angst and joy using the piano (instead of an iphone). What an amazing concert.

  3. Brilliant pianist and composers!

  4. Chamber music lover

  5. Chopin - sparkling, melodic, interesting harmonies. Mendelssohn - more obvious form and more classical also beautiful beautiful melodies

  6. Chopin had a higher bar to clear initially

  7. Chopin's studies are truly amazing - such harmonic maturity and pianistic filigree. Fantastic playing and a great way to present piano masterpieces.

  8. close!

  9. Extraordinary technique and fine artistry by Frederic. Wonderful format to listen intently and enjoy the differences.

  10. fabulous! Hope you will be performing in Bay Area of CA so my piano-teaching niece can urge her students to hear you.

  11. Fantastic performance. Entertaining & informative. I was skeptical. Great idea. P.S. I learned a lot

  12. Great concert, thank you

  13. Great fun, and beautifully played

  14. Great performance! Thank you for performing here at Martha's Vineyard

  15. Have always loved Chopin but have a new appreciation for Mendelssohn, especially round 2

  16. I am a huge Chopin fan, but have a new appreciation for Mendelssohn, thanks to you! I look forward to seeing you perform again. Thank you for coming to Martha's Vineyard!

  17. First two rounds: just remarkable to hear and see both composers played. To me, Mendelssohn is creating patterns (with some disruptive elements) and Chopin is speaking through each note. M is soundtrack, C is soul. It sounded like two different instruments were played, the effects were so different. But Mendelssohn shone in the Rondo - gravitas and soul. A wonderful program! And very enlightening.

  18. I was swayed by the warmth and lyricism of Chopin. While Mendelssohn is so technically amazing, I find it close to a draw. Amazing pianist!!!

  19. I'm not worthy to comment!

  20. I'm usually a Chopin fan, but I REALLY enjoyed hearing Mendelssohn in a new way. Thanks! Bravo!

  21. love - Chopin (harmonization, melody, sensitivity) Also Mendelssohn (trio in D minor) (I play it) I teach and perform on a small scale

  22. Loved it!

  23. Loved the format - great way to listen and to compare

  24. Mendelssohn obviously had a head start, but Chopin's creative, virtuosic and melodic sophistication blossomed. I think you played Chopin better.

  25. Mendelssohn's Rondo was "boring" compared to Chopin's

  26. Mr. Chiu played like Chopin and Mendelssohn played when they made the piece.

  27. Round 2 was hard to choose! After the Mendelssohn I was sure I had to decide after…

  28. So wonderful to see you. Such an intimate setting. Love being able to participate with you.

  29. Thematic development, classical form

  30. This was fun. Mendelssohn snuck up on me with the Rondo. Great to see you!

  31. Very enjoyable way of looking at these composers and their music. Of course, comparing the works of two very different geniuses is a vain endeavor

  32. Very hard choices

  33. Wonderful concert! I was the assistant Dean from 1995-99. Hope you enjoy your time there!

  34. Wonderful concert! Thank you

  35. Wonderful repertoire, Maestro Chiu. Thank you for a delightful experience. Following you on Spotify