Selected Comments:

  1. Amazing concert!!! I was surprised. I thought I would select Chopin for each round [Selected M for each round]

  2. Brilliant concept! Imaginative playing! Bravo, I'm so glad to have heard you

  3. Brilliant concept. Great way to educate and engage your audience. Love this!!!

  4. Chopin Mazurka was sublime. From the distant and eerie opening left hand chords to the passionate dance in the middle, I love how effortlessly you changed character, even though the melody reigned supreme, I was won over most by the shifting colors of the inner voices. I must learn this piece soon. Thank you for all the music you shared tonight.

  5. Enjoyed it. Very original approach

  6. Fine performance. Astounding. Wonderful. Fascinating way to present the young Chopin and Mendelssohn. Music development comes in cycles, even with these geniuses. Is it actually a real and fair comparison?

  7. Great concert. Good to hear ages of composers and caliber of understanding of the art. Thank you for a great concert

  8. Great. Fun to compare. Both are so fantastic, it was hard to vote who was best. Thank you. A different concert

  9. I love your lots of different musical ideas. Beautiful color and shape. Bravo

  10. I loved the variety of textures in the pieces I chose. Brilliant idea to do this!

  11. I loved your unique presentation recital. Thank you

  12. I really enjoyed the experience and was surprised by my choices

  13. I was sure I would vote for Chopin. Thanks for food for thought.

  14. I would love to hear you do this on mature Chopin/Mendelssohn

  15. Interesting colorations and clarity through use of pedals and of course, your fantastic technique

  16. It's interesting form. I could directly compare the musical difference between Chopin and Mendelssohn. I was attracted by Mendelssohn's bright music. To be honest, It's hard for me to choose!

  17. Magnificent performance. What can I say? FM just more musical. FC so technically genius.

  18. Musically Chopin overall seems more talented

  19. My choices are based on memorable melodies

  20. My vote on these pieces I feel guilty voting one composer over another since both were such masters at what they did and how they approached composition. I have even more love and appreciation for both M and C after this concert. Thank you so much.

  21. Round 2 Chopin selection each gave me delicious shivers. Round 3 Mendelssohn is the whole package

  22. Such an incredible night. Thank you for the comparison and the beautiful performance

  23. Thank you for a marvelous recital

  24. The microphone was not being held in the correct position so it did not help. I could not hear a word that was said. As a person with hearing loss, a properly functioning microphone is vital. Fantastic playing however. Incredible

  25. Very hard to make a choice. All were very brilliant. Loved it

  26. What a wonderful and inventive way to perform for piano teachers. Your amazing performance is inspiring and humbling

  27. Wonderful performance. Great idea of program.