Selected Comments:

  1. A long time Chopin aficionado, you almost persuaded me but…

  2. Beautifully played, hard to choose. Thank you, Bravo to Mendelssohn, Chopin and you. Wow! Bravo! Wonderful concert. Wow! R1- Mendelssohn more complex, R2- Nocturne and Mazurka I've played and love. Mendelssohn also you played beautifully. Can I vote for Opus 101 here? My favorite composer (Beethoven). R3- Hard to top the Rondo Capriccioso

  3. Both Chopin and Mendelssohn are superstars. How can you rate them?

  4. Both extraordinary, but… Chopin always

  5. Chopin clearly composed with virtuosity in mind. Sometimes it loses me, though the Etudes are incredible. Based on this program, Mendelssohn wins, even though Chopin was cooler. PS you play with incredible tone, next smackdown Bartok vs. Scriabin

  6. Chopin had nothing to be ashamed of (voted Mendelssohn) Mendelssohn began youthful, puckish spirit, robust bravado, full in image. Chopin nocturne stirred heart strings, exploring new form in open. Round 3 Technique overpowered emotion/melody. Mendelssohn virtuosic technique musicality for more familiar with Chopin's overall great intro to Felix

  7. Chopin is always unexpected to me. Bravo!

  8. Chopin is playful sometimes, more lighter moods

  9. Chopin is playful, which I love

  10. Chopin seemed more pensive, less abrasive, which I enjoyed

  11. Chopin: light, airy, fun, whimsical, happy, lyrical, expansive, surprised Mendelssohn: heavy, dense, melancholic, dramatic, complex, technical, last piece - lighter

  12. Could be the classical style, but innovative

  13. Definitely a split decision. My personal proclivity is still for Chopin, but I gained a new appreciation for Mendelssohn. Thanks, teach!

  14. Delightful concert. I learned a lot. Thank you

  15. Difference: Germanic piano music vs other French/Polish/Russian, R1 C=a curiosity? M=amazing maturity. 2-3) Beethoven was discouraged in Mendelssohn salon but influence easily seen. C=continued evolution; M=involved in many things such as conducting, running music organizations

  16. Each was wonderful in their own right. Chopin was simply more exciting.

  17. Edges me slightly into Romantic. But Mendelssohn has tunes. Almost a personality test: traditional/disruptive, conservative/liberal?

  18. Fantastic! I love piano recitals, as I grew up hearing my mom playing every day. I was surprised by my reaction to some of the pieces. I particularly loved the Mendelssohn Sonata. I don't believe I've heard it before, and want to call my mom tonight to discuss it.

  19. First Mendelssohn too fast overall

  20. First time I ever heard Mendelssohn's Opus 105 and Opus 6. Loved them.

  21. Great performance. Thank you! I've gained an appreciation for both. Don't pass up your opportunity to roar "Are you ready to Rondo?"

  22. I love the variations and the dynamics of Mendelssohn Rondo

  23. In R1 too much left hand like Mendelssohn with his German form. Enjoy Chopin for listening.

  24. loved both composer, Loved your portrait of the of the chosen pieces! Was a bigger Mendelssohn fan before, but was surprisingly more drawn by Chopin today. Thanks for this enlightening experience

  25. Loved the talk before each round. I learned so much. Loved both, hard to choose

  26. Loved your explications, marvelous performance. Thanks much. A pretty dazzling recital!

  27. Mendelssohn by a nose!

  28. Mendelssohn has so much more breadth of sound

  29. Mendelssohn sweeps you away, but Chopin keeps me waiting wanting to see what's next

  30. Nice!

  31. No, unfortunately said NO to lessons and my parents accepted that response. Big regret. Thank you for presenting your talented artistry in a fun-filled learning experience of choice and discernment. I learned a lot abou teach composer, especially Mendelssohn, but I have a special place for Chopin, especially the Impromptus.

  32. R1 Mendelssohn too busy, R3 Mendelssohn flowed better

  33. R1 Mendelssohn's composition was more complex with surprises. R2 Chopin Etude #8 is a showpiece. R3 Mendelssohn Rondo was too choppy. Overall hard to decide.

  34. R1-Chopin more simplistic, formulaic, Mendelssohn more complexity/mystery R2-Chopin soulful, internal, Mendelssohn: more external form, R3 Chopin a bi scattered, technical for its own sake. Mendelssohn ethereal, self-contained

  35. R1-Harmonically deep, melodic, inventive depth of sound R2-Beautiful and engaging R3-Bravo!

  36. R1-Mendelssohn more complex to play R2-Difficult to choose R3-Marvelous Mendelssohn

  37. R1-Mendelssohn more technically difficult, but Chopin more dynamic, more moments stood out. R2-Loved the romance longing in Chopin, also silliness, Mendelssohn so epic, lush, cinematic, took me on a journey. Almost papples and oranges. Sonata vs. shorter pieces. R3- Mendelssohn was  bit too perfect. This was only piece I heard before. Didn't quite "pay off" the way Chopin did. Also my bf is Polish so I couldn't pick German!

  38. R1-Mendelssohn's work richer and more mature, R2-Chopin more moving and melodic, R3-both showy pieces, but Mendelssohn moves me more

  39. R1-Mendelssohn's work seems more sophisticated, R2-Chopin was more melodic and emotional, takes you along for the ride, R3-I liked the variation in tempo of Mendelssohn

  40. R1-Rooting for the underdog, Chopin is whimsical spirit, that of a child's. R2-Mendelssohn made me think of the throes of teenage years, delightfully leaning on despair. Chopin had a lyrical sense stretching of hands connecting with my current journey of mobility and dexterity. R3-Wow, thank you Chopin , Thank you Mendelssohn, Thank you Mr. Chiu!

  41. R1-The 7 year old piece pretty impressive, but no contest with Mendelssohn Sonata, R2-I chose the Mendelssohn Sonata for extreme and impressive execution of its craft, and music that engages every. Was going to choose Chopin for singing effect, and motion in Nocturne

  42. Round2 Chopin because of the Nocturne, otherwise would have voted Mendelssohn

  43. Spectacular pianist!

  44. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  45. The favorites of the concert were Mazurka or Nocturne

  46. The songs were very different and they were all amazing songs

  47. This was so wonderful. Thank you!

  48. Tough choice. Brilliant performance!

  49. very difficult to choose. Apples and Oranges. Toss a coin. All the music is beautiful and played with lovely interpretation and skill. Seemed like 2 pianists. Now I have a greater admiration of Mendelssohn and the discussions were passionate.

  50. While a great admirer of Chopin, the developmental concept of "good fit" between parent and child occurs to me, and Mendelssohn just feels endemically right

  51. While both are technical master, Chopin is a master of storytelling in a  way Mendelssohn can't compare. Chopin hits the strings of the heart all at once

  52. You are amazing!

  53. You are great, Mr. Chiu. Congratulations!