Selected Comments:

  1. Loved the contrast across the Chopin selections! Mendelssohn - Never heard this sonata before - fantastic. Chopin's influence is tremendous. Mendelssohn has a power that deepens

  2. very interesting

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your performance and presentation. Very educational and eye-opening. Look forward to tomorrow's workshop. Your playing is extremely impressive, inspirational

  4. It was an honor and pleasure to see you perform!

  5. thank you for a great concert! Really enjoyed getting to listen to new music by Mendelssohn!

  6. Wow, what a great program - and a difficult choice! Mendelssohn's Sonata in E amazed and delighted me

  7. It's hard to make choice, from various sides, their styles are so different. But, you are so awesome!! Wonderful pianist!

  8. We LOVE the way you guide your recital for inspiring us to think so much more! It's awesome! Love your control over the bass register!

  9. Thank you for this great concept in presenting these two composers. I'm a longtime lover of Chopin - the variety, refinement, charisma!

  10. Chopin's sombre nature attracts me. Mendelssohn's last one was complex, evoked a variety of feelings. More so than Chopin's

  11. Amazing performance!!! Thank you for coming to Lubbock!

  12. Mendelssohn - as you said, perfection. Chopin - speaks to one's soul

  13. Really enjoyed listening to music with the smackdown as a guide.

  14. Very interesting program! Especially enjoyed the Nocturne

  15. Excellent, engaging program! Fabulous performance!

  16. I chose the music based on whether or not I would actually listen to it at home. In other words, I would have to like the music enough to look it up on Spotify. I know my choices aren't the most technically demanding pieces. Thanks, I enjoyed this!

  17. Chopin's work is close to my mind, and his work calms me down, too. Chopin is my overall choice. I highly appreciate your wonderful work, Mr. Chiu! Thank you for your hard work!!

  18. Chopin is a favorite composer of mine, but I really enjoyed Mendelssohn's tunes in these pieces