Selected Comments:

  1. Bravo! Really enjoyed the performance. The mazurka reminded me of “Maria” from West Side Story. I wonder whether Bernstein was referencing Chopin deliberately. The character singing is Polish

  2. Brilliant performance! Bravo! Wonderful concept!

  3. Captivating. Thank you!

  4. Chopin got carried away with the Rondeau, Mendelssohn nailed it

  5. Fantastic show!

  6. Hard to imagine they could compose such music at this age. I could imagine looking in on the 12 year old maestros in their studios! I chose Mendelssohn in Round 2 for the long form, but loved Chopin for the heartbreaking Nocturne and brilliant Etude. Last round, chose Chopin for the singing and freedom across the keyboard, but liked Mendelssohn, virtuosic but controlled

  7. I enjoyed Frederic Chiu. He is a magnificent pianist! It didn't matter what he played!

  8. I found the motivic development in Mendelssohn more lucid, and therefore more enjoyable to follow

  9. Love listening to you play!

  10. Masterful composers. Inspirational performance

  11. Really enjoyed the added info about why Chopin chose the types of pieces he did. The Nocturne was my favorite overall piece

  12. Round 1 Chopin very lighthearted and charming. Round 2 liked the variety of Chopin

  13. Round 2 is problematic! A cohesive composition vs 4 distinct pieces, it's tough. Round 3 head to head is a fair fight

  14. Thank you! I think my vote is swayed by 1) my epitome piece "high school age 17" was a Chopin Nocturne and 2) visiting Poland, a highlight was visiting Chopin I love and enjoying a concert of Chopin music pieces. Biased? How else could I decide

  15. This was a wonderful gift. Thanks so much. The world needs (much) more of this (and people like you) Thx. On Chopin Nocturne, that Nocturne just kills me every time.

  16. This was really a lovely experience. In life, one is often asked what was your favorite, and the question often is impossible to answer, or silly. But here there was significance and beauty. Thank you.

  17. Very close though, loved both rondos. Beautiful concert!! I am a huge fan of Chopin and you did an amazing job playing some of my favorites. What a joy! You also introduced me to a lot of Mendelssohn pieces I hadn't heard or played and I loved them too. Made it surprisingly difficult to choose.

  18. Very unique experience. Thank you!