Selected Comments:

  1. Amazing powerful performance as always, Mr. Chiu!

  2. Chopin wrote happier, and Mendelssohn wrote with a sense of a chase, something following him, in a way.

  3. Compliments in person !!

  4. Frederic, thank you. This was brilliant, fascinating and fun.

  5. How could young children possibly have the fingering capacity to play these Pieces?

  6. I loved the experience of having these two composers contrasted with each other, and the insights you bring to the performance regarding the historical context, the age and development of the composers, and the nature of the music. It was educational and thought provoking - as well as beautiful. Thank you and Jeanine so much for inviting us to this event.

  7. Loved both - it was so hard to choose!

  8. Pitching 1 piece to 5 different in the middle round is not quite fair.

  9. Really nice progression as the composers matured.

  10. Wonderful program. Thank you so much!

  11. Would Mendelssohn be performed more often today if there had been no Chopin? In other words is it zero sum between these 2?