Selected Comments:

  1. You played beautifully with ease, focus and intensity - sounded perfect! It provided real joy and lightness to the evening to offset the stress of the election climate and of course Covid. It is unbelievable how such complicated pieces could be composed by boys so young and played so smoothly and flawlessly by you. Thank you!

  2. Fun having you in our living room! Have loved your Lane Series concerts over many years. Next time Prokofiev vs. Rachmaninov?!

  3. We enjoyed the evening very much. Thank you!

  4. I read there are people who think Fanny was the ghost composer of some of her bro's works. Personally when I was a ballet dancer, Chopin transported my art. Thank you for a beautiful as well as fascinating evening.

  5. We loved your commentaries to give context to the music and introduce the composers. Really informative. Also love the interactive piece with voting and sharing of results - what a great idea!

  6. Loved the concert!

  7. Thank you, this was really fun and I listened differently since it was interactive!

  8. Great launch Fred!