All Other Comments:

  1. I went to your concert before in the Bankhead Theater, Livermore, it was fabulous!

  2. After 2 rounds of Bach it got a tiny bit repetitive which is why I voted for Mad Rush in round 3

  3. I voted Bach for the first 2 ones, but the last piece by Glass resonated a lot with me.

  4. I loved the Bach

  5. One factor that made a difference to me during the concert, was the complexity of Bach vs the emotional expression of Glass. It took a lot of debate on what I wanted to go with, but in the end I chose complexity. I chose complexity, because it is something that I can relate to in Bach, and something that I am just more familiar with.

  6. The last Glass was great, and I feel the Bach piece wasn’t one of his stronger works.

  7. It's difficult to shake off the weight of all of the familiar performances of the Bach and all manner of interpretive arguments; with Glass, the reaction is much more direct

  8. Although it seemed sacrilegious to not vote Bach, I found that Glass had a spiritual quality to it so that's why I ended up voting for him.

  9. I actually think that Bach partita is one of my favorite pieces by Bach. It is so exciting in the fast movements and so emotional in the sarabande.

  10. The first two rounds of Glass had too much repetition for me, but the last round caught me by surprise and was really enjoyable. The Bach was so expressive and beautiful all the way through, so I chose Bach in the end.

  11. Thank you so much!!

  12. Thank you!

Questions from the participants:

  1. Who decides what is "good" music? What defines "good" music?

  2. How did you come up with the Classical smackdowns?

  3. Do you like the Bucks?

  4. Do you have a personal favorite between Bach and Glass?

  5. What were your reasonings behind pairing Bach and Glass against each other?

  6. How did you choose the repertoire for each composer?

  7. Personally, I have never really heard of Glass before…is he a present composer?

  8. How did you manage to record many of the pieces at once?

  9. How did you choose the composers for the smackdown?

Favorite Comments:

  1. That last Glass piece was amazing.

  2. I was really surprised to see glass win round 3. The round 3 Bach totally blew me away

  3. To me Bach is more timeless but Glass is more timely