All Comments:

  1. Overall - Hard choices in a way - I love both composers - but am drawn a bit more to the more meditative tones of Glass (& Bach in the 3rd Round). Thank you  - this was a very special treat!

  2. I have a newfound appreciation of Glass!

  3. Glass was more visual. You have a gift!

  4. The pairing was fabulous. I loved the spiritual pieces - wonderful ending.

  5. Round 1 Glass, although I feel it's like comparing cars (Bach) and trees (Glass)… Overall = very difficult, for today, Glass. Very engaging! Thanks!

  6. Thank you for the wonderful experience. Predictable + dramatic - loved Glass! I don't know a lot about piano - but really loved Glass! The 3rd Bach was my favorite Bach in Round 2. Bach seems to have multiple stories going on at the same time. Very busy

  7. Glass at times sounded like movie music and repetitive. Bach seemed more complex. I felt so happy, beatific listening to Bach. Glass captured the beauty and chaos of life.

  8. Bach technical master, Glass more feeling

  9. Bach: leaves falling; Glass: leaves swaying in the wind; Frederic: Great performance!

  10. Round 2 pretty much a tie, but maybe tiny bit over to Glass)

  11. Moving, spiritual to my soul.

Favorite Comments:

  1. Bach: a consortium of ideas that bring you to an emotionally sensitive place. Glass: one idea that he echoes to bring you to a stance.

  2. I felt elevated by Bach. I felt excited by Glass.

  3. I came in as a sure vote for Bach, and I was pleasantly surprised after I heard all the pieces.