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  1. Bach is like telling a story, whereas Glass is a reflection.

  2. Bach transcends time, and at times sounds modern. Glass occasionally sounds baroque..?!

  3. Beautifully played! As always!

  4. Bravo bravo bravo - your gift is such  a blessing to our world. We need this beauty now more than ever. Thank you for sharing your brilliance

  5. Bravo Frederic - amazing playing - brilliant! I was biased to vote for Mad Rush - Michael Bennett would want the organ piece to win!

  6. For round 3, Bach is soothing and calming but Glass mesmerized and feels a little overwhelming.

  7. Great program and concept! Please bring more music!

  8. I surprised myself by preferring Glass tonight. Magnificent artistry, Frederic.

  9. Is the Bach transcription you wrote available as sheet music for purchase?

  10. No tech issues this time

  11. Outstanding preference Frederic!  Deanna and I thoroughly enjoyed both the Back and Glass pieces. But we're Glassaholics at heart!  The audio/visual was flawless this time.

  12. Thank you, Frederic, for the most interesting and provocative presentation. I did vote exclusively for Bach, mainly out of a long-held bias against the minimalist music of Glass. I don’t know what he’s doing now. There was a premiere of a piano concerto up North recently-I didn’t hear it. My response to this evening will require a position paper; I’ll try to do that this weekend. Wish you were here so we could discuss it over Fish 'n Chips. Of course the significant response to the question is why one chose which composer. (sent with Gentle Effect)

  13. Thanks so much! Great program.

  14. This was incredible - such a difficult decision!

  15. Wonderful program, Frederic! Your playing is magnificent!

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  1. I was exactly opposite to the pattern!

  2. Wow my voting followed the pattern of other voters!