Selected Comments:

  1. Brought me tears of joy. I was overcome with gratitude.

  2. The putting together of these 2 composers is inspired

  3. You totally hear the universe in that last piece. Not sure how I feel about the sudden stop.

  4. Enjoyable. Brilliant Glass performance. Not so wonderful Bach

  5. Glass more accessible in some way, but how can you compete with JS.

  6. Glass too much repetition

  7. I loved Erbarme dich, but you won me over to Mad Rush by all the passion you put into and expressed through it. Thank you.

  8. I was not familiar with Glass. Really enjoyed the intensity. Thank you for the introduction.

  9. Long time fan of Philip Glass. Thank you for the live performance.

  10. Mad Rush pushed me over to Glass

  11. That was amazing! Thank you! Can't wait for you to come back

  12. They work well together

  13. Tough Choice!

  14. Wonderful program. Thanks

  15. You are incredible!

  16. You've expanded my  musical education.