Selected Comments:

  1. This was wonderful! A great idea! I was surprised how much I liked the Philip Glass. I'm such a baroque-a-holic, I was pleased to enjoy the Glass and will treat myself further to him!

  2. This was a wonderful treat. I went to Philip Glass' website and found this performance. Your interpretation was amazing and Bach was so well chosen. I think the most fascinating thing was how the two actually softened each other when juxtaposed. It shoed an emotional layer that each on his own would not have been arrived at as early. Thank you.

  3. Glass was beguiling and philosophical. Bach sparkled.

  4. Reinvigorated my love for Bach! Thank you for that!

  5. Glass triggers emotions for me.

  6. A close call

  7. A much closer contest than I expected, never expected to like Glass this much.

  8. A sensational performance!

  9. Amazing! Thank you!

  10. Awesome Classical Smackdown. Your talent and style makes my heart sing! Loved it! Mad Rush - I had the image of my painting "City Life"

  11. excellent!!

  12. Fabulous choices. Hard to decide! Thank you.

  13. Fantastic! Beautiful interpretation

  14. Glass is too repetitive, too predictable. Both well performed. Thank you.

  15. Hard decisions!

  16. I chose Glass overall because I have never heard him played LIVE before, and the harmonies were beautiful, all the effects very exciting. Thank you for a wonderful concert!

  17. I love your jacket and, of course, your playing! You're so great!

  18. I loved the Mad Rush. All the pieces you played were beautiful!

  19. I traveled here because of how much I like your playing

  20. I want to drink Krug Grande Cuvee with Mad Rush!

  21. Jeanine is so lucky to get to listen to your magical playing every day.

  22. My favorite was Bach's Passion! I did like Philip Glass' music, but found it too repetitive for my taste.

  23. Out of all the pianists I heard, you are the best hands down. Keep playing forever. I hope you remember me from Lyra.

  24. Superb!

  25. Thank you for playing!

  26. The Glass was new to me, so I think my surprise/delight nudged me his way today. Thank you!

  27. The piano sounded so beautiful! Much better than the Steinway! Loved this pairing of composers, especially your beautiful interpretations and insights.

  28. VERY close; although so comparable, the Bach held me more deeply. Perhaps, essentially, the Bach conveyed a "spiritual" power - more dimensional than Glass. Glass had "layers" - while Bach had modulated and more articulated "depth" somehow

  29. We met you at LYRA camp in MA. Another wonderful smackdown. Thank you. Round 3 was really hard to choose.

  30. Wonderful concert!

  31. Wonderful, beautiful performance!

  32. You are the best!