Selected Comments:

  1. This is the first time I have heard Mr. Glass. I grew up with Bach in the home, so I am familiar with the melodic nature of his music. Mr. Glass' music seems to create a mood rather than a melody. I loved the last piece, Mad Rush, however. P.s. I'l take these two over Debussy and Gao Ping most days. Excellent Performance. Bravo!”

  2. “Glass Etude #5 sounded like a movie score for Alfred Hitchcock. Metamorphoses, liked this very much, but no match for JSB.”

  3. “Thank you for 2 wonderful nights of exceptional performances. My concern - with all due respect  is that what sounded to me like a heavy-handed performance of the 2nd movement of the 2nd partita influenced votes for Glass that would otherwise have gone to Bach.”

  4. “Your last Glass piece [Mad Rush] was amazing – brought tears to my eyes.”

  5. “Your transcription of the Bach was tender, poignant and emotional. Beautiful.”

  6. “First time I’ve ever heard Glass’ music performed live – amazing. Obviously I tend to like the darker and more morose. Glass wins.”

  7. “How does one compare to Bach? Yet, I was captured by Glass. Outstanding.”

  8. “Great concert, I have a new appreciation for Philip Glass.”

  9. “I appreciate the complexity of Glass, but enjoy the upbeat Bach pieces more.”

  10. “Thank you for a brilliant intro to Glass in a way I have not appreciated before.”

  11. “I can’t believe I liked modern Classical music so much. Thanks for the eye-opener.”

  12. “Thank you for giving me Philip Glass.”

  13. “Thank you for both an amazing performance and a musical education. Bravo!”

  14. “Truly, Frederic, I cannot imagine many people on earth playing this way.”

  15. “Thank you for two wonderful nights of exceptional performances.”

  16. “Thank you for an experience I will never forget.”

  17. “Very entertaining. AND educational! AND thrilling!”

  18. “I’m blown away, Frederic. Keep sharing your gift. Loved every second of it!"

  19. “Amazing, beautiful, exciting, well-done.”

  20. “Found 3rd Glass too repetitive.”

  21. “A wonderful presentation - especially just before bedtime.”

  22. “Lovely concert - you are a great pianist - best wishes for your future.”

  23. “Fantastic conert! Thank you

  24. “You are a Rock Star even without a K.”

  25. “Beautiful and exciting!”

  26. “You are incredible and I so enjoyed hearing your concert.”

  27. “I feel this was a special treat - both concerts.”

  28. “I learned valuable things”

  29. “Glass has more to think about.”

  30. “Round 1 - Bach seemed joyful, Glass sad, dissonant, simpler. Round 2 Glass repetitive, Bach seems more complex, Glass chords excitement. Round 3 Bach reverent, Glass surprise! Repetitive.”

  31. “Thank you very much. But it has to be Glass!”

  32. “I am not experienced with either composer and had difficulty discerning between the 2. One seemed repetitive. Beautiful music.”

  33. “I thoroughly enjoyed hearing both composers but I preferred Glass' compositions because they were so unique. I thought Glass' last piece was particularly moving.”

  34. “Thank you for giving me P. Glass!”

  35. “I have new appreciation for Philip Glass”