Selected Comments:

  1. I am a pianist, if that makes a difference. I really prefer Bach but have new appreciation for Glass. The incredible contrasts in the Mad Rush were really like LIFE ITSELF - I can see why the Dalai Lama appreciated this. I was...surprised and overwhelmed. Thank you!

  2. Always loved Bach, never knew Glass. Felt bad for some guy Glass going against Bach. Wow! Blew my mind. Thanks for introducing me to Glass!

  3. This was one of the most wonderful concerts I have ever been to. Aside from the wonderful compositions and beautiful piano playing, the interactive format was something that enhanced the experience. If there had been a 4th round, I think there would have been a tie - very difficult decision to make.

  4. Thank you so much for such an extraordinary, amazing, talented and innovative performance!!!!!!

  5. Overall choice Bach, but really enjoyed Glass more than I expected. Great format, loved the comparisons

  6. First impression of Glass - Too repetitive. First impression of Glass - Too repetitive. But his work definitely grew on me.

  7. I found music by Glass more interesting than anticipated, but minimalism is too limited and technical to sustain a whole evening. Glass is also locked into the piano’s mid-range.

  8. While Bach won (for me) in each category, I was surprised how much I liked some of the Glass pieces - especially Metamorphosis Four and Mad Rush. Thanks for making me think about Glass in a new way!

  9. In my opinion Bach had less funk, change, rhythm that I like, but Glass has my type. [10 years old]

  10. I was very surprised that I enjoyed listening to music by Philip Glass [70 years old]

  11. Bach is exquisite. Glass makes you listen in a new way. Chiu brings them both to life as though they were here.

  12. Amazing job!! had me hooked the entire time.

  13. Amazing! Although Glass is mesmerizing, Bach is Beautiful. And you are a delight.

  14. While I certainly love the Metamorphosis, Bach holds a large place in my heart. Then again, Oberlin tends to split people down these lines.

  15. Love the smackdown format! Promotes interest and provides information about both composers.

  16. I was astonished by the Glass you presented, which had subtleties I couldn’t have imagined beforehand. The 1st two Bach pieces seemed sooo Rococco. But overall Bach does more and has directions to go in that seem denied to Glass.

  17. Bach won for me in every category but I was surprised at how much I liked some of the Glass pieces.  Thanks for making me think about Glass in a new way

  18. I’m going to stick with Bach.

  19. Excellent!

  20. I felt like Glass was writing today’s pop-music starting in the 1920’s and 1930’s. I love the layering because of the complexity and meaningfulness it contributes to a piece.

  21. Bach should have won. Glass cheated.

  22. Tough choice! Everything was beautiful.

  23. Philip Glass is so hypnotic! and energetic! I love that you’ve exposed so many to Glass!

  24. Round 1: I wanted less notes on the Bach and more notes on the Glass. But Glass’ sensibility is more to my heart - a main theme without clutter. Round 2: Very tough choice. Both showed way more oomph, which I loved. The 2nd Glass piece really picked up. Round 3: Loved both. The Glass was like raindrops. Thanks for this concert. I lost my dad a few weeks ago - he was a musician and composer, albeit an unknown one, his whole life. I’m sad I can’t talk to him about the show - I think he would have really dug it. However, listening to the last Glass piece helped me feel a lot more at peace about his passing, more of an acceptance. A question on the methodology: I can’t help but feel that who’s played last has an influence on the voting, like an argument at a trial - the last lawyer who speaks has a little more sway because it’s fresher in the mind. Again, thanks. What a fun show and exercise.

  25. Surprised to discover Glass in this way - he speaks for our time in a very touching way.

  26. The performance was amazing! The format was really engaging for the whole audience!

  27. What I loved about Glass (in the 2nd/3rd piece you played) was how it erupted into MAGNIFICENCE! The repetitive meditation was broken all at once with this frenzy of overwhelming emotion. I enjoyed Bach on a more intellectual level. But, Glass strikes something deeper. Thank you! Fantastic!

  28. Great as always. Studied Bach this year along with Glass. While Bach was technically stronger, Glass had a modern sound that won me over.

  29. Outstanding!!! I had not been as familiar with Glass prior to tonight. I found the layering very enjoyable.

  30. I felt Glass was too dark, brooding and repetitive. Bach seemed lighter and more varied and interesting.

  31. Why do you keep banging the same themes on the piano over and over, Mr. Glass? Because it sounds so good when I stop.

  32. My father may be rolling over in his grave. He loved Bach. [voted straight Glass ticket]

  33. It was lovely. I chose Glass for everything because I hear similarities with so many other things I listen to.

  34. Thank you! You and the music touched my soul.

  35. I felt like Glass was speaking to me, Bach was speaking to ... you? The instrument? God? Thought I could tell, then I couldn’t.

  36. I always adored Bach - and loved playing his pieces. I never really listened to Glass - so you have opened my eyes (ears - maybe even fingers one day again)! What a treat to be here this evening! Not sure where to go with my overall choice. However, as a “Traditionalist” in many ways (including grammar - as an English teacher) - I’m going to stick with Bach. Thank you so much!

  37. I chose Bach overall on the basis of other favorites - as a singer I adore Bist du Bei mir & I love the Brandenburg Concerti (I am a psychologist and a singer).

  38. Expected “Modern” classical to be atonal. Pleasantly surprised. Never “heard” the piano that way before listening to Glass. Like taking it to a new place. Exciting but repetitive enough to be comforting. Feel guilty [straight Glass ticket] because I grew up playing Bach and love some of his pieces.