Selected Comments:

  1. Glass is complexity for its own sake. I like the Bach for its form.

  2. So hard to compare the 2. Seem like polar opposites. Actually, I wrote this at the beginning. I am beginning to see how they are alike. Loved it!

  3. Bach is more interesting musically. Glass' repetition is like a leaky faucet. His music is an assault to the senses.

  4. I am a musician and generally would choose Bach over anyone else. However, I found the Glass Etude #5 very moving. I am not usually drawn to Glass, but would listen to this Etude again.

  5. I don't think I can compare the two. Glass is very contemporary. Good background music for movies etc. Obviously Bach is NOT. Bach is in a class by himself.

  6. Thank you! I loved the last piece especially. This music meets me where I am, without trying to take me somewhere else, however beautiful, like the Bach did.

  7. This is the first time I have heard these Glass pieces and I really liked them. It was surprising how Bach and Glass used the same pattern of notes and deviation then same notes and slightly different deviation. Thank you. Sneaky way to introduce us Bach lovers to Glass.

  8. Found Glass boring - until today. Interesting to find such similarities of structure.

  9. Music affects me physiologically. Bach follows and enhances my "rhythms" and calms, uplifts, and feels beautiful! Glass was too droning, didn't match or enhance my internal moods.

  10. I'm surprised how thoroughly my listening process was influenced by the opening piece of the round - as if it set me to listen a specific way throughout the round. I don't feel that Glass is the better composer but rather, I enjoy how he makes me listen, or perhaps what I listen for in his music.

  11. Excellent! Apples and oranges! I enjoyed all the selections.

  12. Loved the splicing of the Partita and Metamorphosis