Selected Comments:

  1. By the end, it transcended any sense of hearing and even my other 4 to 2 senses I have yet to comprehend and understand

  2. Debussy is like cotton candy. Prokofiev is like cotton candy full of fireworks

  3. Do you like Prokofiev more? You were more alive when playing Prokofiev. Maybe just tonight you like one more than the other :) Your Bach 35 years ago was and is the best :)

  4. I liked the gentleness of your interpretation of the Debussy. I actually liked the Public Merrymaking best overall but still went w/ Debussy. Your energy is really tightly focused on all the Prokofiev pieces - It's really spectacular! Although I prefer to listen to Debussy at home, at a concert Prokofiev wins

  5. I loved all of the pieces!!!! The Prokofiev made me think of Tom and Jerry. Remember, this is a 10 yr old, don't judge

All Comments (Comments in Portuguese coming soon!):

  1. * are the ones I enjoyed the most. Thank you *Diabolic Suggestions, Jardins sous la pluie

  2. #debuSWEEP #prokoFAIL, jk love them both. Love how Prokofiev sounds like a piano killed his father and he's out for revenge.

  3. 2nd round Loved the chaos. 3rd round what a drum solo

  4. A great pianist!! I enjoyed this concert!!

  5. As a piano player myself I can appreciate both styles of these composers. Enjoyed the melancholy "dreaminess" of Debussy pieces and equally to the energetic excitement in the Prokofiev pieces so it would be difficult for me to choose one over the other. So I have to check both. Loved it! Beautiful piano playing technically and emotionally. I have only played Debussy. However those Prokofiev pieces look fun, especially Friar Lawrence and Montagues/Capulets. You did certainly seem to have more body movement in the Prokofiev pieces (for the most part)

  6. Awesome! Difficult choices

  7. Close decision. I liked all of it

  8. Debussy - melodic, Prokofiev - Dynamic, Prokofiev - Sexy

  9. Debussy good!

  10. Debussy had me floating. Prokofiev as a percussions instrument was FUN. I plan to use Debussy in my health workout Healing touch and Reiki

  11. Debussy is like a warm blanket on a cold night. Prokofiev - intense, close to exhausting

  12. Debussy is soothing emotional, romantic. Prokofiev - harsh demonstrative. 2 Prokofiev sounds feels like an accompaniment to a film, musical or play, Debussy - beauty, precision, elegance, technical. 3 Debussy serenity smooth makes me tingle all over, Prokofiev intense, incredible artistry, too loud and startling, more complex

  13. Debussy wins! His music is exquisite - I simply enjoy listening to him more. Your playing of both was superb

  14. Deeper appreciation of both artists and their work - amazing performance!

  15. Depending on my mood - I would probably prefer to practice and play Debussy in my own home, But for performance, I prefer the more energetic and rhythmic Prokofiev music. Even though Debussy's music are full of colors, the rhythmic and powerful Prokofiev music is much more exciting. I love both Debussy and Prokofiev, they both have their own merit. Your performance of the Reverie is magnificent. However, despite the elegant performance, compared to the Toccata - it's no contest!! Enjoyed your recital - what a privilege to hear your live performance!!

  16. Enjoyed both D & P however I could not learn Prokofiev pieces in 3 lifetimes. Thoroughly enjoyed your performances!

  17. Epic. Loved it.

  18. Excellent playing and presentation. Loved the performance and how you contrasted them

  19. Fabulous playing though French composers are my favorite, your Prokofiev beats Debussy. I personally think French music requires more mystery and Romance.

  20. Fantastic program. Love your smackdown idea - it really engages the audience!

  21. Fantastic, sir. I loved every moment

  22. Good job on the work on those Debussy and Prokofiev pieces Mr. Chiu! That was a nice concert there

  23. Great performance. I love this format!

  24. Great to see you again! Wonderful performance!

  25. Hearing you play Debussy made me feel happy feelings about my family and girlfriend. Thank you

  26. Hello, Mr Chiu. I was so excited to see this show and I loved every minute of it. I discovered your Chopin Etudes years ago and they changed my life. I'm a guitar player but I have a great love for Classical Piano. Check out my band void! @void_lafayette

  27. Honestly don't know much Prokofiev and can barely pronounce the name. Just have heard way too much Debussy in this life ;)

  28. I am so surprised at my choice. I love the energy and "bite" of the Prok, but I also love the effervescent beauty of the Debussy. Do you have a choice? This was fun and different. Thank you.

  29. I appreciate the difficulty of Prokofiev, but still prefer Debussy.

  30. I can't help but love their rhythmic drive of Prokofiev. But I love the colors of Debussy. Experientially I choose Prokofiev

  31. I don't usually like Prokofiev but this was an inspiring program! I loved it, and now I'm inspired to go practice!

  32. I enjoy Prokofiev's chaotic sound. It's very intense.

  33. I especially loved your performances of both in round 3

  34. I feel like those last two gave me whiplash - but I loved the Toccata

  35. I feel you relate more to Prokofiev than Debussy - enjoyed all of it!

  36. I love how you contrasted each piece. I played Reverie in high school and I loved it. I really thought Debussy would be my favorite but the technical difficulty of Prokofiev changed my mind.

  37. I loved listening to you play, thank you! Prokofiev gives me anxiety, but is very dramatic

  38. I put Prokofiev in Round 1 because I enjoyed the tension in "The Montagues and the Capulets" I enjoyed Prokofiev's playing a lot.

  39. I truly loved watching and hearing you play so beautifully tonight. Fav Prokofiev - Montagues & capulets

  40. I usually choose the familiar over the "new" - not so here! You've converted me to Prokofiev in Round 1. Round 3 is stunning I can't decide! Best rendering of Reverie I have EVER EVER heard.

  41. I usually prefer Debussy but feel your temperament is more with Prokofiev. Incredible playing all around

  42. In round 1, Clair de lune trumped everything. Round 2 was intense but Debussy sounded smoother. Reverie was so great. I Shazam you when you were playing, It pick up with other artist

  43. It is all beautiful. Reminds me of Saturday cartoons Wile E Coyote chasing road runner

  44. It was so hard to choose. I love both!

  45. Just a personal taste. Does not reflect quality of music or performance.

  46. Marvelous! Thank you so much for playing for us!

  47. Masterful performance. I loved the educational elements. Juxtaposition of styles!

  48. My choices are the ones I would like to learn if I could still do such work!

  49. My first piano concert and it was very enjoyable

  50. My mother loved me to play Debussy - She died very young - as a teacher, I love to teach Debussy - I do not enjoy teaching or playing Prokofiev. My son has Masters in Piano. He loves that Toccata. Why the chair? You prefer a back? Thank you for coming!

  51. No idea the difference between the 2

  52. Outstanding guest artist!

  53. Outstanding performance!

  54. Outstanding Performance!

  55. outstanding! Wonderful. Perfect. My daddy cooked the gumbo, but my momma cooked the rice

  56. ow! How do you relax your hands after all that?

  57. piano accorder

  58. Prokofiev - I love his humor. Your technique is impeccable. Thank you!

  59. Prokofiev is so exciting! Brava!

  60. Prokofiev is very stimulating - but Debussy is pure beauty. Thank you for reverie!

  61. Prokofiev sounds like a menace and I respect that :)

  62. Prokofiev sounds so angry as a person. He'd do anything to win. It incited fear, I hear collusion, no appreciation of natural world, only ego. Self hatred, angry father maybe, lacks love.

  63. Rd 1 impossible to choose! Rd 3 hardly seemed fair

  64. really enjoyed

  65. Round 1 - "Clair de Lune was PHENOMENAL! Round 2 - Your dynamic control really sells Prokofiev. Round 3 - Amazing job with one of my favorites! Overall - Debussy is beautiful, but you give Prokofiev some color and weight! Thanks for your wonderful performance!!!

  66. Round 2 although I chose Prokofiev, your "pp" or "ppp" were so good in the Debussy's Music. Round 3 - love the touch on Debussy but your technique on Prokofiev was like rocket

  67. Round 2 was close. Prokofiev has such personality! But Debussy's Jardins was so moving. Round 3 the dance vs the chase. I pick the dance!

  68. Slay. So good and talented

  69. So good and relaxing. You're amazing at what you do! =) If I did this, I would have a combination of arthritis and carpal tunnel

  70. Suite Bergamasque was special to me. I played it at my senior recital in high school. I love the Diabolical Suggestions and the Toccata

  71. Thank you for an amazing performance!

  72. Thank you for being such an inspiration

  73. Thank you for coming to LA. Thank you for making music fun and interesting!

  74. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  75. Thank you for the beautiful performance and the game! Thank you for the pencil.

  76. Thank you for the brilliant show! Loved it!

  77. Thank you for the great comparisons of these composers and similarities. Enjoyed it very much. Still playing Debussy

  78. Thank you for the playing. It was amazing and inspiring.

  79. Thank you for this performance!! It was such a fun experience. Debussy won purely for melody, but the Prokofiev was so impressive!!

  80. Thank you for wonderful playing

  81. Thank you so much. Very exciting, exceptional

  82. Thank you!

  83. Thanks for coming

  84. That was awesome =)

  85. The Debussy invited my body into the engagement

  86. The Prokofiev was consistently playful and exerting! Fantastic!

  87. This is not a fair fight!

  88. This one is for myself. The other one is for my daughter

  89. To me, I think Debussy is the serenading master. Prokofiev surprised me in the uniqueness of his music

  90. Very engaging program! Congratulations! I have never seen anyone pedal so fast <3

  91. Very good. Enjoyed this.

  92. we like both

  93. We loved this fun smackdown! The Toccata is one of my all time favs and I enjoyed it so much!

  94. What a hard decision!!

  95. Wonderful performance! Biased towards Debussy <3

  96. Wonderful program

  97. WOW

  98. Wow! Prokofiev over the top! Technique out of sight!

  99. Yay! What place are you in real life 1, 2, or 3? Can I have your autograph?

  100. you are a fantastic pianist!

  101. you are such a great piano player! I love your dynamics. It is really beautiful. I am so glad I came to watch your performance!

  102. You are such a great piano player! IT is such an honor to watch you play the piano. How do you do it so good? =)

  103. You were fabulous!