Selected Comments:

  1. Prokofiev is the enemy of piano tuners!

  2. Bit of a Debussy fanboy so…(straight Debussy vote)

  3. Mind-blowing Sostenuto!!!!

  4. The Bösendorfer Piano was suited more for Prokofiev. Very bright in upper treble.

  5. Could have been brighter for Debussy..


  1. Although I really enjoy the technical nature of Prokofiev, I prefer the melodic nature of Debussy. Some exciting pieces altogether, though!

  2. Are we voting for the piece or the performance? While I favor Debussy's melodic emphasis, the technical details of Prokofiev's masturbatory difficulty are impressively mastered

  3. Awesome concert and interesting competition between 2 composers.

  4. Awesome playing! :)

  5. Beautiful contrast! I thought I was only going to choose Debussy. Thank you for broadening my appreciation of the piano!

  6. Beautiful performances

  7. Bravo! Excellent performance

  8. Bravo! Thank you!!

  9. Debussy brings out my sensitive, mellow romantic side. I would relate more to Prokofiev as a young man. Absolutely wonderful, thank you

  10. Debussy is of course more colorful and expressive but it made me sleepy. Prokofiev doesn't let you sleep. Very exciting but a little too angry for me. Thoroughly enjoyed this!

  11. Debussy sounds like someone is running, swimming, or floating

  12. Final vote was a touch choice. While I love getting lost in a Debussy shimmer, in the end Prokofiev felt more diverse and interesting

  13. great piano playing

  14. Great program! Such a fun concept

  15. I am a professional pianist and composer and I enjoyed your concert

  16. I am much more familiar with Debussy. The Prokofiev was a "learning experience" for me. Great performances of both composers' works.

  17. I appreciated the Prokofiev very much but it's intellectually fatiguing

  18. I do have a degree in music so am fairly educated. Here are my choices

  19. I enjoyed both composers. The Debussy pieces were more pleasant melodically to me.

  20. I found them to be contrasting. However, I favor Debussy probably because my piano teacher favored Debussy. I do like Prokofiev

  21. I love Prokofiev. There is a sarcasm/aggressiveness that is exciting but seems a bit flippant. Debussy speaks to my soul - atmosphere, mystery and moonlight and a touch of whimsy

  22. It was a a tough choice but I prefer the edge and variety of Prokofiev

  23. Loved it! Thank you!

  24. Nice choices for each round

  25. Prokofiev Toccata was amazing!

  26. Prokofiev was a great and refreshing change from what I'm used to. Very punk was a thought I had. Prokofiev seems like the technician's musician. I don't know.

  27. Really enjoyed the concert

  28. Round 2 and 3 were real close but in the end I was won over by Debussy

  29. spectacular performance!

  30. such a fabulous concert idea!

  31. Thank you - wonderful concert. Prokofiev pieces were fantastic

  32. Thank you for creating concert events that engage your audience. Thank you also for interacting so earnestly and genuinely with your listeners

  33. Thank you! Big program!! Fun and enjoyable. Love the Reverie, but hard to look past the giant who was S.P.

  34. Thanks for introducing me to some pieces to which I was not familiar, excellent playing!

  35. Thanks for sharing!Love Debussy and a great into to Prokofiev

  36. Thanks to the foundation for putting together such fine programs at conventions!

  37. Thanks, both your playing and your erudition shone brightly.

  38. The best Prokofiev playing I have ever heard. Never a dull moment. Best Diabolic Suggestions I've heard ever. Thank you! Thank you for sharing. It's wonderful.

  39. The Bosendorfer just sounded amazing! Your pedaling, use of pedal, just incredible!! Thank you!!!

  40. The energy always pulled me in, even if I had pause at the beginning

  41. This is close!!!! 1000 to 1001! No! 1 million to 1million and one. Thanks, Frederic!

  42. This was a brilliant performance! Very unique and innovative concept. I loved it.

  43. This was such a phenomenal and educational concert. Thank you!

  44. Toccata reminded me of how much I love Prokofiev!

  45. Touch choice. I enjoy Prokofiev but Debussy is more melodic. I am glad I wasn't the tuner!

  46. Tremendous! What a fun way to elevate the music. Made us feel a part of the performance.

  47. Unbelievable

  48. Were this in a concert hall, Debussy would've won

  49. Wonderful - enjoyed so much

  50. Wonderful playing! I'm more of a Beethoven guy.

  51. Wonderful, thank you!

Under these circumstances, it perhaps makes sense that Debussy’s nuances and colors would win overall and in every round except the last. And this purely based on the piano’s inherent resonance and color, since we were in a very big hotel conference/ballroom with no acoustic to speak of!

Some prevailing trends showed up here as well: More appreciation for Prokofiev by those who play or have played piano. Age-based preferences. See the results below!