Selected Comments:

  1. Bravo. Many thanks. I never would have believed I would give the nod to Prokofiev.

  2. As you can see, I prefer the spineless jellyfish to the football player. That said, I do enjoy the fire of the Prokofiev. You gave the instrument an awesome workout!

  3. I appreciate the Debussy - Prokofiev is my kind of spicy@:)

  4. Thanks for your gift on my birthday!


  1. Thank you!

  2. As you can see, I prefer the spineless jellyfish to the football player. That said, I do enjoy the fire of the Prokofiev. You gave the instrument an awesome workout!

  3. Beautiful performance!

  4. Beautiful piano playing. I did enjoy "visions" perhaps I prokofiev's spineless jellyfish! Toccata Opus 11 like sliding out of control on ice!

  5. Debussy = Mirage. Prokofiev = Shock and awe. Both are amazing, and so are you!!!

  6. Debussy has more color. Prokofiev has more action. Color is harder to achieve, in my opinion

  7. Did Prokofiev influence Gershwin? Seems very modern and similar to his style?

  8. Exceptional. Beautiful pieces. Loved the programs. So happy I was able to come

  9. Fascinated watching pedaling. Forceful pounce on pedal at times - wonder if your piano pedal must be repaired more often than most. Familiar with Debussy and glad to be introduced to Prokofiev in an unforgettable performance. Yes, I played piano until last 25 years.

  10. Frederic Chiu is truly a phenom with a great sense of humor. Loved this concert!

  11. Frederick Chiu is marvelous and provided a treat to my ears and soul. I enjoyed the contrast between composers and anecdotes he provided. I am a ballet fan, so love Prokofiev's works

  12. Great, Great, Great!

  13. Great!! But Prokofiev wrote so much more!!

  14. Guess I'd rather live in the ocean than on a football field… If I had to choose - but luckily I don't and I can have both! Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. (Interestingly I felt the Prokofiev was perhaps your favorite??)

  15. I am much more familiar w/ Debussy, so it goes down easier and feels more "programmatic"/representational, mellower, more relaxing, melodic

  16. I appreciate the Debussy - Prokofiev is my kind of spicy@:)

  17. I can easily understand Prokofiev pieces instrumented for orchestra supporting cinema. I fail to see myself mastering these Prokofiev pieces :(

  18. I greatly prefer Debussy, but am most glad to have heard Prokofiev, both Prokofiev and Shostakovich had Stalin's predilection for "dissonance" rammed down their throats and it is a miracle they were able to be so creative

  19. I love the haunting quality of Debussy's work. It sounds like water falling. Wonderful concert!

  20. I'm always drawn to the lyrical. Perhaps because I could never manage to play Prokofiev! I really enjoyed the smackdown experience.

  21. intensity v. romance

  22. Loved it!

  23. Most enjoyable and enlightening, thank you!!!

  24. Most enjoyable. I'm more familiar with Debussy so maybe biased. Your recital convinced me to get a Prokofiev CD

  25. Outstanding. Very enjoyable. Especially the explanation before each piece.

  26. P too much energy, abrupt transitions, banging sensations. Debussy easy melody - Cloche easier to listen to, P music great for display, piano playing skills. Showy!

  27. Perhaps consider a name different from "smackdown". Classical Debates, Comparing Classics… PS. What was the squeaking, chirping sound I kept hearing? Very enjoyable! Pianist Chiu has great skill to be able to play contrasting sorts of music

  28. Poignant melody vs. relentless intensity - equally impactful

  29. Prokofiev seems to be your forte! Thanks for your gift on my birthday.

  30. Bravo. Many thanks. I never would have believed I would give the nod to Prokofiev.

  31. Spectacular playing! I found them so different that they were hard to compare. My preference would depend on what effect on was trying to achieve

  32. Such fun!

  33. Thank you for  a wonderful concert. Really made me see the difference between the two great composers

  34. Thank you for coming to Boise to share your art with us! I especially appreciated you mastery over the various impressionistic colors. I also appreciated the lecture/recital approach to this performance! Thanks again

  35. Thank you for sharing your marvelous talent. This was fun

  36. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I love the "Smackdown" comparisons

  37. Thank you for this fascinating and phenomenal program and for coming to Boise!

  38. Thank you!

  39. Thank you! I appreciate both guys better! Debussy = more familiar. Prokofiev = less so, more exciting. Reverie is one of my serious favorites

  40. Thanks for a very enjoyable afternoon!

  41. thanks for coming all the way from CT to play for us!

  42. The pieces that appealed to me the most were those that evoked a visceral reaction - Hard to choose! Also, I am a percussionist as well as a mediocre pianist

  43. The short information description before each piece!

  44. These concerts are so good but poorly attended. Dunkley could do more to advertise, they could send schedules to all the piano teachers on their list to broadcast to their students. I found my teacher on their list and she isn't aware of these programs.

  45. This was a lot of fun. Thank you and I learned a lot, too!!

  46. To me it's a difference in style and energy. Although there are passages from Prokofiev that I really like, I would much rather listen to Debussy. But, it was really fun to hear you play the Prokofiev. Thank you for your so very entertaining and interesting commentary!

  47. Tough choices! I listen to Debussy more, but Prokofiev is exciting and evocative. Thank you fo your thoughtfulness in your programming

  48. Very intense music. Definitely kept you listening. Great performance!

  49. very, very interesting program!

  50. While I cannot play an instrument, I listen to and go to Boise Philharmonic and Boise Baroque Orchestras. I'm not fond on today's young composer's loud, discordant pieces. Or use of telephone's flashing "light" to be " a part of the music" - way too distracting

  51. Wonderfully done. Thank you! It really did come down to how I felt on the day. Thanks again!

  52. WOW. Ahh the positive words, concepts etc. Enjoyed. Debussy - I prefer. Prokofiev - show off your expertise

  53. You are amazing!

  54. You convinced me! Thanks for introducing me to Prokofiev. An astonishing concert. Thank you

  55. You made it difficult to choose

  56. Your Prokofiev is amazing! His works are always the winners personally. However, Round 1 goes to Debussy for personal reasons