1. Bravissimo, Maestro!

  2. Bravo Frederic! Extraordinary performance

  3. BRAVO! Thank you so much!

  4. Can't decide D or P! OMG. LOVE both and LOVED both performances, Frederic!

  5. Enjoyed this very much - good to hear you play again!

  6. I know this as orchestral music. Did Prokofiev or someone else do the piano transcription?

  7. I read Walsh's bio on Debussy in last year or so. Have better understanding if his music now.

  8. Lovely 

  9. ​OMG!!! Sooo good! So hard to choose!!!! 

  10. Prokofiev -- SO inventive.

  11. Thank you for your recital.

  12. the texture and invitational tone (Debussy)

  13. Very nice. We find this very relaxing and informative.

  14. We're Debussy fans