Favorite Comments:

  1. Debussy has a soothing, comforting effect - no matter what the dynamics or rhythmic effect. This wasn't my preference overall tonight. Prokofiev expressed what I'm feeling tonight and recently in response to all news events - outburst, energy, outrage. The contrasts made for an extremely interesting and satisfying concert to hear and watch you play.

  2. Go Spineless Jellyfish!

  3. I would love to ski listening to Toccata

  4. We need both composers.

Other Comments:

  1. A most enjoyable and informative concert

  2. Absolutely loved the program - both format and selections!! Thank you for coming to Denver

  3. Brilliant and beautiful performance!

  4. Excellent - You were so inspiring and I wish I could play like you! Thank you. I love your technique and presentation. Wish you taught piano in Denver

  5. Fantastic pianist!! Reverie reminds me of a spring day. Toccata reminds me of a "chase scene" in an action movie

  6. Great choice of composers. Rhythm and timing exquisite. Energy and force as well as dripping of Debussy's notes caused upbeat emotions. Prokofiev transitions very nice. Looking forward to seeing you perform in the future.

  7. Great playing, choices, contrasts and more. I just don't enjoy loud so much anymore. Both composers so creative - norm busting. This format provides a deeper listening mode - good!

  8. Great!

  9. I especially enjoyed the final two pieces (Round 3) and found it challenging to pick one. But the amazing percussive effects carried the day!

  10. I loved them both but could not sit still in my seat during the Prokofiev pieces so I chose him on Round 1.

  11. I prefer dreams to football! You are amazing!!!!!

  12. I prefer relaxing to jarring to nerves

  13. I want to learn to play Suite Bergamasque.

  14. In general if you want calming, choose Debussy, if you want to be energized choose Prokofiev.

  15. In my old age I prefer the subdued. But I'm not sorry to have heard the Prokofiev.

  16. incredible performance!!

  17. It's hard to imagine Prokofiev also wrote Peter and the Wolf!! One of our children and grandchildren's favorite!

  18. My love for water and all things mystical feeds me. But next time when I get REAL fired up, I'll break out the Prokofiev

  19. Nice! Debussy has lovely, sensitive style. Am I a jellyfish?

  20. Note to myself: Put some Debussy on the next program. Prokofiev "Toccata": Don't bother! ;)

  21. Prokofiev pieces were obviously more "impressive" and technically demanding - but I find Debussy much more soothing and meditative - I guess I'm just an old jellyfish:)

  22. Really enjoyed this format! Thank you for such an outstanding performance!

  23. Superb!!

  24. Thank you . This was delightful. The energy of the Prokofiev pieces convinced me.

  25. Thank you for bringing this wonderful program!

  26. Thank you for sharing your Prokofiev talents! Kudos for your instructions. Loved the contrasts.

  27. Thanks!

  28. This was fun! And educational - nice combo. I was not familiar with any of the music, which I enjoyed - all of it.

  29. What a fantastic concert!!

  30. Wonderful concert, my first time here with my friend. Love your hand expressions. I started playing piano at 8 years old and played piano concerts in grade and high school, and contests. 3 ears ago I gave my piano to m granddaughter who is now 14 and plays very well. I love going to her concerts. She started playing at 8 years too

  31. Wonderful!

  32. Your Smackdown reminds me of one of my favorite art museum tours which was  series of contrasting and comparing two art pieces. What a great way to notice and learn. Fabulous concert! You play amazingly!