Favorite Comments:

  1. It felt like D was trying to make music, and P was trying to challenge it.

  2. Prokofiev is hard to whistle to, but hearing it live helped me appreciate the complexity. Not sure I would listen to him otherwise

  3. You changed my mind <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Other Comments:

  1. Amazing technical skills

  2. Beyond my expectations, watching your hands play Prokofiev was exhilarating.

  3. Both beautiful, preferred pace of Prokofiev. Round 2, really like both. Enjoyed/preferred sublime melodies of D. Seemed P was amazing challenge to pianist and piano.

  4. Great clarity and articulation, contrast and range

  5. Great concert. Thank you.

  6. Great concert. You are so talented.

  7. I chose Debussy only because I like to listen to piano for relaxation.

  8. I love the sound and style of Debussy, and you played it so beautifully. I wanted to vote for it when I heard it. On the other hand, your virtuosity with Prokofiev - Oh My God. WOW. It made me want to smile and laugh out loud. I'm so glad my vote is of no consequence. Thank you.

  9. I love your presentation and the opportunity to be part of your process

  10. I personally prefer music that promotes relaxation. However I can so appreciate the complexity of Prokofiev, can really get his connection to early jazz.

  11. Interesting contrast - Smooth, soothing, relaxing, flowing Debussy vs. exciting. Strong, staccato Prokofiev. Round 2 - complex?? More evocative both. Round 3 Debussy is lyrical, Prokofiev harsh

  12. Not the usual concert repertoire. BRAVO

  13. Prokofiev is very passionate - I loved it!!!!

  14. The winner was clearly me, getting to watch you play Prokofiev!

  15. This feels like Sophie's Choice!! - not fair!! I was tired and Prokofiev woke me up.

  16. Tough Choices!! Both so different but Awesome!

  17. Very much enjoyed! Thanks! Prokofiev Bold energetic inventive. Did not seem to care about pleasing audience. Still loved to let Debussy take me on magical journey

  18. Violinist

  19. Wonderful. Joy to watch your fingers

  20. Wonderful. Very fun to compare and vote