Favorite Comments:

  1. D: soothing, beautiful emotional, made sense, Wow! [Reverie]  P: Animated, loved the chords, too discordant. You might make me a believer!

  2. Debussy ripples like water. Prokofiev gusts like wind. Your playing is impressive

  3. My mom used to play Claire de Lune. You made me cry.

  4. Thank you for changing how I will listen to piano music in the future!

  5. Thank you for your gift to us. I felt it in the bottom of my feet.

  6. Thank you so much! You are an amazing pianist. Round1: If I was a movie producer, I would choose Prokofiev's works. For personal enjoyment, I would choose Debussy. Round 2: Ditto as above, or I would clean house listening to Prokofiev and rest and think listening to Debussy. Round 3: Thank you for exposing me to Mr. P. but not what I enjoy in music. I tried hard to be open! Mr. D. brings forth images of beauty. Round 4: Your presentation of Mr. P was superb - however the Spineless jellyfish inspires me. The football player makes me want to run out the concert hall. Thank heavens it was only 3 min!!

  7. This is my first piano concert. Thank you!

  8. You are amazing!! I love how your fingers love every single key! Thank you!!!

Other Comments:

  1. Beware the man with the fanny pack asking for money for technology!

  2. Video is great idea but quality not good.

  3. A lifetime lover of classical music

  4. Amazing - dramatic - pure talent - fun, entertaining

  5. Amazing performance. Thank you!!

  6. Awesome program - overall talent is P, pure listening pleasure is D

  7. Awesome!

  8. Best I've ever heard! By coincidence, my two favorites!

  9. Blessed by your gift.

  10. Both are beautiful

  11. D for listening, but I think maybe P would be more fun to play

  12. Debussy seemed to have random sounds thrown in. Prokofiev was more organized throughout each piece.

  13. Don't know how you do it, especially without music! Thank you so much for playing for us!!!

  14. Great concert!! Thanks for educating us.

  15. Great! Most enjoyable!

  16. Grew up with Peter and the Wolf but Debussy has my heart!

  17. Grew up with Symphony in grade school. Thank you

  18. Have you heard of Dimash Kuberdiagen, mixes pop/opera/classical

  19. I like the more calm pieces, Prokofiev was too intense for me. Really good job, Chiu! <3

  20. I liked Romeo and Juliet second place to Claire de Lune

  21. i loved the contrasts, and love that I learned so much from you! Thank you!

  22. I may have answered something differently if I wasn't so tired. I can't choose which one overall.

  23. I would enjoy a more well-rounded composer. We don't hear a fine pianist very often. Enjoyed the concert.

  24. I'm glad we attended your show

  25. Incredible! Thanks for sharing your gifting with us and the rest of the world.

  26. Lessons for a year - never really played the damn thing. Never could "read" music

  27. Like something I can dance to - great playing though

  28. Loved the education as well as performance

  29. Loved the energy of Prokofiev.

  30. Loved your playing Prokofiev in Round 4

  31. Lovely piano-playing. Thank you. God's gift to you and us!

  32. New appreciation for my piano! And the teachers and lessons I had. I really admire your talent and artistry. Wow!

  33. Outstanding piano player.

  34. P expresses an angst and despair of years under despotic leaders

  35. Powerful performance!! Very diverse from soft to powerful!!

  36. Prokofiev is very powerful and Debussy seems more romantic and sensual. Both are wonderful!

  37. Should list the squares for voting in order they are played - eg. Rd 2 they should be listed P,D same for Round 3

  38. So close. Prokofiev just evoked a little more emotion for me. You are incredible!

  39. So glad to have classical music here in Delta, CO.

  40. So sensitive playing Debussy. Your virtuosity is evident watching you play Prokofiev, but I can close my eyes and enjoy Debussy. I visualize nature in his music.

  41. Sorry but I prefer smooth country Jim Reeves, Charlie pride, etc. Classical music is too long - no melody - too loud - you are very talented, but not my choice.

  42. Sorry I just can't get into classical music. I quit the piano because most music for the piano was classical, too unstructured for me. You a very good player!

  43. Talent and personality, amazing!

  44. Thank you for a wonderful and educational program.

  45. Thank you for comments and for taking time to talk with us about these composers' contributions.

  46. Thank you for sharing your spectacular talent for our small town.

  47. Thank you for your expertise and love of the music. Appreciate the energy of Prokofiev on this one (Toccata)

  48. Thank you, so very good!!! I learned a lot too.

  49. This interactive format caused me to attend more critically. I enjoyed everything you played. Thank you so much! I really don't know if I am voting for the composers or the skill you have at performing their music. Wow. Your skill and interpretation are amazing. You are certainly not "a football player trying to play the piano."

  50. This was a good way to engage your audience.

  51. This was an educational evening for me. The last piece was amazing. Thank you for expanding my classical background.

  52. This was fun and educational

  53. Truly awesome!

  54. Very educational, very inspiring - hope you come back to play more programs in our area. Thank you!

  55. Very enjoyable - Amazing talent. Thank you for coming

  56. Very entertaining, you have a great sense of humor!

  57. Well done!

  58. Well played sir!! I find the difference in styles to reflect the two composers differing philosophies. Thank you!!

  59. What a performance! Your skill on the keyboard is amazing - BRAVO!

  60. What an enjoyable evening. Loved having the camera to watch your finger fly over the keyboard.

  61. While I prefer more Debussy, I came away with more appreciation of Prokofiev

  62. Who knows, next time it might be Debussy! Well done!!!

  63. Wonderful concert! You play beautifully!

  64. Wonderful concert! Your talent and performance were amazing.

  65. Wonderful concert. My mother taught piano and I grew up loving Debussy - Golliwog's Cakewalk was the favorite! Your technique is superb!

  66. Wonderful sound control!

  67. Wonderful! I loved Reverie!

  68. Wonderful! Prokofiev was delightful - but Debussy wins in my book.

  69. Wonderful!! Thank you!!

  70. Wow!

  71. You are amazing! How do you do this with no music to read?! Awesome program.

  72. You are amazing! Thank you.

  73. You are amazing! Your hands just fly!! Marvelous really

  74. You are very talented - enjoyed your presentation

  75. Your playing is pure mastery - thank you.