Favorite Comments:

  1. Debussy calms me - tells me everything is all right. Prokofiev tells me to get up and do something.

  2. Power vs. Delicacy. Youth vs. Age. Shout vs. Whisper. Arabesque vs touchdown

  3. Prokofiev wants you to be like him. Debussy wants you to be yourself.

  4. Your program was wonderful. I have always loved piano, but you took it to a whole new level

Other Comments:

  1. After a day of winemaking and tasting, Debussy was a clear winner of the smackdown!

  2. Amazing - Thank you. That's a lot of memorizing with such feeling!

  3. Amazing concert. Come back before 12 years.

  4. Amazing!!

  5. As I listened I picture a river and Debussy gave me a better picture of a running river from calm to raging. Outstanding performance

  6. Before the start of the concert, I thought I would prefer Prokofiev because of his irony and dissonance, but I was won over by the sheer beauty of Debussy. I loved how Prokofiev verged on chaos that he brought to coherence.

  7. Chopin and Mozart Smackdown

  8. Debussy had more flow while Prokofiev just does whatever

  9. Debussy is calming and helps me regulate.

  10. Debussy is much more relaxing

  11. Debussy lets my mind wander. I think of other things. Prokofiev is exciting. I "wake up and smell the coffee" feeling.

  12. Do come back. We loved it, especially the jellyfish.

  13. Enjoyed meeting Prokofiev. Enjoyed this format. Different but many similarities (the composer)

  14. Enjoyed the AV - keyboard could be seen better and finger expressions were easily seen. Very good

  15. Enjoyed the concert. You are a very talented musician

  16. Enjoyed the performance. Especially the way you drew the audience into your work!

  17. Enjoyed the softer dreamlike music of Debussy

  18. Fantastic! Great variety!

  19. Fascinating!! Bach Philip Glass??? Denver maybe?

  20. Good format, very educational and enjoyable. Grand evening.

  21. Good program

  22. I appreciated the transcriptions. Wonderful playing

  23. I don't care for loud. Banging, discordant music. You play beautifully!!

  24. I favored Debussy. Prokofiev has much technical ability but lacks soul. Another noisy Russian.

  25. I have a strong, bubbly personality, but the Prokofiev almost agitates me, where the Debussy is very relaxing and soothing. I also played Debussy on my trombone, different arrangements, and always loved his chord progressions and pre-jazz sounds.

  26. I like Debussy, but generally tend toward the Russians. Enjoyed SO much. Thanks for commentary!

  27. I love seeing the fingers of you playing on the film

  28. I old now and like jellyfish more than football players.

  29. I'm a beginning student. This was great!

  30. If I could have picked both, they would have tied every round! Loved the concert, thank you!

  31. It was interesting to hear how the composer "saw" the colors of the sounds of their music.

  32. Listened with my eyes closed - felt Prokofiev - impactful music

  33. Love the format, enjoyable and entertaining. You are MY First choice!

  34. Loved all of it! What a treat. You and the music were fabulous

  35. Loved this! You are so talented, beautiful

  36. Overall, liked the dynamism and technical artistry of Prokofiev, but couldn't resist the imagery of Debussy in the last two.

  37. P is more complex - D. is playful - he gives me good feeling to go home with.

  38. P-exciting. D-healing

  39. Pianist moving with the music made it interesting.

  40. Preschool coloring - with sound!

  41. Prokofiev - proclaims his Russian heritage in his music

  42. Prokofiev is like a jolt of caffeine!

  43. Prokofiev seemed unnecessarily difficult, though there were parts I definitely enjoyed

  44. Prokofiev Sonata #3; Discord, chaos, despair psychotic. Debussy composed what Chagall painted . Your virtuosity is truly marvelous and stunning!! Thank you for giving such a memorable performance!! Tremendous!!

  45. Prokofiev was for the most part too intense for me. Watching your "flying fingers' was amazing.

  46. Shocked how much I loved Debussy - thank you. So amazing and wonderful to hear you play.

  47. Simply amazing - love your touch. Thank you for the camera!!! Makes it nice for everyone to see. Such a blessing to me.

  48. Smackdown is a great idea for a concert. Helps keep people involved. The camera on the keyboard was excellent.

  49. Thank you for coming. You made me enjoy the piano. I still prefer brass!

  50. The 3rd round was very difficult for me. Both very good - but chose Prokofiev because all 3 were good - Debussy the 2nd one moved me very much. Feel depends on mood at the moment which artist you like best.

  51. Very enjoyable

  52. Very powerful. Fingers flying like Hummingbird wings

  53. Voting added to my enjoyment - good idea. No key left untouched

  54. When I practiced piano, my mother always said "quit pounding that piano" good thing Prokofiev was not her child!!!

  55. What a neat concept and an awesome way to introduce classical music to those who would not otherwise hear/listen

  56. What an educational approach! Beautiful concert! P was perhaps more masterful; D was more peaceful.

  57. With no music education found this very education. Enjoyed it.

  58. Wonderful! Amazing.

  59. Wonderful! Thank you for coming. Please comeback soon. Truly Beautiful!

  60. Wow! Thank you!

  61. You and your instrument sounded better as you both warmed up.

  62. You are amazing!

  63. Your description of each round and pieces added so much understanding while listening to your exquisite interpretations of their music

  64. Your fingers and talent are amazing!

  65. Your love of the composers is so so inspiring.

  66. Your talent is a gift that is highlighting just how creative God is!! Great job!

  67. Your techniques mesmerize me. Great selections as well. I seek comfort in music. I think that is why I prefer the emotional tendencies of Debussy