Favorite Comments:

  1. Beautiful even after 129 years.

  2. I went to the other side with Diabolic Suggestions.

  3. P Toccata - who would believe someone in 1912 could so accurately represent driving in highway rush hour traffic?

  4. P=Angry. D=Stoned. P=Atonal. D=Harmonic. P=Disjointed segues. D=Planned transitions. P=Shark. D=Jellyfish

  5. Prokofiev kicked butt.

  6. You are a Debussy maniac magician! You are fired to do magical things at the piano. Wow!

Other Comments:

  1. Beautiful music. Great talent

  2. Beautiful! Thank you! Lifted my spirit and warmed my heart!

  3. Both really good!

  4. D - more mellow and pleasing. P - more fiery and startling

  5. D Flows better than P

  6. D=putting me to sleep. P-waking me up. Would like to see your playing on TV screen

  7. Debussy - "water" - blizzard/snow - ice-melting water-drops falls - rivers - flood. Prokofiev "earthquake" - explosive eruptions - lava flow - after shocks - tremors

  8. Debussy is better, more enjoyable

  9. Debussy is very relaxing - soothing

  10. Enjoy harmony  of Debussy

  11. Enjoyed rhythms of P, the melody of D

  12. Enjoyed the music!

  13. Excellent

  14. fantastic

  15. Fun!! Prokofiev reminded me of Jerry Lewis. Just a different time. Debussy would be Elvis Presley

  16. Great "imagery" for my mind and ears. Very devoted to "knowing" each composer and the reason each composed. You made "music" for me tonight! All those notes w/ only two hands!

  17. Great!

  18. Hope to hear more famous classic music piece

  19. I can see the difference between Jellyfish and Football

  20. I chose Prokofiev because in general I heard the "stories" in the music more than I did with Debussy

  21. I have enjoyed the program!! I could listen for hours. I prefer the spineless jellyfish. I did not know a football player who could remember all of the notes.

  22. I recognize Debussy's harmonies better. His music has more finesse.

  23. I took music for Elem. Teachers and had to learn and play 1 piece (song) to pass the class!

  24. I was surprised to find out I was giving the vote to Debussy as I grew up listening to Prokofiev - a favorite of my dad. Still each vote was so close. Prokofiev is my overall favorite.

  25. Interesting, never though of such a composer

  26. It depends on your mood or need at a particular time your choice of music would be either.

  27. It was all GOOD!

  28. Just marvelous/Bravo - mighty tine and dandy. Just wonderful…

  29. Loved the concert - a great and unique way to engage new audiences w/ "classical music"!

  30. Lovely! I like the more woodlands sounds of Debussy. Both are wonderful. Your playing transcends me.

  31. Most difficult decision I've ever had to make!

  32. Peter and the Wolf is on my mind!

  33. Prokofiev - Demanding

  34. Prokofiev - too harsh

  35. Prokofiev had an "axe" to grind but since that kind of guitar didn't exist yet, he had to grind those keys. So angry!

  36. Prokofiev seems too angry for my taste

  37. Prokofiev's music is not soothing.

  38. Rain - wind - garden - raindrops plink to storm. Toccata - 1912 - war in Europe! Sounds militant cannon shot!

  39. Round 3 - P - middle piece

  40. Round 3 was rigged! Debussy. I didn't hear the energy of Prokofiev

  41. Round 4 - that was HARD - Prokofiev was so exciting!

  42. Thank you for a beautiful performance!!

  43. Thank you so much! What a wonderful concert! I am amazed at what your fingers do on the keys! Thank you for sharing these 2 composers with me! I ended up voting opposite of what I thought I would.

  44. Thank you, phantasmagorical!

  45. The ethereal, haunting melodies of Debussy transport me to a beautiful place in my imagination.

  46. Toccata is like (life ) slow beginning - then middle - then the end.

  47. Two visions best of all. Prefer D for just listening but P is fascinating

  48. Very good!

  49. What a joyous idea - the Smackdown gives classical music lovers a point of discussion and newbies a hook to get involved.

  50. Wonderful - Round 3 - my pick was based on the pianist's ability

  51. Wonderful concert!!!

  52. Wonderful Pianist!

  53. You had a great program! I have been exposed to both Debussy and Prokofiev. I still love Debussy because I love impressionism because of the unique chords and it goes somewhere. So much of the contemporary classical music goes in circles and I get bored easily.

  54. Your fingers play between a feather and a shark! Beautiful… Thank you