Favorite Comments:

  1. I don't get the P

  2. Prokofiev's music felt brash - full of trouble. But Debussy's music made me think of different stages of my life. I relate better to Debussy.

  3. Prokofiev to me was like the Metallica of his time. Loved it.

Other Comments:

  1. Amazing! Thank you!

  2. Debussy has such feeling but Prokofiev shows such proficiency! Really enjoyed watching you play - your hands!

  3. Debussy makes my heart ache with its beauty. Prokofiev filled me with excitement and joy - thank you!

  4. Debussy paints lovely pictures in my mind

  5. Debussy's music is soothing. It reminds me of water running over rocks in a small stream.

  6. Different and lively. Very interesting to hear how he discussed music with his children.

  7. Enjoyed the music of both but Prokofiev has won out with me!

  8. Enjoyed your beautiful music.

  9. Enjoyed your playing very much. I find your playing very amazing.

  10. Enthralling comparisons. Great showcase of styles.

  11. Fascinating!

  12. Good concert. Informative and enjoyable.

  13. Great program.

  14. I found both composers very compelling. I enjoyed Prokofiev because of his spirit and fearlessness.

  15. Loved the concert! Thanks for coming!

  16. Marvelous!

  17. Most difficult pieces I have ever heard played!!! I liked Debussy music better but your played Prokofiev brilliantly!

  18. My favorite of all was Reverie by Debussy and Gardens in the rain, second choice

  19. New dimensions in music

  20. Only played piano as a child, but enjoy piano music.

  21. Prokofiev - highly energetic - great technical. Prefer romantic, beautiful, flowing music = Debussy

  22. Rd 1 = P was forceful and lively. Rd 2 - P was too angry. Rd 3 - Toss up. Rd 4 - Exactly, a football player playing too discordant

  23. Thank you

  24. Thank you for coming to our little town. Your playing is wonderful!

  25. Thank you for coming to Raton to perform.

  26. Thank you!

  27. Thought I would prefer Prokofiev, but ended up with Debussy. Maybe mood I was in?

  28. Wonderful format! Smackdown!

  29. Wonderful talent!

  30. You have magic fingers