Favorite Comments:

  1. Awesome! Really good interpretation. Debussy is my favorite composer to play, but you made me undecided.

  2. Beautiful hair, beautiful jacket, beautiful music.

  3. I am an "impressionistic" watercolorist therefore I like Debussy!

  4. My wife told me to vote for Debussy!

  5. Prokofiev seems much more harsh and loud. Always griping at having to practice. Dad finally let me quit lessons saying "You'll be sorry" I AM!

  6. The piano is not a percussion instrument. I expect and love the harmonies it produces.

Other Comments:

  1. Beautiful music. Enjoyed it very much. Thank you. Very nice young man. God Speed.

  2. Bravo!

  3. Debussy is softer - Prokofiev is heavier. You played them both amazingly!

  4. Delightful contrasts - enjoyed it so much! As a piano student, I felt like I had arrived when I could play "Claire de Lune." Debussy is my guy!

  5. Did not like percussion - pounding - in Prokofiev's music

  6. Enjoyed very much!!

  7. Excellent concert!

  8. Great concert. Very enjoyable.

  9. Great!!!

  10. I can visualize scenes in my head with the Debussy pieces.

  11. I feel more energy from Prokofiev. You do an amazing job with both composers.

  12. I have always been a Debussy fan. I enjoy his hand crossover work, though I was never able to do it effectively.

  13. I preferred Debussy over Prokofiev because I like melody over percussion. You played both very well.

  14. I thought the Prokofiev pieces were of a darker, broader rich tone while the Debussy pieces were more ethereal and whimsical. Truly a spineless jellyfish vs. football player! Loved the concert!!

  15. I'm no pro on this type of presentation. I felt more rhythm in the first three choices of Prokofiev, however enjoyed the 4th by Debussy - settled my soul! Thank you!

  16. Like the bad boy football player's excitement.

  17. My mother played both piano and organ! Enjoyed!!

  18. Outstanding talent

  19. Outstanding!!

  20. Terrific

  21. Thank you for coming. Very talented. I like songs you can recognize best.

  22. Thank you very much!!

  23. The Debussy pieces delighted my senses. The many "colors" were calming to my soul. Prokofiev pieces were rousing and intense - full of energy!

  24. This was great. Thank you!

  25. Truly enjoyable concert! I appreciate the voicing - allowing melody and phrasing to be heard.

  26. very close

  27. Very difficult to choose - very interesting concert!! Wow!!

  28. Very good

  29. Very good performance. Enjoyed

  30. Very good show - amazing.

  31. Very talented.

  32. Wonderful job. I loved Debussy's "Claire de Lune"

  33. Wonderful!! Truly enjoyed the concert!!

  34. Wow! Super great! Impressive!

  35. You are amazing! Thank you so much for blessing us with your gift.

  36. Your explanation of each composer is very educational. Thank you for coming to Southwest KS. You sure have a beautiful talent. Loved watching your hands at work - your fingers sure can move!

  37. Your touch on the keys is impressive. You are a master. I was thoroughly entranced by the music!