Favorite Comments:

  1. D=Dear. P=Punk in your face

  2. Hard to sleep through last song!

  3. I prefer Debussy's run style over Prokofiev's chord style. It is much more soothing.

  4. Prokofiev selection Round 2 sounded so angry, or disturbed! But I liked it.

Other Comments:

  1. Amazing

  2. As you can see I love Debussy. I played Debussy at many contests. He was my go to composer.

  3. Awesome! You are a genius! Very informative.

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Before the show, I fully expected to vote strictly for Debussy. What a surprise how it turned out! I chose Prokofiev overall because his music was unfamiliar to me but surprisingly accessible.

  6. Debussy - I preferred the more easy listening music. Prokofiev - Too hard and harsh sounding for me. You are very talented! I enjoyed your performance.

  7. Excellent!

  8. Great program!!

  9. I am so glad we got to hear these two. Debussy is my favorite

  10. I loved the concert so much

  11. I'm thirteen in 18 days. I played piano for three years.

  12. It is too bad about the roar of the HVAC system here; I like the quiet parts of music.

  13. Liked it a lot

  14. Love the variety within songs.

  15. On any other day I may vote differently.

  16. P seems so much harder to play! Amazing!¨

  17. Prokofiev much more dramatic and entertaining

  18. quite enjoyable.

  19. Smackdown is a great tool to engage audiences. Stroke of genius! P feels like a man driven. D hears beauty he must express. P is a master at painting a very board range of reality musically. He is truly multi-dimensional. D expressed himself in fewer dimensions, but he has absolutely mastered those. Is P's outward discordance a measure of the inner man - the insulted master technician? D seems more inwardly at harmony. Thank you! So entertaining and such an educator!

  20. Thank you for coming to Dodge City

  21. Thank you!

  22. Thank you! So very enjoyable. Love the audience participation angle.

  23. Thanks for teaching AND entertaining. Wonderful program!

  24. This was great fun! Thank you! I did not like either of Round 3 so vote no on D & P.

  25. We are learning about Claude Debussy in music class.

  26. What great talent!

  27. Wonderful talent

  28. Wonderful, masterful performance. Thank you!

  29. Wonderful! Thank you!

  30. Wunderbar!

  31. You are so talented. Appreciated your commentary also.

  32. You have very strong fingers and a brilliant mind and memory. Liked explanations. Does piano travel with you? Do any of your children play piano or a musical instrument? Totally amazing how fast your fingers - hands moved up and down he keyboard. Thanks for coming!!! Also liked your humor.