Favorite Comments:

  1. Did I detect a hint of Phantom of the Opera music in L'else Joyeuse? Can just listen to D. Have to watch P.

  2. I really enjoyed this! I had to come for class, but ended up loving this! You did great! I would come to your shows again! - A college student

  3. Thank you for coming to our small town and sharing your amazing talents (and for the history/insights behind the artists and the songs. It made them an "Auditory History Lesson") You need to write a short whimsical piece and close with it, and call it "The Ballot of Frederic Chiu" :)

  4. I am glad I came out in the snow for this program!

Other Comments:

  1. I've greatly enjoyed the evening. The two styles are so different, but beautiful.

  2. I really like Prokofiev. Things sound violent. Debussy is hard to follow. Scatterbrain music

  3. I loved it. You have a way of expressing Classical Songs on the piano that mesmerized me.

  4. Prokofiev used dissonance in Sonata #3 less effectively than in Round 1. Yes, percussion instrument.

  5. Thank you for coming. Outstanding - Phenomenal

  6. Great format

  7. I am a student in college, studying music theory and music history. I was very excited to see that Lebanon was going to have you here. Thank you for bringing us your refined and professionalism and opening the eyes of my ears to true music and talent. Thank you! Very good format!

  8. It was a difficult choice. Good contrast but I'm a Debussy fan. You played with great warmth in the Debussy. Great passion in the Prokofiev! Thank you!

  9. Great execution! Very informative - great to hear about the composers

  10. I find this performance eye-opening to the emotion and power of the piano. Delicate, yet powerful. Loved it!

  11. Fantastic!

  12. Amazing!

  13. My favorite was Jardin sous la pluie! Gorgeous!

  14. 1P Cat chasing mouse in cartoon. 2P silent films

  15. Fantastic. Please come back!

  16. I liked the energy in Prokofiev's pieces - but the last piece of Debussy's Reverie" made "sense" to me. Thank you! Fun!

  17. Loved the concert!! Very enlightening! Fun!

  18. Almost changed my mind in Round 3 due to the difficulty but esthetics win out! [Debussy]

  19. Prokofiev's music is too heavy and dark for my liking. You are an incredible musician.

  20. Awesome! Come back - thank you!

  21. Very good

  22. I liked both - two different styles. One beating everything out of the piano - the other very tender in his story.