Favorite Comments:

  1. Interesting performance. Well done. In this world of chaos I need the calm of Debussy's story telling.

  2. Saw my husband's life, work and personality in Prokofiev's work. I saw myself in Debussy's work. Interesting!

  3. Thank you for negating the stereotype that Classical music is sleepy and boring.

Other Comments:

Absolutely brilliant - technically, musically and in every way!

Absolutely thrilling.

Amazing, very educational.

Appreciate exposure to both composers, Debussy speaks to my soul!!


Best piano performance I have ever been to.

D-Cashmere; P-Burlap. D-Smooth crème brulee; P-Grit sugar. D-tapestry grows up; P-teen stuck in 20's

Debussy - calming, soothing, melodic. Prokofiev - energetic, joyful, peppy, strange chords

Definitely liked the football player - Go Big Red!

Educational. Eye-opening. Thanks!

Prokofiev: Energy - Aggressive

Enjoyable and educational. Thank you for exposing us to this beautiful art form.

Enjoyed both composer. Was not easy making a selection

Enjoyed learning about each composer. Amazing talent in Mr. Chiu.

Enjoyed the technique of voting for favorites. Helps audience gain insight into their musical tastes. Your talent is phenomenal. I liked the dichotomy of the 2 very different styles.

Enjoyed very much!

Enjoyed watching and listening to you. My preference is softer music. Very happy I came. Loved your comments.

Excellent concert. Thank you for an opportunity to hear such a wide variety of their work.

Excellent program.

Excellent. Enjoyed listening tot he different techniques and styles

Fab format. Loved the performance

Fabulous concert! Thank you!

Fascinating - I'm in awe!

Good concert.

Good, amazing playing.


Great concert!

Great idea to make us compare and contrast. Makes for a more engaged experience. Love both composers.

Great! I felt Debussy was more of a story teller

I have a book of Debussy, so I enjoyed hearing the selections to try at home. Trying Prokofiev will be a challenge.

I have always loved Debussy - his music ripples and cascades and flows over me and soothes my soul. But now I want to get some Prokofiev.

I have piano since I was 5 yrs. Played a lot of Beethoven. Still play for church. As long as fingers will keep moving. You are amazing!

I left like Debussy's music was more relaxing and soothing where Prokofiev was more stimulating. You are very talented.

I like fast-paced, exciting and gentle music when listening to a piano. You are one of the best piano players I've ever heard.

I like softer music

I like some movements of each composer. Like the surprise of Prokofiev.

I like the idea of voting for the different composers. It causes me to be more attentive to the music. You play the piano fantastically!

I like to hear the keys "dance" rather than be pounded. (former student of Isabelle Misek)

I liked the smackdown format!

I love Claire de Lune. I so enjoyed hearing you play today!

I love light, happy or peaceful music. Piano music is beautiful. You are amazing! Your fingers were on fire!

I love the combination - wonderful contrasts. Exciting and colorfully calming - magnificent! Thank you!

I love your ability.

I was thinking I would like Prokofiev better - thank you for introducing Debussy.

Interesting performance. Well done. In this world of chaos I need the calm of Debussy's story telling.

Interesting selections

It's Prokofiev by a nose. Great concert. Go IU!!!

Love the energy!

Love to watch your hands play - liked the detail explanations of their work. I liked Reverie and had a hard time choosing - I did recognize that piece.

Merci beaucoup. Love the voting.

Mesmerizing performance. Truly enchanting. Thank you.

My favorite music is jazz or blues, but I love all music. This classical music was just beautiful. Thank you.

Nicely done!

Overall preferred Prokofiev. I tend to vote for the second one, the one I just heard before voting.

Prokofiev - Harsh, abrupt, very Russian! Debussy - seems happier in life. Rd2 made me think of Bambi - happy, leaping through field then fire came, etc.

Round 1 - liked claire de lune the best, but as a group, Prokofiev

Rounds 2 and 3 very difficult. I suspect mood and energy level affect my choices. I wonder what effect the order of the pieces has on choice. I confess I may have gone against my real choice for Round 3 so as not to always be choosing the second piece.

Saw my husband's life, work and personality in Prokofiev's work. I saw myself in Debussy's work. Interesting!

So much talent! Isabelle Micek would be so impressed, I believe.

Such beautiful music - playing Reverie brought back memories of a version (much more basic) that I played in my piano lessons many moons ago.

Thank you for negating the stereotype that Classical music is sleepy and boring. I appreciated your explanations of the pieces and composers. I thoroughly enjoyed your masterful performance. It was delightful!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge…You really made this come alive. Thank you.

Thank you. I took 4 years piano lesson. Enjoyed it! Got to a certain learning point and couldn't learn more even though I wanted to.

Thanks for sharing your gifts

The contrast between the two composers made very delightful listening.

This presentation offered an opportunity to REALLY see the contrast and differences between composers. How many hours do you practice!!

Toccata was my favorite but I didn't like Sonata No 3

Very engaging! Thank you!

Very enjoyable - great talent!

Very good and talented!

Very good music. It was a great show.

Very inspiring!

Very talented

Very talented pianist

Why do you use a chair instead of a piano bench? You are very masterful in playing the works of BOTH composers. In taking piano, I played Debussy's Claire de Lune. I loved it and played it again and again long after my piano lessons. It's a piece near and dear to my heart.

Wonderful performance! Thank you coming to Columbus!!! Safe travels…

Wonderful, Genius


You are excellent

You are very blessed and talented!

You have a fantastic skill and talent. You've obviously worked hard to master this music. Thank you!

Youngest niece of Isabelle Micek, who had a great love of concert piano. Wish she was here. I like impressionism, my childhood interest was classical ballet.