Favorite Comments:

  1. Louvre vs. Hermitage

  2. I had no favorite Grandma either. (Voted TIE overall)

  3. Voted Prokofiev but I wouldn't want to listen to Prokofiev all the time!

  4. Fingers like dancing spiders! WOW

  5. I am also drawing what I feel. (See drawing)

  6. Sort of apples and oranges - both tasty. I preferred hearing D, but watching P was WOW!

Other Comments:

  1. Amazing

  2. But the Toccata was a great piece wonderfully performed.

  3. Dreamy

  4. Exquisite Reverie. Brilliant playing and format that mesmerizes the audience

  5. Favorite - Reverie

  6. How did you become interested in AI?

  7. I count it a blessing to be able to listen to you in person again!

  8. I don't feel that I should have to pit one against the other. Please don't hem me in. Enjoyed your performance very much. Thank you.

  9. I love Debussy. He's the first composer I really learned to love. What about Deux Arabesques? The Girl with the Flaxen Hair?

  10. I love your playing.

  11. Loved your performance. Thank you.

  12. Music is best with eyes closed. For the audience, not the performer. Debussy: Too polite. Prokofiev; Exciting

  13. Public merrymaking was GREAT, awesome, lovely! Do any of your kids play piano? Do you like to read?

  14. Really enjoyed the contrasting styles and appreciated all of the context/program notes. Thank you, it was great!

  15. Round 3 was my favorite! Boy, that Toccata was deliciously visceral!

  16. So hard to choose! Debussy lulls into bliss; Prokofiev energizes and enlivens. Beautifully played! Such a fun format, such an enjoyable evening!

  17. Thank you

  18. Thank you - stunning technique! Can't choose.

  19. Thank you for a wonderful concert!

  20. Thank you for coming with your amazing talent to perform in Dillon.

  21. Thank you! My mind needed to be reset with creative beauty!

  22. Thanks for being here tonight. A wonderful concert. Enjoyed your playing very much

  23. The Toccata was breathtaking! Thank you for such a thoughtful program.

  24. This is incredible, there is something so captivating about your playing, I felt all the emotions

  25. This was a wonderful concert. Unexpected in this very rural community.

  26. To binary; like Sophie's Choice. Both great! Daytime response may have been different?

  27. Very fun to have a contest. I liked your commentary about composers. I do like Debussy better!

  28. Very hard to choose. Both wonderful!

  29. While I appreciate the intensity of Prokofiev, I prefer Debussy's lush melodies and color of the notes. Debussy transports me to another place. Thank you for sharing your playing via overhead camera.

  30. Wonderful concert! We are blessed and honored to have you back in Dillon once again! My voting is not based on the technical skills of the composers, but rather where the music carried me tonight! Thank you again for sharing your talents with us, Mr. Chiu!

  31. Wonderful. Awesome. Terrific. So enjoyed your playing

  32. You are grat, you are good. [8 year old]

  33. You were great. Can't imagine how you can play all the keys so fast

  34. Your playing was especially riveting during Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet. You finished strong, and I feel like Prokofiev matched your playing style best.

  35. Your prowess on the piano is very moving!!!