Favorite Comments:

  1. Debussy: Fish. Prokofiev: Storms

  2. Piano is the king

  3. Prokofiev is too aggressive. You are a crack!!

Other Comments:

  1. Beautiful performance. Debussy feels more suggestive and reflective. At times it's difficult to catch up with Prokofiev

  2. Beautiful! Cried with the "Clair de Lune" :)

  3. Choosing between Debussy and Prokofiev is like do it betweenDa.d and Mom , AnywayI like Romoeo and Jauliet s ne of my favorites in the piano music!

  4. Combat box: Debussy - Champion + Tecnica. Prokofiev - Aspirant + Agresividad. Debussy champion sur points

  5. Congratulations. Your performance has been incredible. I usually like Debussy's music but tonight I've chosen Prokofiev because of your interpretation.

  6. Debussy = Mysteri. Prokofiev = Passion

  7. Debussy es mas ensonador pero Prokofiev me parece mas vibrante y energico y quiza mas complicado de tocar

  8. Debussy es muy sentielo y tierno, dulce pero Prokofiev es pura vitalidad y energia

  9. Debussy make me dream!! Prokofiev I feel the strength, the energy of the music. But now I'm prefer to dream. Thank you very much for the wonderful evening

  10. Debussy me gusta mucho, pero me ha sorprendo mucho la enorme fuerza / Rabia de Prokofiev

  11. Debussy me parece mas melodioso

  12. Debussy: Fish. Prokofiev: Storms

  13. Debussy: more gentle. Prokofiev: more powerful

  14. Dificil decision

  15. En la 3a parte me iba a incinar por Debussy pero la Toccata me ha hecho cambiar de opinion

  16. Fantastic comment. Many thanks you!

  17. Fantastic concert!! Thx. My only comment is that I think it is unfair to compare pieces written for piano and/or orchestra, as you did in the first round.

  18. For me Prokofiev has been a discover. I appreciate "the game" to comparate both. Thank you very much. I hope to see you again.

  19. Frederic Chiu (Winner)

  20. Geniality of Prokofiev is the key element for decision. Fantastic!! Thxs.

  21. I began with Debussy but finished with Prokofiev. Your playing way is dream from the head.

  22. I find Prokofiev music very hard. I prefer melodic music. Debussy music is more relaxing

  23. I have enjoyed more Debussy because it makes me quiet and it makes feel good. I love the way you play piano

  24. I like Debussy because is softer andthan Prokofiev

  25. I like very much Debussy more in accordance with my character but I liked very much the Toccata of Prokofiev

  26. I love very much the strength and energy of Prokofiev

  27. I play piano and I love it: Minueto No 2 de Bach

  28. I prefer Debussy's later works and Prokofiev's earlier works

  29. I really like howi the pianist played, very emotional. In Diobolic Suggestion I almost could see demons flying around. But I prefer Debussy's music. I think it's more moving. Loved it.

  30. I was so surprised about Prokofiev but I prefer jellyfishes

  31. Impresionante imagination sonora, juego de pedales energia. BRAVO!

  32. It was difficult to choose but I prefer Debussy because his music drive me to relax and to think in beautiful things

  33. La fuerza innovadora de Prokofiev rompe la nostalgia que transmite Debussy sin descomperrer las notas

  34. Me gusta toda la musica clasica pero quita mi favorita ser la musica barroca. Tambien la opera y el ballet

  35. Me ha hesitado este concierto. Me descubieto muchas y grande cosas en esta musica.

  36. Me parede que Prokofiev tiene mas fuerza

  37. Muy dificile elegir

  38. Pianista: First Clase

  39. Piano is the king

  40. Previously I liked better Prokofiev but today was Debussy's night

  41. Prokofiev energia

  42. Prokofiev is too aggressive. You are a crack!!

  43. Prokofiev mas energia y mas actual

  44. Prokofiev me ecelera densiado el corazon. Debussy viaja mi imaginacion

  45. Prokofiev me incita al acompanamiento musical

  46. Prokofiev more direction determination deep passion. Debussy delivers peace.

  47. Really interesting, inspiring and different format concert. I really enjoyed both the performance and the challenge.

  48. Thank you for the concert and for the comments and explanation. I love Debussy but today I think I have discovered Prokofiev. You've played it wonderfully.

  49. Thank you!

  50. Thanks a lot

  51. Usually I prefer Prokofiev but at this time it has been very dificult the choice. Thank you!

  52. Very interesting concert

  53. Y mil votos para Chiu, muchas gracias por une velada maravilloso

  54. Yo toco el piano y me se muchas canciones

  55. You are Fantastic!

  56. You rock, Frederic! We love Debussy, but we were blown away by your Prokofiev. Oh, and the Classical Smackdown - what a great idea!