Favorite Comments:

  1. Sounded like more than one piano!!

  2. Gave me chills the entire time. Don't stop playing. You give me inspiration!!

  3. Prokofiev - Action movie, Debussy - Love story

Other Comments:

  1. His last song took it

  2. Prokofiev - Action movie, Debussy - Love story

  3. Beautiful. Thank you for coming. Loved it all

  4. Masterful performance! Admirable!

  5. I have enjoyed the music

  6. The spineless jellyfish spoke to me more than the football player! Wonderful concert!

  7. Enjoyed the evening

  8. I'm a beginner. You play well.

  9. Debussy music soft and gentle, romantic. Prokofiev sounds so angry.

  10. I admire your talent greatly

  11. I'll stay with the spineless jellyfish

  12. It was a wonderful show!

  13. Prokofiev's music feels harsh, reflecting the deep Soviet winters. Loved the more relaxing tempo of Debussy.

  14. Debussy style is more relaxing

  15. I've always liked Debussy and enjoyed playing his music. I personally would have liked to have had additional variety and other composers.

  16. Liked 2 Fugitive best of Prokofiev. Montague and Capulets reminded me of barn raising fight scene in Movie 7 brides for 7 Brothers. The "jellyfish" remark sounds like precisely what a gifted young performer would say about the better known/generation ahead. The pendulum always swings.

  17. My mom played Debussy. This is a fun, interesting way to learn about the Classics.

  18. Though I have not played piano much, it was beautiful to listen to your playing. Thank you. I love all the songs but I have to choose my favorite.

  19. I've always been fascinated by the piano.

  20. So enjoyable

  21. Fun way to present your program. Wish the piano had been positioned better, so more of us could watch you play.

  22. Technique incredible. Have taught piano for 54 years.

  23. Round 1 - D because of Dad playing Clair de Lune. Round 2 - P because his work could be anticipated. It flowed much better. Cloches Sounds like a Montana creek, slowing down at the bend then rushing forward. Your technique/timing are perfect! Reverie like a quiet contemplative evening stroll.

  24. A wonderful way to get us to listen better and become involved and interested in the pieces and your playing of them. 

  25. Sounded like more than one piano!!

  26. Prokofiev's music certainly shows off your incredible talent. Debussy soothes my soul. Both were awesome

  27. Round 1: Who doesn't love Clair de Lune? However, I really liked the style of Prokofiev. His composition made me think of really old Heavy Metal - power and grace at the same time. Round 2: Debussy's robust composition took me by surprise. When I think of him, I think of a style that is more placid (usually). Round 3: Really enjoyed the musicality of Debussy's work. Wonderful keyboard runs. Round 4: Reverie truly takes one to another place - lovely. However, Prokofiev's piece is incredible. Such power! Wow!! You are a fabulous pianist!!!

  28. You are as masterful piano but I am not much on classical

  29. Thank you, beautiful piano playing. Rain drops dropping in a rain forest. Iridescent bursts to soft flowing movement, flooding into expanses. Truly timeless impressions. Heavy rain rolling off a cliff. Drenching, soaking, now a rainbow over rivers. 

  30. Enjoyed format, made it engaging.

  31. Beautiful music

  32. You are amazing!

  33. Prokofiev's music seems angry and robust. Did the Bolshevik Revolution influence his music?

  34. Prokofiev made me think of music in the cartoons of the 1950s

  35. Wonderful approach to teaching audiences how to listen to classical music. Thank you.

  36. Loved the contrasts but to me similarities at times? Round 4 toss up. Thank you for the brilliant work. Speak louder please.

  37. Powerful. Playful. Dissonant. Mirrors life.

  38. Wonderful

  39. Very enjoyable

  40. Great program. Safe travels to you.

  41. Sarcasm - Cat and Mouse chase

  42. Beautiful listening music

  43. An amazing talent. Thank you so much

  44. So amazing. Gave me chills the entire time. Don't stop playing. You give me inspiration!!

  45. I wish I could play classical music as well as Frederic Chiu. Thank you.

  46. Incredible Prokofiev pieces! Thank you!

  47. I just love both Prokofiev and Debussy and it was difficult to choose. I loved them all. Earlier in my life, I played oboe in the Butte Symphony and I loved playing the oboe solo parts for Peter and the Wolf. Love that duck!

  48. Fantastic

  49. Loved to hear a composer I have not known by name - Prokofiev

  50. Nice job. I hope you can come back.