Favorite Comments:

  1. Somewhere along the way I learned jellyfish are beautiful

  2. Suite Bergamasque is a perfect piece of music! Learning to play it was one of my happiest piano experiences.

  3. Debussy should have won Round 2, but I felt compelled to give the devil his due. [Diabolic Suggestions]

Other Comments: (complete comments coming soon)

  1. Both composers were presented flawlessly! Thank you for your presentation!

  2. Bravo! Magic fingers!

  3. Bravo! Thanks for playing!

  4. Debussy is very beautiful and ethereal but I love the raw, unbridled passion of Prokofiev.

  5. I enjoyed both.

  6. I enjoyed the dissonance and energy in the Prokofiev Rounds 2 & 3.

  7. I like Prokofiev but Debussy (& Ravel!) are my favorites.

  8. I love the energy of Prokofiev!

  9. I really enjoyed this. What a breath of fresh air.

  10. Impressionism in music and art a favorite.

  11. Is the arrangement for Merrymaking available for purchase?

  12. Love the energy of Prokofiev.

  13. Thank you for playing for us!

  14. Toccata - very scary!

  15. What are your votes?

  16. Where can I get your Romeo & Juliet arrangement?

  17. You played Prokofiev more effectively tonight! Bravo! Toccata was amazing!

  18. This was very hard! I wanted to choose both, but I had to go w/ Debussy because of Reverie

  19. Beautiful performances. I preferred Debussy because the Yamaha doesn't seem to have enough body in its sound to present Prokofiev in its true/full glory. I am not a pianist, but I am a classically trained musician. Having said that, it would be wonderful to  hear the same pieces on a Steinway! Just my observation.

  20. Debussy performed more percussive than I've heard before. Prokofiev performed the best I have heard before. I still enjoy hearing Debussy more.

  21. Debussy should have won Round 2, but I felt compelled to give the devil his due.

  22. I am a piano teacher from Russia, so GO PROKOFIEV!!! You are a fabulous performer!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful recital.

  23. I just drove 4 hours to this event. I really needed Prokofiev! Technically and rhythmically, Prokofiev wins for me. Debussy is elegant and relaxing - some beautiful moment for me but Prokofiev, I stayed glued to the music you played and your hands (visual impact too) Thank you!! Bravo !!!

  24. I kept thinking of students that i would love to watch this piece - and the next. Other pieces that I want them to color while listening.

  25. I like Clair de Lune from Debussy because it is very beautiful. I also like Diabolic Suggestions from Prokofiev because it is very flashy and rhythmic.

  26. I loved your spirited Montagues and Capulets. Such lovely and unexpected staccatos. I love some Prokofiev, I Think Romeo and Juliet is my favorite Ballet, but I still don't' think I understand his percussive voice. I used to agree w/ him that Debussy is "Spineless jellyfish music" but somewhere along the way I learned jellyfish are beautiful

  27. I loved how you played the pieces with such ease, and I especially loved the expressions that you made and how energetic the pieces were. Thank you for performing and it was a pleasure to listen to you play.

  28. I wish the 1st round was split up. I enjoyed the arm gestures in the Prokofiev and the improvisation in the Debussy

  29. I've read the Clavier Companion article on your pedal ideas and heard the session at MTNA, but couldn't see your feet. Tonight I purposely positioned myself so that I could closely observe the tiny details of your pedaling. It opens a whole new realm of color

  30. Love the percussive energy of Prokofiev, and his poignant slow tempo melodies

  31. Prokofiev is closer to me (I appreciate his orchestral conception and lyricism (tainted by "enfant terrible" tone) Yet, Debussy uses the piano like no other composer before him or since. LOVED Reverie!

  32. Prokofiev was very exciting, but for sheer beauty Debussy was the winner.

  33. Round 1 = I chose based on what I was most moved by as a listener (Debussy) Overall winner = chosen by the incredible array of colors and innovation (Prokofiev) Impeccable voicing… So many colors - such sensitive pedaling! What a blessing to hear you this evening!

  34. Some pianos are better suited to one composer or another. A piano with a certain sonority might be more responsive to Debussy

  35. Suite Bergamasque is a perfect piece of music! Learning to play it was one of my happiest piano experiences. Love Prokofiev, but Debussy was what I needed tonight.

  36. Suite Bergamasque is one of my favorite compositions, but the way you played Romeo & Juliet was just outstanding.

  37. Thanks - I feel like I had my own recital! Some pieces were new to me - way beyond my little hands!

  38. Though I chose Debussy, I really enjoyed Prokofiev as well. This was a marvelous evening of awesome music! Thank you!

  39. Truly impossible choice to make for each round and overall choice. We are so lucky to have the music of both composers played so magnificently. Thanks!

  40. Very impressive recital. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Will look forward to attending another concert in the area.

  41. Very nicely played! I enjoyed the detailed and intricate contrasts between the very different pieces. Well done!

  42. Your playing of Diabolic Suggestions and Toccata was simply phenomenal. Also, the colors and pedal nuances on the Debussy pieces in general were gorgeous. Bravo!