Favorite Comments:

  1. Prokofieff Best Performance. Debussy Best Composer

  2. Generally play Debussy better. But personally like Prokofiev.

Other Comments:

  1. Amazing! You are most welcome in Mallorca (Balearic Island)

  2. Congratulations, the winner is Frederic Chiu

  3. Conozco mejor a Debussy. Por ero me criesta ser objetiva. Si se puediere, lo dejaria en empate.

  4. Ha sido muy dificil elegir. extraordinario concierto, gracias. ennorma buena.

  5. I like Prokofiev of today's concert but I like your sound of Debussy. It sounds like dreaming!!! OMG this is the most impressive concert I've seen lately. Your sound so beautiful/amazing, just perfect. Thank you so much for this concert!! (I'm so sad it ends :((()

  6. I would choose Prokofiev as the best performance and Debussy as better composer.

  7. It was wonderful to work with you and I was so fortunate to hear your pedal technique in concert.

  8. No me extrana ete empate de numero de votos entre los dos compositores porque afanal de los diferencias de lenguaje musical hoy muchas similitudes temperamentales

  9. Me hubiera gustado ver las manos del maestro tocado