Favorite Comments:

  1. I have never been a fan of Debussy but your performance left me wanting more!

  2. I came in expecting to vote all Debussy but was surprised to vote all Prokofiev. Thank you!

  3. Amazing. I liked the Montagues and the Capulets. (8 year old)

  4. Would love to see Louis Armstrong vs. the Chanting of the monks

  5. I think Prokofiev would win in a fist fight - vs. Debussy

  6. Just like apples and oranges. I love them both!

Other Comments:

  1. 10/10 performance!! Thank you very much!!!

  2. 11/10, muy bien, gracias

  3. Although Debussy is considered a "pretty" or atmospheric composer, Chiu is not afraid to emphasize the "aggressive" qualities of his music. Vice versa with Prokofiev, emphasis on "calm" or ambient sections in Prokofiev' overall aggressive music. A very fresh and innovative (and illuminating) performance.

  4. Amazing. I liked the Montagues and the Capulets.

  5. Amazing. I was more in a nostalgic mood and loved being brought into the contemplative moods of Debussy. Not so much in the mood for the drama of Prokofiev.

  6. Appreciate the talent that attempted to sway me away from Debussy but alas, he still gets my vote!

  7. Awesome! Thank you!!

  8. Bartok vs. Brahms

  9. Bartok vs. Ravel. Huge fan of your complete Prokofiev recordings, especially Lt Kije.

  10. Beautiful!! Round 2 - very close call!

  11. Can you do a Smackdown on Brahms vs. Liszt? On another note, I quite like your interpretations of Debussy - it's very unique in some places; very intriguing for our ears and mind.

  12. Chopin vs Schubert

  13. Classical Smackdown with Mozart and Chopin?

  14. Could you have people quickly count ballots backstage, and then play an encore by the winner to announce it?

  15. Debussy reaches in and touches my soul. Prokofiev, tho beautifully brilliant can be too harsh for me, making me want to keep the music away from me.

  16. Debussy won tonight only because you play it as beautifully!! Wonderful playing

  17. East, West, Chopin is best

  18. Enjoyed concert and Trinity Cathedral very much - thanks to Anna Beth for her courtesy and advice

  19. Excellent evening!

  20. Excellent job! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  21. Fabulout Concert!!!

  22. fun concept

  23. Good show. Bravo!! I like your shirt!

  24. Great concert <3 Amazing talent! Thanks for coming

  25. Great performance. Enjoyed the Smackdown participation!

  26. Great performance. The last piece was fabulous - so extraordinarily played!

  27. Great program - thank you for being here. Enjoyed the contrasts/comparisons. Hard choice for Round 4.

  28. I came in expecting to vote all Debussy but was surprised to vote all Prokofiev. Thank you!

  29. I came to this concert with a longing for something fresh and suspecting I would find it in Prokofiev. But you've done a Glenn Gould on the Debussy, playing with such sparkle and freshness - irresistable! Merci, M. Chiu! Ps. Prokofiev was spectacular, the perfect foil. And thank you for the way you engaged the audience - so generous!

  30. I have never been a fan of Debussy but your performance left me wanting more!

  31. I liked one of the Debussy bette but had to pick Prokofiev on the whole. And the last round, no fair!

  32. I loved the virtuosity and the Prokofiev - I loved watching your hands - but I must admit I like the music of Debussy better.

  33. I thought Debussy's music was more tuneful, romantic and lovely for the ears. In my mind, Prokofiev's music was more varied (at least those I heard tonight), some discordant, more modern flavor and more power behind the notes. The last Prokofiev piece was amazing but I still would prefer Debusy for easier listening.

  34. I would have preferred to vote for each piece

  35. interesting approach!

  36. It is really difficult to rate against Debussy - his works are aural equivalents of exquisite water color art works. The Prokofiev works are so different - genius in another way altoghter. What a GREAT contrast! Superbly presented! Thanks!!

  37. It was so hard to choose - such beautiful colors in Debussy, but I'm partial to Prokofiev. Thanks for a wonderful concert!

  38. Jardins was wonderful!

  39. Just like apples and oranges. I love them both!

  40. Last piece was amazing and a challenge to play as you did.

  41. Last time I heard your performance was the University of Missouri. It is great to hear your concert again. I like how you organize the concert programs. It really grasps audiences attention throughout the concert! Thank you for the wonderful performance! SUggestions for future smackdown: Classical period vs. popular music or movie sound track

  42. Love these smackdown ideas for programming your concerts! Brahms vs. Schumann. Schubert vs. Chopin. Chopin vs. Scriabin. Beethoven vs. Scriabin. Bach vs. Prokofiev

  43. Loved the Debussy Passepied - surprised as I generally prefer Prokofiev based largely on playing flute. Should Passepied outweigh the other pieces??

  44. Loved the program! Gorgeous playing. My pen is failing or I would write more.

  45. Magnificent museum in a brilliant setting - love the engagement - Didn't realize I actually had a preference in Classical piano. To defend my choice - perhaps the reason I relate/love Debussy's work is because I am a watercolor artist. Thank you for this different way to engage with music.

  46. My daughter was a participant at SEPF. She enjoyed the masterclass on Monday. Thanks a lot.

  47. My mood at the moment influenced my vote

  48. My pleasure to hear you again. I was a studenta t the University of Missouri and attended your concert at Missouri Theater as well as your masterclass about 4 or 5 years ago there. You were there for Plowman Competition

  49. Need a tie-breaker

  50. No Glass, please.

  51. Please enjoy your evening, you do not need to contact me tonight. A very beautiful performance. This was a birthday surprise from my husband and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. Sorry for the split, but I must say Prokofiev is very exciting.

  52. Round 2. I feel Debussy's "forward motion" is not as effective as is his "hesitation and silence" techniques - at least as your played Prokofiev's Sonata #3 tonight. Round 3: Beautiful "hesitation and silence" by Debussy. Round 4: Wow. Beautiful Debussy, incredible Toccata. Debussy could not out-Prokofiev Prokofiev (nor did he ever want to) and vice versa! Loved your performance. Bravo!

  53. Round 3 rocked!

  54. russia/Prokofiev far bet program moved me to Debussy

  55. Simply lovely! It felt like a sin to choose, what a wonderful evening of music - thank you! This was so hard!

  56. Such a memorable concert! Round 1: Transcription vs piano original was disadvantage for Prokofiev.

  57. Thank you - a wonderful evening

  58. Thank you for a very enjoyable evening and intriguing my 14 year old daughter. It was so fun to watch her anguish over her decisions.

  59. Thank you! This was a great idea and I will use it in my elementary music classroom

  60. Thanky ou for such an extraordinary evening. Come back soon!

  61. This is my first time hearing you and Debussy and Prokofiev. I want to see more.

  62. Toccata Opus 11 is stunning - never heard anything like this.

  63. Tough call for each round! Suggestions for future smackdown: Mozart vs. Haydn

  64. Very much love your Prokofiev. You make it better!!!

  65. Vine vs. Ligeti!! Cage vs. Glass

  66. What about a Liszt-Thalberg Smackdown? You could program Liszt Fantasy on Robert Le Diable and Thalberg Fantasy on Don Pasquale.

  67. While I loved the introductions, i feel that they could be just slightly more concise (just the ones at the beginning of each half).

  68. Who do you like playing better?

  69. Wonderful idea for a concert! I do love Prokofiev, it's just I LOVE Debussy So Much. Maybe it's because I have played more of the Debussy myself. I am a DMA Piano Performance major at USC with Dr. Lomozov and Rackers. I think Prokofiev would win in a fist fight - vs. Debussy

  70. Wonderful program. Great talent. Appreciating Prokofiev some more.

  71. Wonderful! Two rounds were close but I had to go with the "jellyfish."

  72. Would love to see Louis Armstrong vs. the Chanting of the monks

  73. Would prefer different composers for round 3 and 4. These are not my favorite composers

  74. WOW!!

  75. You played wonderfully! I thought Prokofiev sounded too angry but it still sounded great.