Favorite Comments:

  1. I did not appreciate the years of piano lessons my parents provided to me!

  2. I listened to the response of the birds in this lovely setting. In Round 1, the birds were most responsive to Friar Laurence. In Rd 2, to Cloches a travers. And in Round 3 to Reverie! Tough decisions.

Other Comments:

  1. Wonderful presentation - thank you!

  2. Delightful idea. Makes listening more engaging and fun.

  3. Great concert! Thank you.

  4. Phenomenal! More please!

  5. Thank you. Football player over jellyfish! Do you suppose it's an advantage to play second in the round?

  6. Thank you. Love the "Smackdown" concept and voting along the way. Excellent introduction to each of the pieces!

  7. great performance!

  8. Outstanding! I preferred the melodies of Debussy, but Prokofiev was more powerful.

  9. Thank you! Loved the format. Tough choices! Bravo!

  10. I did not appreciate the years of piano lessons my parents provided to me!

  11. Debussy is more relaxing to listen. Prokofiev is more fun to listen.

  12. Brilliant

  13. Wonderful, thank you.

  14. Love Debussy always but enjoyed Prokofiev. Debussy makes the piano sound clear.

  15. Bravo - enjoyed the concept of the smackdown!

  16. The Prokofiev Toccata was spectacular!

  17. I like Prokofiev better overall and always have. (Have been familiar with these composers since my youth)

  18. Superb rendering of this music, much of which is new to me. Regardless of how the votes are cast the audience is the big winner here. For me it's a matter of what emotionally speaks to me!

  19. Round 1 Prokofiev Merrymaking - Scott Joplin? Prokofiev sure can raise blood pressure - very engaging. This made Debussy boring and complacent by comparison.

  20. Would like to vote down the middle! Debussy's profundity versus Prokofiev's fiery individuality and precosity. Thank you Frederic!

  21. Debussy - intimate, complex yet inviting, romantic. Prokofiev - business! Get to it. Complex. Intense. Energetic. Debussy "Cloches a travers…" Deeper, reflective

  22. So Debussy makes my soul travel and in general that is why I said I preferred at the beginning. But Prokofiev often makes me smile or laugh and I love the fun of his music.

  23. I could see the ballet as I listened to the Montagues and the Capulets. The Debussy works were so beautiful, but the difficulty of the Prokofiev works and your extraordinary talent to perform them so amazingly

  24. Very entertaining, informative, and valuable to learn more about each composer. Nonetheless, reinforced my appreciation for Debussy's revolutionary style. I will listen to more of Prokofiev.

  25. From pieces your presented, Prokofiev's invention and formal skill was more prodigious. But, oh, the pain, the violence, the freneticism, the crimes of political power - I would never cross the street to hear him.

  26. Such amazing communication of both composers. Exquisite! But ultimately, Prokofiev drills right to my intellect, soul and sense of sheer wonder. Thank you!!

  27. Similar elements appear in both composers' music, but in general: The dreamy, melodic quality of D is soothing and pleasant, but P. engages a wider emotional range. I could prefer either one on a given day, depending on my own mood. Today I was just in a Prokofiev mood.