Favorite Comments:

  1. Excellent - Love the format! Fun. So glad we came out in the rain!

  2. I can't believe you made me vote for Prokofiev! I was certain Debussy would win them all! This was incredible! Thank you!

  3. By Monday I will change my opinion, but for Friday night, Debussy is clear winner.

Other Comments:

  1. This could change from day to day. It is like what is my favorite food? Great exercise! Thanks.

  2. I really enjoyed your performances and the format. I would like to say that I felt the Reverie was a bit rushed, but that is just my opinion.

  3. Amazing performance! Thank you so much!

  4. Thank you for the excellent and informative program notes in addition to your remarkably superb performance. Thank you!! I would like to hear another different comparison!!

  5. If my criteria was your interpretations tonight, all my votes go to Prokofiev, because I didn't know Prokofiev could sound so rich on piano.

  6. My daughter studied your playing when she was 12 playing Prokofiev Mephisto Waltz. She performed it in Hungary. Glad I finally got to see you play live!! Thank you for talking to the audience!! You're very likable!!

  7. Round 2 was so difficult to choose! 2 Fugitives - didn't know Prokofiev tried out impressionist style. Beautiful sounds - thank you.

  8. A few years ago 1st time you made me like Prokofiev. (Thanks you!) Now my mind is split.

  9. Great job! Wow! I wish I can play like you!

  10. amazing

  11. Enjoyed hearing Prokofiev

  12. Wonderful presentation of both!

  13. Bravo!

  14. Both beautiful, like comparing apples and oranges. Both wonderful at specific times in your soul. It was extremely enjoyable!

  15. Very good!! Thank you!

  16. Wonderful playing. Prokofiev is exciting but I have to lean to Debussy.

  17. Wow!

  18. Thank you for playing this classical smackdown! These are some of my favorite composers too :) You are amazing and inspire me to keep playing!

  19. Loved this!

  20. Amazing performance, made especially fun with the votes!

  21. Love your performance! I like the format you are doing here! Attractive for listening.

  22. Amazing, Fantastic, Thank you! I would do this again.

  23. Bravo~~~

  24. The last two rounds are really difficult to choose. I like the excitement in Prokofiev, but when Debussy is played, I have images in my head. It's really nice!!! You are amazing! I'm not a big fan of both composers before, but now I love both. Thank you for your wonderful performance! <3

  25. That's exciting concert!

  26. Bravo!

  27. I came tonight for the Debussy and was surprised and delighted by the Prokofiev. Loved your idea. It helped us think and pay attention more and made the evening more meaningful. :)

  28. I have a better appreciation for Prokofiev. I like how this format engages the audience.

  29. Debussy much more enjoyable.

  30. It's such a hard decision for a person who already knew the piece. At this stage it's more about the perfomer's interpretation. But tonight's performance you let me experience both composers differently and let me learn them differently. Thank you!

  31. You Rock!

  32. Thought I would choose Debussy but after the last piece I switched my overall vote.

  33. Thanks for bringing us such an amazing program. I love Prokofiev, his orchestra works, piano works, especially piano concertos. However, I never play his pieces when I was little, when I was in college, I started to get in touch with his works, but still stay on listening to others (colleagues, friends playing, since I was not confident to touch them (technique, wide dynamic range, dramatic tone change, etc.) This concert makes me feel it is time to explroe his music by playing it.. Thank you again, love your explanations for both composers!

  34. Tough choices. I love them all! You really catch the spirit of France. I can smell it from your playing! Thank you!

  35. I love the format I've always wanted to do something like this. Please call me!

  36. I love both composers, Debussy is just such a great craftsman. Thanks for a great concert.

  37. I felt more hope and lightness in Debussy's pieces. Great evening!