Favorite Comments:

Close! Love Debussy for listening - Blown away by Prokofiev and the technical challenge of his music and its power. I have been playing the piano since age 3 (I am now 70)

Great!! Do it again!

I have never heard Reverie played so exquisitely. Thank you.

I haven’t been fond of Prokofiev’s music, but I am now a fan. Thank you!

I find it interesting that Debussy’s pieces exemplify the necessity of silence in music.

Prokofiev too fragmented and schitzo for me!! Music makes me feel anxious. Atonallll messs. But you’re amazing!!

Voted Prokofiev. OK you changed my mind!

All Comments:

  1. Prokofiev more fun, Debussy beautiful,especially the Reverie

  2. Close! Love Debussy for listening - Blown away by Prokofiev and the technical challenge of his music and its power. I have been playing the piano since age 3 (I am now 70)

  3. I love the piano but I play for personal pleasure and not well. This venue is very pleasant salon atmosphere - nice interaction with pianist

  4. stellar event. Good table companions. Delicious meal. Outstanding performance!!!

  5. kitchen noise too loud!!! Cleaning crew has no respect for the artist!!! Not a good environment for music!!! This is not an organized environment for concert! This is not a good place for hosting acclaimed musicians!

  6. Excellent program. Outstanding artistry. The Prokofiev music moved me throughout the program. A Nice venue - Good food - Great to see Frederic

  7. Love the intimate venue. Really appreciate Frederic's explanations of the pieces and what to listen for as he plays.

  8. Liked the format (brunch, cabaret venue) but didn't care to listen to staff cleaning up the buffet when trying to listen to the subtleties of the notes, piano playing. Certainly a great performance by Frederic

  9. A beautiful venue! Enjoyed brunch as well. Definitely repeat! A nice addition to APA schedule.

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed. First of many to attend! Thank you.

  11. Most enjoyable afternoon! Enjoyed the concert and met some great people. Thank you, Frederic Chiu!!!

  12. Would have loved to hear 9ft grand version of this performance.

  13. I'd certainly be interested in attending a similar event in the future. Great venue!

  14. Prokofiev was composing in Stalin's Russia - It shows!

  15. Outstanding!

  16. Wonderful event!

  17. Wonderful

  18. I have never heard the percussion in the piano. Thank you for introducing me to a new aspect to listen for and to a new favorite sound. Today I would vote for Prokofiev but if I were listening at home, I would turn to Debussy.

  19. Prefer Debussy for its gentle flow - Prokofiev just is too stressful.

  20. Wonderful program. Mr. Chiu is amazing.

  21. Great idea - enjoyed comparisons.

  22. A great event. Frederic Chiu - a total pro and marvelous pianist.

  23. Prokofiev's dramatic flair makes me think this is the performance music I will enjoy, but Debussy will be playing while I'm spending time in my home. It was a VERY CLOSE Call!! Thank you!!

  24. Thank you for sharing your gift and talent with us in this beautiful, historical Indianapolis Place. Also well played APA and Columbia Club Staff.

  25. Interesting program - thank you - I learned something. I don't know a lot about Classical Music. I loved Prokofiev's titles. I also loved the quotes you shared about composers. I guess overall it is like watching football or a great quarterback. Skill, finesse, and sometimes brutal - Prokofiev won my vote.

  26. Played and taught Suite Bergamasque and Reverie many times. So refreshing to hear Prokofiev. Played in piano trio for 20 years - played Debussy Trio, but always wished for Prokofiev Trio (+ Bartok's Trio). Played only Prokofiev Sonata 4.

  27. Beautiful playing!!!! Very difficult choices!! Incredible!

  28. Liked selections in Round 2, especially the Prokofiev

  29. Noticing the audience (We were sitting in the back). So many people were nodding their heads or rocking/tapping a foot in time to the Prokofiev - Debussy was sweet but I felt myself nodding off.

  30. My vote would likely be different if I were listening to recorded music. The dynamism of "Live Prokofiev" won the day for me. Thank you!!

  31. A Messiaen/Prokofiev might be fun! Round 2 was the most difficult to decide, but my love for the Images sets won out.

  32. Enjoyed the concert very much, what a treat. Thank you for coming back to Indy.

  33. Neither composer have been favorites of mine but greatly enjoyed not only the performance but also the music. Extremely talented and skilled. Degreed piano major but switched afterwards to graduate. You blew me away.

  34. Voted Prokofiev: OK you changed my mind.

  35. I love both composers, but I feel the Prokofiev was performed more to my liking. Really apples and oranges, but Prokofiev projected more effectively for me. Style was right on!

  36. A wonderful program. Thanks for the education.

  37. Fantastic program and lovely event and setting! Hard to choose a favorite composer, loved them both.

  38. Prokofiev wrote the music and waited for you to come along. The composer is long gone but the music just came alive under your fingers.

  39. Debussy: Romantic and beautiful. Prokofiev: passion with force of nature.

  40. In Round 2 (from a non-musician) I see how Debussy is so enjoyable for a pianist, yet Prokofiev is a joy to the listener. Round 3 loved the technical aspects of the Prokofiev.

  41. Thrilling performance. Thank you for the grace with which you managed the impromptu mash-up.

  42. What a good way to think outside the box (recital hall)

  43. Schubert vs. Schumann - Bach vs. Bartok (there I would really have to think) Beethoven vs. Brahms. Glass vs. Reich. What a terrific pianist Chiu is!

  44. Incredible playing - Exciting!! Fantastic!! Did not know keys could be played that fast!

  45. Debussy's music was so beautiful, but there was a higher level of vibrancy is Prokofiev's pieces.

  46. Such a clever presentation! I learned so much! Boy, RU Talented! Loved it!

  47. Very hard to choose. Like asking which of your children do you love best. A little unfair to pit Debussy against Prokofiev. Terrific program!

  48. Round 1: Debussy's pieces bring out more shading. Round 2: More contrasts in Prokofiev's music than Debussy's. Round3. The sheer dynamic driving force of the Toccata has to win.

  49. Impressive Program!! 1 - very interesting to watch the use of all 3 pedals - both composers 2. Fantastic technique 3 - Beautiful tone change (Debussy) Prokofiev unbelievable!

  50. Chiu's performance was brilliant and his interpretation of Prokofiev's works was marvelous - such a good concert. Loved learning about both composers through playing the pieces "Back to back" - all the best to Frederic

  51. Debussy, too many 7th chords/contemporary tonality. Much rather prefer Baroque and Classical composers. (Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Vivaldi, Bach, etc) Good chords/harmony for jazz though. Sarcasms - atonal (ew :)) Great piano craft though! Prokofiev more like CONkofiev :P not fan of either. 

  52. Prokofiev and Debussy are two sides of the same coin. Both dependent on place, time, situation. Prokofiev evokes vision, Debussy evokes mood. Both brilliant. Prokofiev using thick layers of music - vibrant, loud, in your face - to show you a picture. Debussy whispers "Shut your eyes and imagine something beautiful." It's only a matter of preference!

  53. Debussy has been a favorite of mine for 65 years. The harmonies, the mysticism, how it reminds me of the Impressionist artists, etc. As a highs schooler, I played "La Plus que Lente" in a recital. Unfortunately, I haven't played piano in many years.

  54. Watching Chiu perform is a thrill. His comfort level with the audience is endearing. A true master of the instrument. Loved both!!!

  55. Prokofiev is fun but exhausting!

  56. I was in a Debussy mood but you are wonderful with Prokofiev. Loved the program.

  57. Dynamic presentation of two gifted composers. Magnificent job - I actually like both composers and had much difficulty voting.

  58. Impressive technique - Debussy was slightly better.

  59. I hadn't heard Prokofiev before, and I will definitely be checking out more of his work!

  60. Played in grade school only. Thank you for taking time to arrange this. I was very surprised at my preference. Beautiful playing!

  61. Energy, Drive in Prokofiev. Debussy more melodic, I like it when he mixes it up with melody and some percussive drive.

  62. Fred, impressive performance to educate us (attendees) these two wonderful composers' masterpieces (and variations) It is truly a great treat to my ears and heart. Thank you!

  63. I find it interesting that Debussy's pieces exemplify the necessity of silence in music. The reverse of this ballot mentions Debussy's belief that his pieces are "realist". I think his treatment of silence (emptiness)is what makes him a realist. Wonderful performance!

  64. Toccata was really cool!

  65. I really like your interactive and approachable style - it enhances the experience off the fantastic music for people of all levels (or not!) of musical background and education! Good approach for all to use during contest years to get more engagement over the year and perhaps even identify an audience favorite.

  66. Not fair to compare such different music!

  67. Now I am a "Listener" and absolutely loving this position - how fortunate I am to be here today to listen to your magnificent performance - Thank you!

  68. At midwinter I yearn to be outdoors. Debussy's music evokes dreams of nature I find very evocative and pleasant. Sunshine and soft showers and lush landscapes. Thank you!

  69. It was hard to pick because the pieces were very diverse. Overall, I liked Debussy because the variety of his pieces was unique and very enjoyable.