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In a way, I feel like Prokofiev uses his music to describe himself while Debussy describes nature.

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Amazing virtuosity. Very engaging format. Thank you for coming to Alaska!

In a way, I feel like Prokofiev uses his music to describe himself while Debussy describes nature.

Loved it! Wish my 8 year old grandson, who just started piano lessons, could see and hear this.

Very hard to choose. Fabulous performances. Bravo!

Chiu wins!

I am a llama…

Prokofiev because of the last piece.


Such talent!

Awesome concert.

Fascinating format for enjoying and learning more of both composers. I appreciate each more. Brilliant performance. Come back to Alaska.

Wow! Tremendous playing. Thank you.

I have to wonder what mood I would need to be in to seek out music by these composers. The percussive aspects are too jarring for me to truly enjoy. Appreciate … yes, but really enjoy…

R1 - loved the Merrymaking. R2 - Debussy, more like "Bell music" in comparison. R3 - loved the rain, R4 - Knew both, wonderful juxtaposition, jelly and football player.

I didn't choose an overall winner. They're just very different and each wonderful in their own way. The format was an interesting way to present the program.

Amazing glissando in Diabolic Suggestions!

Thank you so much! Please come back to Alaska!

So amazing! I loved this concert!

Very well played sir! Touched my heart!

I haven't previously listened to Prokofiev. Definitely enjoyed all the selections.

I've performed both Suite Bergamasque and Reverie, so I am biased toward Debussy. Excellent Performance. Bravo!

Great performance!

How his fingers so fluently move across the keys in Prokofiev's pieces is absolutely amazing, but Debussy's Reverie is positively beautiful.

The Prokofiev was so impressive, but to play a profoundly clear, subtle and mesmerizing Debussy was a true delight.

Incredible. Fantastic. Loved the pieces.

I love the Passepied. You can really hear well. Nice dynamics. Really good picks: Love the actions. Toccata is my favorite.

Great recital! Enjoyed it so much.

Fantastic!!! Thank you for coming to Alaska.

Loved the format

Loved this! Brilliant!

Stupendous! On fire!

Very well played and with an enjoyable twist - smack down!

I used the "red glass of wine" criteria!

Love your artistry! Very imaginative and your solid technique made your entire program so funto listen to. Great Performance!