Favorite Comments:

I can never adequately articulate how much your performance of Debussy's Suite Bergamasque will meant o me for th rest of my life. It was the first difficult work I ever attempted and holds a special place in my soul. This was the 1st time I had ever heard the piece live; this moment will resonate in my mind forever. Thank you. In particular, Clair de Lune made tears stream down my face. Without mercy, might I add

Now I "get" Prokofiev!

All Comments:

  1. Prokofiev is a favorite composer. However, piano alone makes it more of a tie

  2. Hard Choices

  3. Your performance and "Smackdown" idea was/is wonderful!

  4. Now I "get" Prokofiev! Thank you

  5. Both…and

  6. Two totally different pianists

  7. Fantastic job, thanks so much!

  8. Came in with Debussy on my mind. You converted me!

  9. Unbelievable, you are a master!

  10. A wonderful and interesting concert

  11. Difficult choice! Prokofiev made it, but only just - Thank you for the concert.

  12. I responded to Debussy because it is now Spring. If I had hear this in the fall, I would have chosen all Prokofiev. Cannot explain this rationally.

  13. I'm surprised at my own vote

  14. Somewhat unfair competition since they are not truly "contemporary" i.e. late 19th c mystical idealism vs. early 20th c passionate realism, moods that will appeal more or less depending on our inner condition at a moment in time.

  15. Debussy appealed to my femme side, Prokofiev masculine

  16. BRAVO!!! Please play here again. I've always loved Debussy , but was not as familiar with Prokofiev's piano works, that's why he won overall choice for today. Thank you.

  17. One could say that composer played 2nd in each round wins overall impression: Great French composer at the height of his power, edges out up-and-coming Russian genius

  18. I appreciate your skill. Thank you for your amazing speed on the keyboard. I don't like jazz and this [Debussy round 3] sounds like jazz

  19. I believe I may have voted on your performance of the music, because, while I am generally more inclined toward Debussy, there seems to be something in your Prokofiev interpretation that is most convincing and enthusiastic!

  20. Round 1 - so different. Difficult to compare. Soothing vs. Slamming! Preference depends on aspects. Overall find P more complex but D more pleasing to listen to.

  21. Very hard to choose. Both Debussy votes were a draw but I skewed to him by a hair. Great concert!

  22. Thank you. Well worth giving up the sun.

  23. I really liked the concert!

  24. Bravo! Thank you. Thank you. So much fun to hear you speak with us in such an easy-going manner. Very enjoyable. Engaging.

  25. Much enjoyed your playing and the Smackdown

  26. Beautiful! Thanks!

  27. Marvellous!

  28. Your great playing brought out the qualities of the modern piano - the harp-like effects and the percussion - so beautifully.

  29. This music is indescribable, but that is exactly what makes music so special. It allows us to connect with a part of ourselves that words can't reach.