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Prokofiev would make my blood pressure high!

Prokofiev showed the power a piano can have and Debussy showed the freedom.

Force, vigor, complexity, energy of Prokofiev. BUT only when wide awake, mid-day or night. In the morning, I would prefer waking up to Debussy.

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The choice was agonizing.

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Amazing performance!




Great Choices

I really like this - It's pretty good.

No favorite


Amazing performance and great idea!

It was amazing and very interesting!

It's a enjoyable concert! Like it :)

Prokofiev had really beautiful melodies - Debussy's pieces were amazing as well but I feel Prokofiev's was more memorable.

This concert was so fun and you obviously love Prokofiev and I almost felt bad for the piano because of how much you rock it!

After the masterclass, I enjoyed how you voiced things and brought out different things, because we talked about that a lot. Also, I think I sway more towards beautiful (soft) almost romantic, not always soft, melodies in general

Prokofiev has a lot of energy to it. It is unpredictable yet repetitive. There is a lot going on. You have to listen to them more than once to understand.

I have gained respect for both - Prokofiev has this turbulent energy and both express emotion, and a lot of it. Going through a whole spectrum. Prokofiev is kind of in your face - in a good way. While Debussy has this beautiful subtlety in the way e expresses all of these emotions.

The choice was agonizing.

Wonderful performance! IT's great to get the audience involved just as you did. Thanks!

I loved both composers - you made them come alive. An amazing concert!

Other smackdown matchups: S. Wolpe v g. Ligeti, Gershwin v Rachmaninoff

Round 1 - Debussy - Better/more interesting harmony and the motifs more musically pleasing and evolved. Round 2 - Better use of resonance of piano while remaining beautiful compositions (Debussy)  Round 3 - Prokofiev interesting and engaging - great use of force and dissonance.

Since I am a dreamer, Debussy suits me best, though parts of Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet suit me also

Don't make me choose - world would be less colorful and dynamic without either!

Debussy is my favorite composer, but my opinion tonight was swayed by the joy and personal preference of Mr. Frederic Chiu.

Debussy had a quieter sound. Prokofiev's speed and power were impressive. The influences of each were most clear in the 2nd round. Great show and explanations. Appreciate your time and talent. Thank you.

Such an innovative, unique concert. Loved it!

Prokofiev's melodies are bolder and stood out to me more. However, Debussy's calm, dream-like flowing music hit a fsoft spot in me and evoked emotions the more I listened.

I got lost in the music of Debussy and created stories in my head. While Prokofiev has style, intent and force, Debussy still wins in my book.

I can't really compare the two composers. Very different styles. More concerts like this!!!

Force, vigor, complexity, energy of Prokofiev, BUT only when wide awake mid-day or night. In the morning, I would prefer waking up to Debussy.

You are amazing. I love both Debussy and Prokofiev. Your playing gave me the chills.

I like Happy Music. (Prokofiev)

Prokofiev showed the power a piano can have and Debussy showed me the freedom. Loved it.

Prokofiev is so brash and all over the place. Meh (Debussy)

I liked BOTH just preferred Prokofiev. Very Good Job!!

Debussy brought out my emotions. Prokofiev was erratic and didn't bring out emotions but I could tell what emotions he was trying to convey.

Gorgeous performance. I actually really enjoyed it and will add the music to my play list. Very talented!!

Your speed s phenomenal. The Yamaha does you justice when you captured Debussy's prism of emotional colors. It was truly enlightening to witness Prokofiev's organized chaos.

Loved your performance! Great comparisons of pieces, absolutely amazing talent and a great, innovative program!

Brilliant. Fell in love with Prokofiev

My first piano concert, Great Presentation!

Mr. Chiu is fabulous, great performance.


Debussy is my favorite composer, you played his pieces beautiful. However, Prokofiev was played with such passion and power. Truly wonderful job./performance.

Great concept, virtuosity on the piano, and humbleness. The workshop/masterclass was a great experience too!

Thank you for a wonderful concert. You are amazing! I am a romantic and love France. So Debussy it is!

Wow! And Thank you!!

Thank you, very inspiring.

Wonderful performance. While the muscularity of Prokofiev is extraordinary, the beauty of Debussy wins it for me.

I Love It Man!


I'm a music student at New Paltz - what natural playing.

Performance was just breathtaking and Excellent. I really enjoyed it. I liked Debussy overall as you can see. Prokofiev would make my blood pressure high.


Superb performance.

Wonderful. Thank you!

It was a great concert, thank you :)

You are amazing! Thank you!

I also like Prokofiev but I have more taste in Debussy's work. I may also be a bit biased since he's always been a favoriate of mine.

Your introductions to each segment were helpful in understanding the music. Good teaching. Good humor.

I love Prokofiev. It sounds so nice.

Encaptivating, phenomenal memory!!! 1st Classical concert ever. Thank you, your love of music shows.