Selected Comments:

I am really tired today and I found Prokofiev to be overwhelming, but Debussy to be relaxing and enjoyable. Not sure how I would feel with more sleep!

Although I love Prokofiev, I am still a Debussy fan - he is just so romantic, and I’m NOT a girly-girl, but he fills that space for me.

Prokofiev gives me little choice, startles me into feeling. Debussy allows me to float along and gives more freedom to change “paths”.

What a lucky piano!

Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for stirring in me every emotion known to man.

All Comments:

You made a difficult piano sing!

Loved ALL pieces on the program! Great idea! (Thought process) which pieces would I be ready to hear again tomorrow (some pieces could wait a bit longer).

Which music would I want on a desert island? Love Prokofiev's music but like Debussy a bit more. Have to give the last round to Prokofiev, even though normally "spineless jellyfish" would trump "football player" LOL!

Thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the insight behind the music.

You play with such dedication and precision - beautiful.

I enjoyed the first round pieces as you can see - I scribbled and being picky and particular… oops! However, all the pieces were wonderfully played and two that stand out for my mind tonight is "Clair de Lune" and "2 Fugitive Vision." Lastly, the piece played "Toccata" was intense and complex. It felt as if Prokofiev was very strong in expressing his emotions. Bravo and thank you for the beautiful performances.

Reverie tells a story of a life not fully lived, self discovery and actualization along the way, but always with nostalgic sadness. Jelly fish. Toccata = embodiment of the Danish expression "To keep one's tongue straight in one's mouth"

I am really tired today and I found Prokofiev to be overwhelming, but Debussy to be relaxing and enjoyable. Not sure how I would feel with more sleep!

What a great way to present the music and educate your audience while entertaining! I voted based on how well the composer achieve what they set out to do - could I actually hear (see, clearly) who is Friar Laurence the character or Sarcasm. I'd like to see you compose a second sarcasm and see how it fares against Prokofiev's

I've never heard Suite Bergamasque or Reverie live by  professional, always students - so this was quite the treat! I grew up playing Debussy and have loved his music since I was 12. But I fell in love with Prokofiev when I learned the 2nd piano sonata for my B Mus grad recital. Overall Prokofiev wins for the sarcasm and humour and insane difficulty that made me laugh - you blew the Toccata out of the water!! Bravo!

Although you play Debussy very well, I feel your style lends itself more to Prokofiev which probably influenced my decision!

Round 1: Edgy - would attract young people to classics. Round 2: Contemporary music, could be used to promote kids movies, the super heroes i.e. Spiderman/Superman. Round 3: Appeals to modern day audiences, video games, lively - on your toes, plus the finger work was fantastic.

Debussy has an ethereal quality, so fluid and melodic

Tonight (mood?) I preferred the "Drama" of Prokofiev. His music kept my rapt attention

Thank you for having this Fantastic idea of putting 2 amazing composers against each other. As a piano teacher (who brought 4 of her students and their parents) I found your explanations and your sense of humour to be wonderful. My students enjoyed watching you perform and take in your technique. They were very appreciative. Although I love Prokofiev, I am still a Debussy fan - he is just so romantic - and I'm not a girly-girl, but he fills that space for me.

Your piano skills are awesome! That's all!

I prefer smooth, soothing music that is why I like Debussy better although I picked Prokofiev on Round 1 because the piece you played is very entertaining/awakening!

Do this again, a fun delightful mid-week break. My choice is based on love. I love drama in music. Debussy makes me dream. Prokofiev's work makes my heart soar. Excellent evening, sorry about the mess I was doing it in the dark.

Both are great composers with beautiful music. Prokofiev's music is much more complex and deserves my votes. Well done!

Excellent performance. Fantastic playing. Impressive. Thoroughly enjoyed

Prokofiev - too serious with lots of aggressivity, built up.I enjoy the melodious flow of Debussy because it was more "relaxin" where Prokofiev was more rhythmic and loud. After a day with my two toddlers, I enjoyed Debussy because it was mostly calming.

Prokofiev has always been a personal favorite of mine. I like the strength and power in the music, and I commend you, because he is not easy to play.

I felt Prokofiev used more dissonance which I tend to avoid.

You rock! And the music does justice to you!

I like that Prokofiev gives me little choice, but startles me into feeling, whereas Debussy allows me to float along and gives more freedom to change "paths". I feel Prokofiev's own "voice" more than Debussy's. Prokofiev "leads" me whereas Debussy "suggests". I like the power in Prokofiev - I have little time for pictures in my mind - only feeling, and by this all my sensations are led into the present.

I really enjoyed it, thank you so much. You really have lots of talent.

In Round 2 I absolutely loved "Diabolic Suggestions".

Prokofiev is more energetic, faster. Debussy is too nostalgic and depressing.

Football players certainly can play piano! Spineless jellyfish are fantastic too.!

Enjoyed the pianist's presentation immensely!

I like the jellyfish over football player

Impressed with Mr. Chiu's skill and artistry. Although I must admit neither Debussy nor Prokofiev are favorites of mine - tonight Prokofiev's energy rang a bell.

Debussy for me is more melodic and more well known than Prokofiev. People may vote for Prokofiev because it seems more challenging to play. Thank you Mr. Chiu. You are fantastic.

Prokofiev's music sounds angry! I find it anxiety-provoking. Prefer Debussy's more relaxing sounds and melodies. Amazing piano-playing, on Frederic Chiu's part! Thank you! Fantastic Talent!

Round 1 was a difficult choice! The emotions evoked were so different! My choice was based on the visual impressions.

I based my choices on the technicality of the playing and it seemed Prokofiev was the better of the two. Very wonderful playing. Thank you!

If you're getting younger audiences Prokofiev might be pulling ahead. Kids always love a rebel. Also, you are super cool and informative - thank you! You are a joy to listen to.

Thank you for coming to Windsor and showcasing these composers. Excellent arrangement of Merrymaking. Good balance/variation in program. The expertise, maturity and passion is very palpable in your performance.

Prokofiev, in my amateur opinion, plays in a more rhythmic manner and pattern-oriented. Debussy, in my opinion, is not as predictable in patterns - more free and open ended style and very relaxing (melodic style)

It was really! Prokofiev won in my opinion.

A clever way of presenting diverse works. Extraordinary technique during the playing. Manageable pieces of information about the works.

Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for stirring in me every emotion known to man.

My decision was based on the emotion you created in each round.

The music of Prokofiev was all very similar, not much variety, unlike Debussy.

Beautifully chosen and performed.

You played beautifully!

I generally prefer pretty, pleasant sounding classical.

What a lucky piano

Mood would be a factor - I could, however, listen to Debussy anytime. Prokofiev would be too intense much of the time.