Classical Smackdown

Frederic Chiu’s

Classical Smackdown #2

Bach v. Glass

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Youngest Voter Comments

In my opinion Bach had less funk, change, rhythm that I like, but Glass has my type.” [10 years old]

Most Intriguing Comments

“Bach is more interesting musically. Glass' repetition is like a leaky faucet. His music is an assault to the senses.”

“First impression of Glass - Too repetitive.

First impression of Glass - Too repetitive.

But his work definitely grew on me.”

“Why do you keep banging the same themes on the piano over and over, Mr. Glass? Because it sounds so good when I stop.”

Most Radical Conversions

Heard Glass for 1st and only time at the Houston Grand Opera World Premiere of Akhenaton - I hated it and it prejudiced my thinking of Philip Glass - Really surprised how much I enjoyed Glass tonight! Brilliant World Premiere!!”

Nicest Compliments!

"Found Glass boring - until today. Interesting to find such similarities of structure."

Most Detailed Comments

“Round 1: I wanted less notes on the Bach and more notes on the Glass. But Glass’ sensibility is more to my heart - a main theme without clutter. Round 2: Very tough choice. Both showed way more oomph, which I loved. The 2nd Glass piece really picked up. Round 3: Loved both. The Glass was like raindrops. Thanks for this concert. I lost my dad a few weeks ago - he was a musician and composer, albeit an unknown one, his whole life. I’m sad I can’t talk to him about the show - I think he would have really dug it. However, listening to the last Glass piece helped me feel a lot more at peace about his passing, more of an acceptance. A question on the methodology: I can’t help but feel that who’s played last has an influence on the voting, like an argument at a trial - the last lawyer who speaks has a little more sway because it’s fresher in the mind. Again, thanks. What a fun show and exercise.”