Comments - “Hall of Fame”


In close to 100 concerts, over 90% of audience members have filled out a ballot, and we’ve received over 4000 comments, from first-time concert goers to dilettantes who send in multiple pages of analysis! Below are some of the favorites.

About the Program/Concept

“A sensory delight!! Mr. Chiu will overwhelm all your senses.”

“What an incredible way to involve the audience and pique their interest!”

My first time to hear you Live. Wonderful experience! Your playing is gorgeous. Your warm, imaginative presentation and sense of humor are an added bonus. Bravo!”

Young Geniuses

”We loved your commentaries to give context to the music and introduce the composers. Really informative. Also LOVE the interactive piece with voting and sharing of results - what a great idea!”

Youngest Voter Comments

Heart and Soul

“I want to play that music at age 10. I think Prokofiev can get a little wild.” [8 year old]

“I love the pyanows!” [6 year old]

Time Travelers

“In my opinion Bach had less funk, change, rhythm that I like, but Glass has my type.” [10 years old]

Oldest Voter Comments

Heart and Soul

“Thank you for the Education! You are AWESOME! Appreciated the music more based on your opening remarks! Wonderful.” [99 year old]

Time Travelers

I want to drink Krug Grande Cuvee with Mad Rush!” [88 year old]

Most Intriguing Comments

Heart and Soul

“Apples vs. Oranges. Cats vs. Dogs. Birds vs. Butterflies. Van Gogh vs. Monet. Diamonds vs. Emeralds. Sex vs. Money.”

Time Travelers

“First impression of Glass - Too repetitive.

First impression of Glass - Too repetitive.

But his work definitely grew on me.”

“Why do you keep banging the same themes on the piano over and over, Mr. Glass? Because it sounds so good when I stop.”

Most Radical Conversions

Heart and Soul

“Youzer! My mother used to forbid me to bang on the piano. She didn’t know Prokofiev. While Debussy is perfect for a full moon over Mohonk, I am voting for Prokofiev because it takes courage to play him at Mohonk. It takes courage to listen to Prokofiev. And it takes courage to grow “new ears” to challenge my mother’s early training.”

“So fascinating: I truly came into this expecting to vote Prokofiev for every round. Well-done! (voted 3 out of 4 rounds Debussy)”

"Intermission: So far, Prokofiev makes me anxious. END: I'm surprised at my choice but with that last piece, Prokofiev won the night. (voted 2 out of 4 Prokofiev, Final vote Prokofiev)"

“Last year I voted for Debussy hands down - what does this say? Perhaps I've changed - they certainly haven't!”

“Last year I voted for Debussy. This year I am a convert to Prokofiev.”

“Somewhere along the way I learned jellyfish are beautiful.”

Time Travelers

“Heard Glass for 1st and only time at the Houston Grand Opera World Premiere of Akhenaton - I hated it and it prejudiced my thinking of Philip Glass - Really surprised how much I enjoyed Glass tonight! Brilliant World Premiere!!”

"Found Glass boring - until today. Interesting to find such similarities of structure."