Classical Smackdown

Frederic Chiu’s
Classical Smackdown #1
Debussy v. Prokofiev

Can you find YOUR comment?!

On Composers:

  1. Prokofiev's Montagues and Capulets, earth and red energy chakra - pulled back to earth for Debussy's violet gold - ephemeral energy crown chakra. Prokofiev Diabolic Suggestions, scary and sensual, a lot of orange/violet/red - Debussy Cloches - nice flowing green/blue, Jardins, felt the energy pulling down but more room/refreshing, Debussy Reverie intertwining blue/violet/orange, great flow - Prokofiev Toccata, powerful great impact, can relate on a busy day, full of yellow/red energy

  2. Diabolic Suggestions created a physical reaction like a hot flash, Cloches a travers les feuilles caused a chill. I liked parts of Debussy but not everything. Overall I thought Prokofiev was so unique. Some of my choice may have to do with my mood today.

  3. Prokofiev resonated more emotionally with me. Loved Diabolic Suggestions in Round 2. So emotional.

  4. Please add me to mailing list. Liked Debussy for subtleties, nice jazz. Liked emotion like Coltrane. Felt more tension with Prokofiev - dramatic like Hitchcock - loved it too.

  5. Just love Debussy, but appreciate both.

  6. Debussy: like painting the play of light on nature. Frederic, you inspired me. I'm dusting off my old keyboard.

  7. Like Prokofiev for his pure guts, though Debussy's music is more easily enjoyed. I don't know how anyone could play Prokofiev - unbelievable!

  8. They were all good!

  9. Prokofiev Round 1 was no contest! So much more compelling - at least to me. Loved both in Round 2 but Jardins sous la pluie was awesome. Round 3 Prokofiev more fun, Debussy easy to listen

  10. Prokofiev's virtuosity is more lively.

  11. Fabulous! Never done anything like this before. I loved the performance of the Prokofiev pieces, but I liked the way Debussy made me feel.

  12. I loved both of them but I love the "Romance" of Debussy. Prokofiev has wildness and carnival aspect. I think I'd get tired of a constant Debussy program. D= speaks to my soul. P=speaks to my body

  13. Loved the last Prokofiev! But I'm an impressionist lover and Debussy stole my heart!

  14. Round 1 - Think that I chose Debussy because of time of day - Evening - moe soothing. Loved the Montague and Capulet. You really are fabulous.

  15. Debussy is more "beautiful" but is too soft for me. Prokofiev has fire!

  16. I like Debussy's music more although I find Prokofiev's music more interesting.

  17. Prefer harmonics of Debussy, but love the power and energy that Chiu imbued into Prokofiev's pieces. None of the Debussy involved the pianist's entire body the way Prokofiev's pieces did.

  18. Loved it! Prokofiev won all rounds. And I LOVE Debussy!!

  19. I've been surprised recently about how some composers lived during the same time frame - things I knew but also things that didn't quite sink in. Debussy and Prokofiev, I didn't even consider. Anyhow, you are an absolute inspiration all around!

  20. Prokofiev rules!

  21. Bravo! Amazing! So, 3 of my favorite Prokofiev pieces (which I circled). Debussy had no chance!

  22. My son is only a beginning learner of piano, so he doesn't know much about this music. He just made his choice from his personal feeling. Maybe more active one so are his favorites

  23. The two fugitive visions are my favorite in the whole suite.

  24. #1 Debussy feels like handsome faithful boyfriend, Prokofiev is the dashing moody pensive rebel bad boy I'm secretly in love with. #2 after the storm the fairies and sprites dance.

  25. I'm not majored in piano, and I know next to nothing about classical music, but it turned out that I'm a fan of Debussy! Love the beautiful melody. But, also, I loved the power and energy of Prokofiev's music.

  26. Tough choices! Round 2 in particular was a near thing. Might be I was tipped toward the Debussy because I'm thinking a lot about how to evolve the inner lives of some fictional characters at the moment. But who knows. Anyway - well chosen, well played, what fun! Thanks. I'm going to listen to more music by both of them.

  27. You're amazing.

  28. Good stuff, Fred!

  29. I love the obscurity of Debussy's music.

  30. Absolutely Brilliant! I hope I can come close to being as good as you one day. I'm liking Debussy a lot, but also love Prokofiev… I'm sorry, but I don't think you can go wrong with Debussy. So much color. Love them both, but Debussy wins for me.

  31. Wonderful! Fugitive Visions brought back memories of my Senior Recital long ago. Debussy has always been my fav. The Cathedral was also part of my Sr recital. Interesting smackdown. Loved it!

  32. First of all, it was amazing! Round 4. Reverie - sounds a bit like Prokofiev. However, it was awesome!

  33. You like Prokofiev more, I think. I like Round 2 Debussy.

  34. Prokofiev and Debussy is definitely a tough one

  35. I very earnestly enjoyed L'isle joyeuse. It helped my decision for Debussy.

  36. I would never have guessed I would vote this way! I loved your concert so much. Thank you very much for coming and for being such a joy to work with.

  37. This was an almost impossible choice. I really enjoyed all the pieces. Thank you so much for performing tonight!

  38. I am violin major - long long time ago! Your concert was most beautiful; renewed my love of music. Thank you - bless you.

  39. I was transported by your paintings of sound - back in time and propelled into the future. Thank you, Frederic.

  40. Thoroughly enjoyed the program. I prefer Prokofiev because of the energy and crescendos. It's the percussion for me.

  41. Great performance - To my humble opinion the Debussy is more melodic and to my taste. Both were very nice!!

  42. Not as one-sided as appears above. Loved them both! Good way to keep audience involved.

  43. Ho! Two sides to my personality!

  44. Have you heard Ella Fitzgerald sing jazz arrangement (of Reverie)?

  45. Debussy: felt wrapped up in the music. Prokofiev: mentally challenging; felt like watching a fine athlete

  46. Biased voter - I LOVE Debussy (esp. La Mer) but the harder and more important question is, who would be a better lover?

  47. Fantastic concert! Hard to choose - guess I was in a Prokofiev mood today!

  48. Prokofiev's passionate excitement beats Debussy's beauty and calm. Both were presented with exquisite talent. Thank you for a great idea.

  49. Prokofiev might have won if you could have added a saxophone.

  50. I am very impressed with Mr. Chiu's talent and passion for music. He rides the piano with the graceful and skilled horsemanship of a rider - one with his equine beat - traversing field and meadow, forest, range and rocky ridge. A beautiful symbiosis! Prokofiev brings this imagery out!

  51. My first time at a smackdown! Close calls all the way through. A great concept for a concert.

  52. Percussiveness of much of the Prokofiev work was brought home in Chiu's renderings. I found it compelling. Chiu succeeded in making one's choice in each round a most difficult one! Wonderful program. Thank you for a superb afternoon of music!!!

  53. Round 1 was the toughest. I liked both! Lovely performance.

  54. Most difficult decision was 4 - because so different in color. For Round 1 I think familiarity with Kije and thinking of orchestral colors would have made the difference.

  55. Love your playing! I often find Debussy dull but your beautiful playing changes that. Prokofiev is always fun and you add HUGE excitement and amazing speed. In Kije, your extra embellishments were a huge bonus, too.

  56. Wow. Round 3 was hardest to decide and now I would change it, because the (Debussy) made the Prokofiev just DISAPPEAR and I think I overcorrected for potential bias due to program order.

  57. Debussy - still quite traditionally tension. Prokofiev - much more dissonant, more triadic. Fantastic performance! Bravo.

  58. Hate to miss the other rounds. Round 1 wonderful - but so much more going on in Prokofiev

  59. It is very difficult to compare these two. They each have their own style.

  60. Tough choice - so different. Beautiful playing made for a wonderful afternoon - thanks! If I were relaxing at home, Debussy - but I'd love to see Prokofiev in concert!

  61. Have loved Debussy all my life!

  62. Debussy is just more beautiful!

  63. Difficult to choose! I did learn I like more of Prokofiev than I realized.

  64. Loved Debussy's subtlety but Prokofiev's intensity and pianistic virtuosity blew me away!

  65. I liked Prokofiev as well, but Debussy better

  66. Round 3 was tough and I'm not certain about my choice. You are magnificent!

  67. Wonderful performance overall. My mood favored Debussy today, though.

  68. Round 2 and 3 were especially difficult. No one can play Prokofiev like you. Ever.

  69. Wonderful talent! The final Debussy would have sent me out with a wonderful feeling!

  70. Loved the concept of the Smackdown. Find Debussy more subtle and in fact comfortable. Find Prokofiev too demanding and harsh. Must be fun to play though!

  71. I understood Prokofiev for the first time. What a blast of creative energy.

  72. As a classically trained singer I have sung more French art song repertoire, albeit more Faure, Hahn and Ravel than Debussy - and have sung no Prokofiev - so I was surprised at my own choice. These are two of my all-time favorite composers to begin with, however.

  73. I appreciate introduction to music I have not experienced with these composers. However they are too complicated for me to enjoy. Perhaps a 2nd time would be helpful in changing my mind, but I don't feel the need!

  74. I love Debussy's songs, but for these piano selections it's Prokofiev! What a novel idea - and so enjoyable.

  75. Before I came tonight, I wondered how I could ever compare Prokofiev (one of my favorites) with Debussy. But I gave it a try, with an open mind. Prokofiev won.

  76. Round 2 was close. Thank you so  much for your thrilling performance this evening

  77. Round 1 - Prokofiev definitely more dynamic/strong impression, but Debussy just seemed to flow better. However Toccata takes the cake! Performance of Toccata convinces me overall! Outstanding Performance of Opus 11!!!

  78. I love the beautiful melodies of Debussy, but the percussive Prokofiev was fantastic! It was quite a treat to watch you play the last piece

  79. You gave me a new appreciation of Prokofiev!

  80. Almost impossible to describe. The effect Prokofiev has on me has complicated my thoughts on how much I love Debussy.

  81. Didn't really know Prokofiev but loved it. Debussy has always been a favorite so I was surprised (blown away!) by the result.

  82. The two styles of music contrast greatly in general. I general I like adagio type music. In your concert, each master was represented in their own style. However, I would have enjoyed hearing Spartacas

  83. Debussy pieces phrase were defined more than Prokofiev, able to follow the expression. Debussy piece has a beginning and an end. Prokofiev is very progressive and tense. Moving like a tornado, very emotional but controlled

  84. Opened my eyes to Prokofiev

  85. Debussy made me more emotional (especially the slower pieces) but Prokofiev was more dramatic. Close choice! The Montagues and the Capulets was the tie-breaker in Prokofiev's favor.

  86. Loved the tempo changes at the end of the Toccata!

  87. Excellent! My favorites Clair de Lune, 2 Fugitive Visions, Jardins… and especially Reverie and Toccata Opus 11. I love Debussy's Impressionism as I love impressionists artists - my favorite art. I also love Mozart too. Do you play him much?

  88. Amazing! It was a difficult choice. I think if I were in a more romantic mood, I would choose Debussy, but tonight Prokofiev's intensity really struck me. Thanks!

  89. Abstained

  90. Fantastic! Especially performance of Toccata Opus 11 (but I still love Debussy best)

  91. Great job! I can get lost in Debussy. Prokofiev demands you listen, demands you pay attention.

  92. Humans are complex beings and full of a variety of emotions, which are expressed and elicited by music.

  93. I'm surprised. I really thought Debussy was going to win

  94. My all-time favorite is Prokofiev Adagio from Spartacus and I would have loved to hear it live. But Mr Chiu is absolutely fantastic, and I loved the concert

  95. Prokofiev is tough piano, just enjoyed the Debussy selections better.

  96. Depends on my mood - both were awesome

  97. I was torn with each selection by having to decide between the at-times spiritual effect of the piece and the entertainment of the manic activity on the keyboard! One should not have to choose!

  98. Although Debussy's works are exceedingly beautiful, Prokofiev is undoubtedly my choice. His pieces are thrilling and on-edge, which is my personal taste in music.

  99. I think it's safe to say Prokofiev has won my heart… and NOT just for tonight! Fantastique!

  100. As not only a musician but also a dancer, I found myself choreographing dances in my head as I listened to the starred songs above. Wonderfully moving performance! (Fugitive Visions, Diabolic Suggestions, Reverie)

  101. Prokofiev - energy/not predictable/frantic. Debussy - connected

  102. #1 D - played it, so P-fun, new, punch #2 P-impressive, super hard  d-complex and colorful sounds, rich  #3 D-can hear D listening and composing P-percussive, power  #4 D-needed a better selection  P-virtuosic and you are!

  103. Love this idea for a show! Amazing Job! I went in loving Debussy, but came out liking Prokofiev a lot!

  104. Wonderful choices. I liked them both!! They are both very different!

  105. I like Debussy very much, but the pieces you chose for Prokofiev were much more exciting.

  106. Cloches and Diabolic Suggestions are fabulous!

  107. Really enjoyed the round 3 Prokofiev piece

  108. Sorry I do romanticize Russia. Prokofiev had to win.

  109. Debussy was very expressive, but not enough blending was happening. Prokofiev was clean and moving, very strong and percussive. I enjoyed it! Wonderful program, funny and interesting.

  110. Have you experimented with switching order to see if that affects results?

  111. A very tough choice. All wonderful pieces.

  112. Loved the gorgeous tone/color contrasts in the Debussy! Your technique in Prokofiev, especially, is stunning!

  113. So hard to pick favorites from among these gems - loved each piece!!! Great idea, great execution.

  114. Both are very good, Ok both composers are great.

  115. I enjoyed the boldness of Prokofiev. Enjoyed the melody of Debussy.

  116. I'm more amazed, surprised at the similarities rather than the (well-known) differences - who knew?

  117. When I hear these works on a CD I thought they were just so much noise - hearing you perform them live I came to appreciate the complexity and beauty of them - thank you. Maybe next time I will be able to choose!

  118. Atonal Prokofiev - 3 pieces from R&J, dissonant and not in key - harsh (nationalistic). I am in a relaxed mood, affects what music I like.

  119. Boo! I wanted to vote for Reverie as I have played it and love it, but Toccata's power won my heart!!!

  120. Debussy - music for my imagination; Prokofiev - More controlling, like music dictating a silent movie, very compelling but I vote for freedom

  121. Debussy is very flowery. Like Monet for piano. Thank you!!

  122. Found Prokofiev too motoric, aggressive, too wild. Debussy however, can be too flowery, melodramatic, 1930s film soundtrack

  123. I expected to go 3 for 3 Debussy, but the Propulsiveness of Prokofiev won me over - introspection and reflection are important, but you can't live without a heartbeat. Thank you for this very engaging concert and wonderful performance!

  124. I liked Prokofiev's fire and passion. Debussy in comparison was rather effete. Interesting by himself but suffers in comparison.

  125. I was surprised that I voted for Prokofiev on Round 2 and Round 3. Thought I was a Debussy fan but Prokofiev is very interesting when watching you play. Thanks for the enlightenment - what a great pianist! Incredible!

  126. I'm an 8%er (voting a tie) - so glad we have learned more about both extraordinary composers. One is Heaven. One is Earth. We need both!!

  127. Last year it was Prokofiev for me - perhaps I'm becoming a spineless jellyfish? Or, more honestly - I am in a dreamlike mood tonight

  128. Loved the R&J - particularly Montague and Capulets. Yes, humor! I have to say, I never really appreciated Prokofiev until this concert. I expected to like the Debussy best; I've played it all my life (I'm a pianist) - but in your hands, Prokofiev wins. I thought Prokofiev was dry. You made it liquid. I am a convert! I didn't know there were nuances in Prokofiev.

  129. My presumption is that most males like Prokofiev over Debussy. Please get back to me on this observation. Unfair to pick Clair de Lune for Debussy.

  130. On this particular evening, in this venue and setting, the Debussy selections resonated more than the Prokofiev. Perhaps on a Tuesday evening in November at Carnegie Hall, Prokofiev might have edged out Debussy. Thank you for a lovely recital.

  131. Round 1) very close, but because of Clair de Lune, I award it to Debussy. Round 2 dedicated to Debussy, more melodic and easy to listen to. Round 3, Toccata just overwhelmed Reverie. Overall I would rather attend a Debussy concert. In any case, the real winner was the Mohonk audience which had the pleasure of your masterful performance.

  132. So different. One is like a very comfortable shoe, perfect when one desires melody and nature. The other is like a high powered sports car - perhaps not comfortable, but a challenge and a thrill

  133. The more melodic style of Debussy more pleasing to my ear. In addition, my daughter played reverie at a recital when I was 15, and I still request she play it for me when she comes home to visit. I love that piece. You played it just as beautifully. Enjoyed the program. Thank you.

  134. The music of Debussy is more soothing - Prokofiev is frenetic - almost manic

  135. The power of Prokofiev in Round 2 - took me to another realm

  136. Too much angst Prokofiev, loved the colors of Debussy. Selections wonderful and contrasting. Liked the brief bios, what were comparisons with age and education

  137. Wow- you are awesome, thank you. Debussy pulls at your heartstring. Prokofiev keeps you on the edge

  138. Your comments about Debussy using the notes as paint, synthesizing with pedals, etc. before the advent of electronic synthesizers was very illuminating. It provided excellent perspective before Round 2, during which I expected to vote Prokofiev and instead went Debussy

  139. Appreciate this great opportunity to hear Mr Chiu at long last! I am 75 yrs old, such an exciting pianist!

  140. Liked Clair de Lune, your beautiful version, but too familiar a piece. Love the moods contrasting biting humor and impressionistic.

  141. Your Prokofiev is so clean and audible in all the layers and exciting with so many contrasts (in both composers). You are my favorite pianist!

  142. Great job!

  143. I liked them both, and all selections.

  144. I love all of them!!

  145. More exciting for Frederic to play Prokofiev

  146. Pro-caffeine-iev! To play Toccata!

  147. Prokofiev more colorful

  148. The toccata is a more remarkable piece than Reverie, however Debussy orchestrates for piano better.

  149. The way a mother can't choose between children, how can you choose between P&D?

  150. They both win! And so do you!

  151. Totally appreciate Prokofiev and the skill it takes to play!

  152. You're amazing! Thank you!

  153. Troika evoked music from the chases in the silent movies, then even the Bugs Bunny cartoons!

  154. Thank you for opening our ears and our minds to listen to Prokofiev; it seemed as though there were 3 hands in Round 2. But I liked the touch of humor at the conclusion of L'isle Joyeuse. Debussy Cloches brought out such a sense of yearning for something - while those plants were sure to grow with the rainfall in the garden - they'd better grow! Prokofiev Sarcasm - percussion for sure. The romantic Fugitive Visions absolutely lovely; sounds that relax, then stimulate the senses. Diabolic - just that!

  155. Debussy definitely my choice - enjoy listening, relaxing, sometimes dreamlike. Whereas Prokofiev seems bombastic. However, there is an excitement to his music - more so than Debussy.

  156. I select Debussy - I'm visually impaired but I see color. I'm also thinking of Monet, Manet etc.

  157. This was a first! Fun! Innovative! How the music is to be used - for a Sunday afternoon = Debussy. Prokofiev = makes one stand tall and pay attention! Amazing music!

  158. Debussy is an old friend and I am very comfortable with him! Prokofiev is always fresh and new and exciting every time! Today is a Prokofiev day! Thank you! Thank you!

  159. Prokofiev: heavy, jarring, sometimes fun - but not where I am today. Debussy: washes over me, light and bright, ethereal, meditative - fits my soul today. Goes well with the Tiffany window!

  160. Prokofiev creates finger fatigue. Debussy's melodies create serenity.

  161. You succeeded in making it very difficult. I find Debussy touches me more but I like the power of Prokofiev.

  162. Choosing between a Debussy and a Prokofiev composition would be like choosing between a violet and a dandelion. I refuse. I love your playing of both.

  163. Debussy provides solace, but Prokofiev makes me smile. So hard to choose between them. My decision would be different on a different day.

  164. I think in Round 1 Prokofiev lost by not having the music in his own hand - not that your arrangement isn't excellent - it is. Overall, I go with Prokofiev because I have a predilection for a little bite in my music. (3rd concerto early favorite of mine).

  165. Debussy more melodic soothes my troubles, Prokofiev challenges my soul and brings up my unresolved issues.

  166. I think Prokofiev would be a much more interesting dinner guest!

  167. #1 Prokofiev was stunning but I prefer the Less is more clarity and almost soulful notes of Debussy. #2 Prokofiev too thunderous, complicated, the sonorous rising chords of rolling beauty in Debussy wins out. #3 Prokofiev to precisely define 3 such disparate emotional ideas and he does it magnificently. #4 Debussy Reverie because I am a romantic and can live with it more, but P's #4 was fantastic!

  168. Both magnificent composers with their musical tonics to sustain their audiences throughout the day. Prokofiev with his AM alarm awaking the deepest slumberer, hitting the floor running and Debussy with his early afternoon tonic stifling that yawn, keeping one focused and lulling one to a deep sleep.

  169. Incredible match of Cloches and Reverie with the stained glass window in the background.

  170. Surprised by Prokofiev - The Debussy demonstrated superb technique.

  171. I may have enjoyed the Debussy more listening to it at home…but your virtuosity was so breathtaking in the Prokofiev that he got the edge.

  172. My mood today needed solace, lightness, melody and peace. Debussy provided those today.

  173. I can't really choose - mainly because much of the music is unfamiliar to me. I would have to hear it many more times to decide.

  174. Incredible! Outstanding! I have a new appreciation for Debussy. Your words made me feel as if I just attended a college course and learned a great deal! What an experience! Loved sitting in the first row!

  175. Wonderful concert! I love the idea of the Smackdown - made it fun and made me listen more carefully, but with two of my favorite composers, it was so hard to decide! In the end, I realized that Prokofiev was the more challenging, but Debussy carried me away with the beating of the music.

  176. Prokofiev had me smiling

  177. Debussy is marvelously magnetic in the way he draws lullaby - like melodies. It is a peaceful escape, a musical reincarnation. Prokofiev, however, delivers a feisty and provocative spirited festival in his pieces.

  178. I really like the way you play Prokofiev's pieces. I don’t like the hard style before, but your performance somehow made me enjoy it. I love Debussy and at first I was sure that he would win! But you really changed my mind.

  179. It was a hard choice between lush and exciting. Each composer's styles speak to me in different ways. My ancestors were both French and Slavic so the threads of the music sound deep within me.

  180. After my daughter played Debussy's Sunken Cathedral which made me cry -- I am just taken in by the emotion of his work.

  181. Debussy: c'est magnifique! Prokofiev: c'est virtuosique! C'est fantastique!

  182. Debussy was more muscular, not as pretty as visual. But a muscular jellyfish is still a jellyfish, Prokofiev's driving beat got me.

  183. I prefer the soothing sound of Debussy. Thank you for your effort. You make it sound effortless.

  184. All great. Prokofiev Sonata #3 was especially pleasing.

  185. All were wonderful. I don't know why, but Diabolic Suggestions made me smile.

  186. How appropriate that you describe so much of the music in visual / color terms as you play it under the Tiffany window!!

  187. Perfect combination of composers. They complement one another like wine and cheese.

  188. Both composers are excellent as is today's pianist

  189. I feel like I was placed in some reincarnate 20th century Clash of the Titans: you have Debussy (the silent assassin) with his sly fox-like moves and poisoned arrows battling it out against Prokofiev (Goliath-esque) who's whipping boulders through the air while simultaneously laughing hysterically. The winner is left undetermined. P.S your soul patch / goatee is super snazzy.

  190. I couldn't decide so I just chose one!

  191. Round 2 Debussy dreamy - I could picture a woman with a flowing gown with a veil flowing in a gentile breeze in a heaven-like place. I liked the format. Something different. Kept my interest.

  192. My choice defied my expectations. The range of emotion in the Debussy piece was most enjoyable + his music harmonized nicely with the Tiffany stained glass backdrop at the Church.

  193. I've heard that pianist's fingers can leave their hands but never believed it until Prokofiev Toccata. Wonderful.

  194. OK - Debussy seems so much more adultish, and sophisticated, but I can’t help tapping my feet and smiling with the entertaining in-your-face Prokofiev!

  195. GREAT Program! Both composers styles are so musically demonstrated, hard to choose. I know ANDY RUSSO has coached with him - Loves color and so do I. Thank you for sharing!

  196. Love Debussy's lyric beauty. He paints a lovely landscape of sound - but the passion and conflict of Prokofiev reaches into the depths of the musical soul-…

  197. Very Very difficult to choose. You made it difficult! Fantastic. Bravo Proko!

  198. Last two pieces there seemed to be no comparison - definitely a contrast.

  199. Imaginative Expressive Entertaining Awesome.

  200. Wow! Thank you, Debussy, Prokofiev and Chiu!

  201. The pieces chosen are those that sooth my soul and list my spirit. Not that I loved Prokofiev less, but that I loved Debussy more.

  202. Kije - more emotionally involved because it's your arrangement? Round 2 - a very virile L'isle. Round 3: Cloches lots of wonderful textures layered beautifully, Sarcasm - great legato lines within the density. Right now the Prokofiev seems to be the winner - the performer seems to be more at one with Prokofiev.

  203. Prokofiev Rally!

  204. 1. The Prokofiev was amazing, but Suite Bergamasque is close to my heart. 2. Such passion and power in the Sonata but then the bigger and bigger joyfulness in Debussy - a tie! 3. I love how evocative Debussy can be - lovely pictures - but Prokofiev, despite the trance in the middle was intellectually stimulating and ends with such excitement - over the top! 4. I played Reverie over and over after my favorite dog died - still makes me think of him and get teary - sad and consoling! Not fair! The toccata is a stampede or a swarming of a million bees - so exciting! I will always love Debussy but Thank you for waking me up to Prokofiev. Prokofiev is a wow energy-wise. I like the Feeling!

  205. Although you play both well I think you enjoy Prokofiev. To hear both hands clearly in quick loud pieces is wonderful. I just thought Toccata was played best of all but I LOVED Reverie. Tough choice!!

  206. Wonderful contrast between the gentle, artistic impressionistic (realistic) qualities of Debussy with the frenetic, assertive style of Prokofiev.

  207. Unfair!! Your Debussy is beautiful, but your Prokofiev is not to be believed! Thank you for the dazzling concert.

  208. Surprised to enjoy Prokofiev - Mr. Chiu is a genius of phrasing and emphasis of beautiful themes and dramatic effect.

  209. Both great composers; 2nd round close, love Debussy's melodies, and Prokofiev's percussion - a CLOSE vote!

  210. L'Isle Joyeuse - I got goosebumps. Wonderful. Reverie - more goosebumps, beautiful. If I could play piano, this is the kind of music I'd play.

  211. I love the colors of Prokofiev.

  212. At camp, we would fall asleep to Reverie and Clair de Lune piped through the pines. But Prokofiev thrills me - so wild and unpredictable.

  213. Both have always been favorites, but Debussy was always first, perhaps because he seemed more suited to my own personality. But the fire in the performance of the Prokofiev really touched me and tapped into my own inner passions and fire and made me fall in love with him even more.

  214. Debussy: gentle, melodic

  215. Diabolic Suggestions made me feel like I was watching an exciting action film!

  216. Each one is close call. Nearly swayed to Prokofiev

  217. I kept thinking how much Nino Roto was influenced by Prokofiev. It was all wonderful, but Debussy stole my heart! Suite Bergamasque like clear flowing water. A spring rain. Debussy Reverie smooth as silk.

  218. I love the serenity of Debussy. Prokofiev resembles my own chaotic though processes, so… you get the idea.

  219. I never knew I was such a Prokofiev fan! Visually inspiring! Tremendous program. Deeply moving. Thank you. Why did I hear drums? Jazz? Art Blakey?

  220. Prokofiev has all the wabash & shazam and that's all fine and dandy, but Debussy's Clair de Lune inspired me. I was sitting there listening to it and all of a sudden I visualized a perfect film with that music. I thought up the whole screenplay during that piece. I can't vote for anyone else because I will give anything for finding the perfect song for a film. Hats off to Debussy for that!

  221. So impossible to choose. Love the excitement, explosive sounds, and inventiveness of Prokofiev but chose the calming beauty of Debussy

  222. Thank you for the comparison - fascinating. Debussy - more melodic, delicate. Prokofiev more emotional , powerful

  223. Wonderful selections - Tonight I was feeling Debussy as my composer of choice - loved the dancing lightness and playfulness - Bravo!

  224. Impossible comparison. Both are great!

  225. One never gets the change to hear such thoughtful performances of Prokofiev's music. For today, the revelations of the program make him my winner.

  226. In another venue, I might well have chosen Prokofiev right down the line, but the Debussy was better scaled to this room in both overall sonority and nuance. The Prokofiev was generally over the top, for this space. In the Visions Fugitives, your tone became particularly charismatic as you dropped the volume. It suggests that you might be accustomed to a nine-foot piano, where power is not compromised for tone. A seven-foot has its trade-offs (I used to sell them).

  227. A better pairing would have been Rachmaninoff/Prokofiev and Chopin/Debussy. How do we possibly compare the power of Prokofiev to the gentle, warm chords of Debussy. So honored to hear Frederic play!

  228. The Suite Bergamasque was exquisite. Not used to hearing it with a lot of pedal - it was beautiful and had sensitive timing. Thank you! Round 3 - unfair comparisons with Prokofiev having such virtuosity! And the Debussy selections just tidbits.

  229. Your favorite is Prokofiev, therefore you played all of them today excellent and you enjoyed performing works of Prokofiev. However, I enjoyed my favorite Debussy, which you played this afternoon. Thank you for your playing of Debussy.

  230. I loved your Debussy Suite Bergamasque - so beautifully played, so touching. Round 2 - Prokofiev Sonata #3 Terrific and well-balanced. Round 3 - I loved the variety of the three Prokofiev pieces. Round 3 - I loved the Reverie - subtle and warm, beautiful

  231. Round 1 - Debussy seemed much too forte. Round 3 - Better, more pp and better pedaling; Suite Bergamasque I love, despite it's eccentricity. But I found with if and L'Isle Joyeuse odd pedal choices. Passepied was great. You are a pianist with a truly orchestral handling of the piano - in this space, sometimes too much on the FF side of dynamic range. But wonderfully individual. And what chops!

  232. I'd normally vote for Debussy. Prokofiev's sarcasm and I got you! attitude is not always pleasant. But today, Prokofiev had more direct impact on me. I have a feeling it could be the performance!

  233. Prokofiev is as good a composer as Debussy when pigs fly and triangles have four sides.

  234. I enjoyed the strength of Prokofiev - it was very difficult to isolate one versus the other. Frederic brought out the best of each

  235. Prokofiev was more interesting, but Debussy is more beautiful. When Prokofiev tried to do dreamy  he was not nearly as good as Debussy

  236. Toccata was amazing!

  237. More people can play Debussy than Prokofiev well. You are a master of Prokofiev, so he is my vote tonight. Lt. Kije was a superb transcription, capturing what we all love so much in the orchestral version.

  238. Lt. Kije was a superb transcription, capturing what we all love so much in the orchestra version

  239. Thank you so much for a delightfully musical evening! Debussy won my heart, but I loved the energy of Prokofiev.

  240. Your gift is better expressed in Prokofiev!

  241. Between Debussy and Prokofiev  - This is like choosing between air and water, we need both. Both have their place.

  242. Art and Art

  243. I loved the loud and soft….mostly the loud!

  244. The football like player

  245. Debussy was relaxing, but I enjoyed the excitement of Prokofiev

  246. Loved the program! Came in favoring Debussy but as you can see you sold me on Prokofiev. Would love to hear the Chopin/Liszt Smackdown!

  247. I really wanted to vote for Debussy but the athleticism and complexity of Prokofiev was undeniable. Debussy makes me cry, but Prokofiev makes me feel empowered. Empowerment wins.

  248. I appreciate the intensity of Prokofiev, but I enjoy the playfulness of Debussy

  249. Very beautiful performance of Clair de lune! Loved the Prokofiev pieces in Round 3! Prokofiev has shown that he can do Debussy but you can't beat Debussy's melodies and colorful tonality!

  250. Prokofiev exhibits more skill and talent of the piano player, but I prefer the more melodic Debussy.

  251. NO ONE compete with Debussy, but I guess Prokofiev put up a solid fight

  252. I love the Prokofiev selection, but I love Debussy more. I could listen to Debussy over and over, Prokofiev not so much.

  253. I do not usually listen to piano music but my ears did enjoy Prokofiev better.

  254. Prokofiev is loud and exciting!

  255. Debussy was more melodic, less dissonant than Prokofiev. All were VERY good and playing was excellent. Diabolic almost persuaded me in Round 3!

  256. Prokofiev writes as percussions. Debussy writes for voices. I prefer the theatricality of Debussy, to the robust musical masturbations of Prokofiev.

  257. Very nice concept to involve audience, enjoyed the commentary and you're a very talented musician. I really like Debussy but your execution of Prokofiev this evening won the night for him.

  258. I am raw and dry, maybe that is why I favored one [Prokofiev]; )

  259. Round 3: 2 Fugitive Visions sounds like Debussy 100% - the sarcasm was a little too contemporary sounding to me, but the other 2 pieces were just too impressive sounding.

  260. Diabolic Suggestions is such a perfect name for that piece! Very well done!

  261. Love Suite Bergamasque. Not studying music, so my music terminology is limited, but the dynamics were wonderful and the entire piece was beautiful! Always good to start with a winner!

  262. Perhaps it's my age, and perhaps it's that over all my general preference is for 'Western European' music over 'Russian' but ordinarily my choice between the composers would be Debussy. But Frederic Chiu's playing of Prokofiev is spectacular; once in a while, therefore, as tonight, playing of this sort tips me to Prokofiev.

  263. Beautiful, unique talents. Can't choose!! Sorry - each different, each terrific

  264. The selection of the pieces are a little bit questionable for me. That’s a big advantage for Prokofiev. (I'm a big fan of Debussy!)

  265. Send them both to Hollywood! How can one choose between Matisse and Picasso! Kudos for both. Brilliant program, Great Performance! Thank you!

  266. If you could only take one of these composers to a desert island, who would it be? I'd guess Prokofiev…

  267. Toccata Opus 11 won the night! Looking foreword to your next visit

  268. First of all, we are great fans. We've been to most (maybe all) of your UVM concerts! Please come back often. You are our absolute favorite artist! Round 1: unfair! Your Prokofiev R&J is legend. Our CD of yours is nearly worn out (you played it here many years ago!). The Debussy is lovely - how do we choose among favorite children! Your arrangement tips things heavily towards Prokofiev (although I'd love to have heard the 10th piece of R&J suite!) Round 2: both fascinating - a bit self-indulgent - here the evocative nature gives the jellyfish the edge! Round 3+4: Brilliant!

  269. It seemed easier to put a little Debussy mind into Prokofiev than Prokofiev into Debussy. Amazing brilliance in the Prokofiev, wanted more mystery in the Debussy mind state

  270. Originally I expected Debussy would be a shoe-in. But I thoroughly enjoyed the Prokofiev as well. Thanks for helping us listen more attentively

  271. Although the Prokofiev piece has some amazing effects, I preferred the Debussy

  272. I'm not well-schooled or knowledgeable about classical music; overall Prokofiev's music is a bit too harsh to my ear compared to Debussy

  273. Truth is, Debussy had a slight edge in Round 2, but I wanted to give Prokofiev at least one vote, and the sonata was my favorite of his music. I would have voted for the toccata in Round 4, but I've been listening to and working on Revere for years, and I heard things in your performance that I've never heard before!. Thank You!!

  274. Terrific idea for a concert. Almost impossible to choose a winner, but the Revere tilted the contest in Debussy's favor by a whisker!

  275. Prokofiev was much more alive. Debussy is lulling!

  276. Round 2 was a tough loss for Prokofiev. Round 1, hung on the fact that Suite Bergamasque wins against almost any other piece

  277. At 71 I was leaning toward Debussy but toccata brought me back to earlier days

  278. Prokofiev invoked emotional responses for me, and Debussy always gives me visions. Thank you so much for sharing your gift

  279. Hard to compare them both since they were so different! Loved them both equally!

  280. It is difficult to put anything into an either/or position

  281. Last two pieces were best for each composer

  282. Loved them both

  283. Hard to choose

  284. I'm sure I've never heard Debussy played with such life!

  285. While I appreciate Prokofiev's music and the way you play it, it never fails to give me a headache!

  286. I admire Prokofiev's genius, but Debussy is more majestically imaginative

  287. The drama of Prokofiev is so affecting! But the beauty of Debussy got me almost every time

  288. You are diabolical. I could not survive in a world run by Prokofiev. I need my Debussy to temper him down, but you insist we choose!

  289. All my decisions were so close!

  290. Voted based on how I thought each segment was performed, rather than which set of compositions I liked better. I enjoyed the concert!

  291. The piano actually shook during toccata! Well done, sir!

  292. Debussy for ease of listening, Prokofiev for interest

  293. Debussy was delicate, delicious, Devine!

  294. Debussy's sounds are composed of air and water, whereas Prokofiev's are rooted in the earth. I enjoy the freedom of D's pieces but find rhythm lacking, while P's works slam down in a thrilling but, at times, heavy-handed way. Debussy wins overall because of his swirling, surging uniqueness, while Prokofiev extends from the branch of Beethoven and Rachmaninoff.

  295. Prokofiev much too militant. Debussy Round 3 absolutely beautiful. I love Reverie best.

  296. Prokofiev Toccata - my head hurts!

  297. Interesting experiment - it made for more concentrated listening. I was surprised I preferred Prokofiev!

  298. Two lightweights compared to Gustav Mahler. Try playing Scriabin Piano Concerto. The winner is Prokofiev in 10 seconds of the 1st round. Prokofiev survives every knockdown - gets late TKO with big finish. Debussy wins with big final coda - and a low blow. Prokofiev wins Round 3. Debussy coasts and holds on, end flurry impresses judges. Debussy back in top form, dances and counter punches.

  299. I loved this - thank you! You are fabulous! Debussy flows more smoothly for me - had to vote for familiar Clair de Lune and Reverie

  300. I came in convinced Debussy would win!! (Prokofiev wins overall)

  301. I felt that Prokofiev's dramatic style gave him an advantage in your live performance, even as I tried to ignore the virtuosic technical demands - closing my eyes.

  302. I'm insomniac: after listening Debussy I'll sleep and have sweet dreams. Prokofiev will upset me and disturb me

  303. You made me appreciate Debussy - Great way of getting and maintaining attention! I listened more - terrific performance!

  304. 1) Concert - It's about performance, interpretation, arrangement, not about art of composer.

  305. 2) I cannot vote for 2 genius, you and anyone in auditorium too

  306. your arrangement of Debussy is much better as of Prokofiev, in your hands Prokofiev is person without heart, but he was and he is still person with tragic life and broken heart. Very primitive arrangement of Lt Kije, mechanical, bad performance. Sarcasm: Never play it again, please. Fugitive Visions charmant. Toccata: too much technique, no emotion, are you robot?. You must improve your performance art of Prokofiev, too mechanical.

  307. I'm not fan of Debussy!!

  308. Enjoyed the stylistic difference between the percussive power and range of Prokofiev and the elegance and beauty of Debussy.

  309. Prokofiev = raw emotion, wild and very exciting. Debussy = very pretty but safe.

  310. Prokofiev Sonata and L'Isle Joyeuse both seem private and internal.

  311. Toccata - very moving, exciting piece. Wonderful, great and wish I would practice more.

  312. I prefer Debussy. He is lush, romantic, pure and sophisticated. Prokofiev is bold, audacious, confrontational and demanding. These are just my impressions. Thank you for the magnificent interpretations of two wonderfully different composers.

  313. All amazing pieces. Very difficult to choose as my decision would be different at different times of the day and when my moods are different. No clear winner for me, and I enjoyed both in different ways.

  314. I came in thinking Debussy, but you wore me down with each successive round.

  315. Prokofiev's percussive style really set him apart.

  316. For R4, the reason I picked Toccata Opus 11 is that some parts I liked. Wow!.

  317. The French ones are good for sleeping (first parts). The Russian ones are more dramatic.

  318. Prokofiev is very exciting. His music seems to me more dynamic and instrumental than Debussy. Thank you!! It was magical

  319. Your arrangement of Lt Kije was fantastic. Close call. Vastly prefer Prokofiev when he is substantive, not so much when he is gimmicky. But you are the winner. Thanks!

  320. I think it's quite impossible to make a choice. They are in the opposite. But for my sensibility, the opinion is Debussy. Thanks so much for your magic touch in Cloches - amazing (I'm a French pianist)

  321. Round sound of piano wonderful. Many voices. Prokofiev - more sophisticated. Keys and harmonies and rhythm varied, more of a show-off. Prokofiev is so in-your-face, easy to see why Debussy is the more popular. His music is more pleasant and less demanding to the ear.

  322. Prokofiev is what I would go to the concert hall to hear. Debussy is what I would put in the CD player at home.

  323. Prokofiev is to me much more interesting. I find Debussy a bit dry and somewhat delicate.

  324. Felt like you're much more into the Prokofiev, thus more convincing. Very imaginative. For me, Debussy and Prokofiev like a light-weight vs. a heavy-weight, each in their own league.

  325. Two astounding composers, both geniuses. But Prokofiev stirs me more, more twists and turns. Thank you for bringing these composers to life.

  326. Brilliant transcription of Kije. While I enjoy and respect Prokofiev, the refinement and sophistication of Debussy always wins for me. Great recital!

  327. The Cloches sealed the deal. That piece is unbelievable.

  328. Play the Prokofiev lighter.

  329. I love Debussy so much but Prokofiev is just so damn exciting.

  330. Discovered Prokofiev on the piano!

  331. Both styles are beautiful, but I prefer the passion and intensity of Prokofiev over the lightness and innocence of Debussy.

  332. I like the forceful and powerful nature of the Prokofiev pieces.

  333. I used to love Debussy when I was younger, but at my age now the sheer visceral force of Prokofiev is irresistible.

  334. I have more Debussy recordings and have played more Debussy on the piano so I was surprised to have liked the Prokofiev so much. The room was very live though, which may have detracted from the floatier sound of Debussy and added to the percussiveness of the Prokofiev.

  335. I like the faster pace and higher volume of the Prokofiev pieces. Debussy is more sleep-inducing. Also seeing Prokofiev played is more impressive.

  336. I don't like how Debussy seems to add a lot of fluff into his pieces to cover up a sort of emptiness about them. Prokofiev, although his pieces were a little too first impressionistic for me, seemed to have a lot more substance and was able to really spell things out for his audience without any frills or pretenses. I liked his in your face style too. It would be difficult for me to listen to him, though, on my own. His pieces get too much of a visceral reaction out of me.

  337. I didn't previously realize how much more athletic and cerebral Prokofiev is compared to Debussy (Prokofiev is a wild man!) Thanks for pointing this out!

  338. Makes me want to hear more Prokofiev!

  339. I like the darkness of Prokofiev, but when there are parts where banging on piano suddenly come up, really shifted my likes away from him and towards Debussy. If those sections weren't in there, I would have chosen Prokofiev.

  340. Prokofiev must have been the punk rocker of his age.

  341. Prokofiev was definitely not what I expected from my preconceived notions of what piano pieces were. Whereas Debussy was more eloquent, Prokofiev seemed to play with an air of confidence.

  342. Prokofiev might have been more difficult, but his music did not sound like the warm piano that I enjoy. Debussy definitely made music that was more enjoyable. It was impressive to watch you play Prokofiev, but if it is not appealing to the ear, then I do not see the point. Maybe I am just not cultured.

  343. Debussy had a beautiful, natural feel. Prokofiev seemed purposefully dissonant at times, which was fun, but not as inspiring as Debussy.

  344. Suite Bergamasque was beautiful. It gave me chills.

  345. I love the soothing melodic nature of Debussy's songs.

  346. Since music plays different roles in our lives, I tend to like Debussy the best, because I think and feel more spiritual in my life.

  347. Choix Cornelien tout l'exécution est plus que parfaite - tout est magnifique - je pencherai pour l'égalité, mais puisqu'il faut choisir - Prokofiev!!!

  348. Toccata - Quelle Fougue!

  349. Quel Match! Prokofiev vaincqueur durant les prolongations!

  350. Merci beaucoup - et de la partager ainsi grâce à vous j'ai découvert Prokofiev.

  351. Magnifique, Merci votre talent, ouvre des horizons. Je n'aimais pas beaucoup le monde de Prokofiev, grâce à vous je l'écoutais volontiers

  352. F. Chiu me fait découvrir Prokofiev mais mon coeur reste vers Debussy

  353. Prokofiev a des passages très drôles

  354. Très bien interpreté mais je suis un peu plus charmé par Debussy

  355. 3ème épreuve Debussy, très bonne interpretation et excellent traduction musicale de la peinture

  356. Merci pour la découverte complète et nouvelle de Debussy

  357. Debussy très jazz et blues, Prokofiev très Rock pompeur

  358. Prokofiev - musique innovante, bouleversante; Debussy - Tout en nuances, en subtilités

  359. Très, très émue par Suite du Lt Kijé, Rêveries

  360. I love how bold Prokofiev's pieces are.

  361. Always amazing to hear so much sound out of one instrument. So much feeling in both composers' music, but Prokofiev brings one in to a greater extent.

  362. I'm not a musician, very tough choice. Apples and oranges. I'd rather live in Debussy's world, so soothing. But Prokofiev, a bit scary, so assertive, but technically so compelling that he wins.

  363. Amazing!! Prokofiev's music is exciting, wakes the senses.

  364. Never knew I liked Prokofiev so much!! Thanks for the introduction.

  365. Prokofiev makes me feel alive!

  366. Prokofiev more forceful, moves forward with purpose. Debussy beautiful but flowery and passive.

  367. Prokofiev certainly more complex, powerful and in your face. Gets my vote for these reasons. But Debussy at the opposite end, soothing and enchanting.

  368. Debussy played to me and for me, Prokofiev played at me.

  369. I want to play that music [Debussy] at age 10 [currently age 8]. I think Prokofiev can get a little wild.

  370. Prokofiev is really like a thunderstorm, Debussy like a sunny day. For repeated listening, I'll take the sunny day.

  371. Debussy, grand themes, majestic vistas. Prokofiev, very intense and I think too many changes.

  372. Depends on your mood. I enjoy peaceful music. Prokofiev demands attention, is exciting and even irritating at times.

  373. I definitely prefer the feel of Debussy, but the musician, pushing of boundaries and innovation of Prokofiev is amazing and impressive. There is so much power and controlled chaos in Prokofiev's music.

  374. Imagine being in a mental institution and being set free (confusion).

  375. This music is in the moment and this composer is not afraid of the future. It rocked!

  376. Youzer! My mother used to forbid me to bang on the piano. She didn’t know Prokofiev. While Debussy is perfect for a full moon over Mohonk, I am voting for Prokofiev because it takes courage to play him at Mohonk. It takes courage to listen to Prokofiev. And it takes courage to grow new ears to challenge my mother’s early training.

  377. Oestragens = Debussy, Testosterone = Prokofiev. For the night = Debussy, For the day = Prokofiev. But why choose?

  378. Music for a fragmented reality - Fractious, Urban

  379. Love the assertive (and sometimes haunting) Lt Kije. Majestic and poignant. Speaks to today’s hectic lifestyle.

  380. I went into this performance expecting to like Debussy but was pleasantly surprised by Prokofiev!

  381. I am awed by your execution of the selections and your command of the keyboard. For me, it came down to a choice between elegance and flamboyance; and I chose Debussy (elegance!)

  382. Sets you on fire!

  383. Apples vs. Oranges. Cats vs. Dogs. Birds vs. Butterflies. Van Gogh vs. Monet. Diamonds vs. Emeralds. Sex vs. Money. Bangen’ music but good bangen’ music

  384. Bringing home the bacon since 1912

  385. The last piece was the gold nugget in the muddy stream!

  386. The winner by far - felt more modern, passionate, intense and powerful.

  387. Hands down - wins Round 1. Round 2 goes to Debussy for sophistication, color and beauty. Round 3 Definitely Prokofiev - Toccata Rules!

  388. Debussy and Prokofiev proved to be formidable opponents. However, the fluidity of Debussy reigned supreme over the intensity of Prokofiev.

  389. Prokofiev was too intense and serious and can be played during a crime scene investigation. Debussy was softer and happy - and can be played at my daughter’s wedding.

  390. I believe that Clair de Lune is one of the most beautiful works of music ever written and you performed it in a very moving manner.

  391. Dreaming with a nice flow. More layers of music. Like painting with sound. More soothing. Hands down, the winner!

  392. Debussy pieces were beautiful and pretty but didn’t move me like Prokofiev.

  393. Debussy’s music is nostalgic and dreamlike - it pulls me toward the past.

  394. Sorry, but Reverie is unbeatable - Toccata makes me think of a bee stinging a moth - Relentless and almost cruel but so energizing.

  395. Before tonight, I would have said I preferred Prokofiev, but after tonight’s selections, Debussy wins!

On the program:

  1. Wonderful! Thank you.

  2. Great talent, Great music, Great effort, Great experience. Thank you for your passion, communication and commitment

  3. Very enjoyable - thank you!

  4. Enjoyed your performances tremendously.

  5. Thank you so much!

  6. Impossible to choose! Enormous fun. Magnificent playing!

  7. Thank you for a spectacular concert experience. Magnificent.

  8. Magnificent tech and interpretation; thanks for the lessons, too!

  9. Very enjoyable. It made me pay attention to the music. I learned about the composer w/ the brief intros to the rounds. Loved the program for the Ranch. Most engaging. Thank you!

  10. Wow!

  11. Wonderful performance!! Thank you!!

  12. Fabulous concert. Thank you so much.

  13. Loved it. But you also could ask who they think they will like better BEFORE they hear it!

  14. Very enjoyable - first time I heard some of these pieces.

  15. You are amazing!!! Your fingers are inspiring to watch. Beautiful music. Thank you for entertaining us so much.

  16. Brilliant! Loved everything. It was a privilege being at your concert.

  17. Do your fingers hurt when you're finished? Thank you for bringing this music to life for me.

  18. You are the winner!

  19. Amazing!! Thank you for both of your fantastic performances!

  20. Brilliant!!

  21. Really creative and fun!

  22. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

  23. WOW! What a joy to experience your gift. Thank you for magic.

  24. Amazing, you are such a great artist. You make this music come alive. I loved every piece. I can't choose a favorite.

  25. Fantastique!

  26. Sensational! And fun! You should have your own show in Vegas!

  27. Thank you for sharing your talent with us! I so enjoyed both performances!

  28. Amazing! Thank you for su much!!!!!!!!

  29. Awesome! Amazing!

  30. Wow! Fantastic! Thank you… Food for the soul. You are wonderful. I love both of these composers too!

  31. Awesome. Made everything so enjoyable that even someone uninterested in piano may love it.

  32. The red chair distracted. Toccata was really great!! But every piece was soooo great. I appreciated.

  33. just WOW

  34. I admire your timing and color

  35. Just watching you play the Romeo & Juliet was exciting.

  36. The performer sounds more comfortable with Prokofiev's sound/timbre

  37. Beautiful playing. Very musical and I was amazed at how relaxed you were.

  38. Bravissimo!

  39. Great

  40. Fantastic playing!

  41. One of the things I enjoyed most about your performance tonight was that your playing never sounded rushed. You conveyed intensity without confusing it with speed. Thank you for a refreshing listening experience.

  42. That's really an awesome concert! I'm impressed and thank you.

  43. I loved the program! I am studying piano at IU and I would love to meet you/listen to masterclass/anything. Keep up the awesome concerts.

  44. Wow Fred! Holy Smokes! Thanks so much!

  45. Amazing!

  46. Great Montague and Capulet. Don't sacrifice passion for accuracy. How about you arranging a piece synthesizing bits of the two composers?

  47. What a treat! Thanks for sharing your gift - please come back SOON!

  48. Great, amazing player. I love your style of playing

  49. Thanks so much for visiting Murray State. Please come back. Bravo!

  50. Outstanding program concept! Fascinating. Extremely well-played. Thank you!

  51. Fabulous! Bravo!!

  52. Great job.

  53. Love it! Great job!

  54. Thank you for your existence in the world as well as your dedication in music so that people get to know more the beauty of classical music.

  55. Wonderful evening! Thanks!

  56. Great performance!!

  57. Amazing job! I love the emotion you put into each piece.

  58. It is really picky!!! And, your expressions are stunning! I was really shocked. Thanks for your incredible performance. Hope to see you and hear you again.

  59. Your playing is alive and cooked. I like your powerful. Love you.

  60. I love the concept. A little competition always ignites interest and engages an audience. You are brilliant.

  61. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! You shared so much inspiration.

  62. What a fantastic idea for a program! Beautifully performed, well-rehearsed information! Truly a recital I will never forget!

  63. Great performance! Really enjoyed! Especially your remarks about each composer and each piece of music. Over all choice was difficult! You played Prokofiev with so much fun!

  64. Unique program - a fascinating concept to compare these two composers and their music through a Smackdown.

  65. Great performance!

  66. I loved the comparisons. Dr. Chiu is a fabulous artist. Most exciting!!!

  67. Great program - novel idea. Gets the audience engaged.

  68. You have a most incredible gift! It is evident that your soul is in each movement of every finger. This Texan apologizes for the way Ft. Worth treated you.

  69. I teach and have taught for 35 years. Great program idea!

  70. Fabulous evening - so enriching. I feel like I have learned a lot. Thank you. You can play ANYTHING! Come back!

  71. It was the early 80s and you came to Cape Girardeau with our son, Randy with whom you were a pianist at IU. I believe you played Sonata #3 by Prokofiev on your program. So many years since then in Missouri - you are still an exciting player! Maybe you played Toccata Opus 11.

  72. I am a concert pianist - started at age 5. Have taught for 61 years. I love both composers and have performed most of these pieces. SO it is difficult to choose a winner. Your performance was absolutely incredible - so exciting and so sensitive. I was particularly impressed with your use of the pedal. The contest is a great idea - it keeps the audience involved.

  73. I'm a cellist. I really enjoyed being a judge for this competition!

  74. I think this piano is too bright for Debussy, but of the Debussy selections, I enjoyed Cloches a travers les feuilles and Reverie best. All of your Prokofiev interpretations were superb. I also think this is a brilliant idea for keeping audiences engaged.

  75. Outstanding.

  76. Your Prokofiev is awesome - your playing is amazing. We re fortunate to have you as guest artist and session presenter at the KMTA Conference.

  77. Bravissimo to you. I am a David Benoit fan. Come visit us anytime . With you could visit the middle schools. Wonderful!!

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